Always There

A 2786 (TsuHaru) Fanfic

"Tsuna-san! Tsuna-san! Listen!" Haru chirped, her arms hooked around Tsuna's neck from the back.

"H-Haru!" Tsuna yipped, then shoved her off and away, "Not right now Haru!" He scolded her.

Haru took a step back from her self-proclaimed "future husband" and frowned, "Sorry Tsuna-san…" she apologized in dismay.

"Sorry, Haru, but it's not the time for any of that. I'm busy." Tsuna told her and turned away.

"Busy with what?" Haru chirped, bouncing back to his shoulder. "If it's homework, Haru can help." She said with a smile.

"I'm gonna tell Kyoko-chan how I feel today." Tsuna bluntly stated.

Haru's smile faded and she backed up from the vongola boss's shoulder. "O-Oh… I see." She looked to her feet, trying to hide her frown. She always knew thisday had come. Haru was a spunky, perky girl, but she wasn't completely oblivious. "Th-That's good. Tsuna-san shouldn't keep those feelings bottled up forever… I'm sure Kyoko-chan will appreciate it too…" she mumbled, trying to seem supportive.

"Yeah…" Tsuna half-heartedly agreed, still looking away from the dark haired girl.

"Tsu-Tsuna-san!" Haru spoke up, and appeared at his shoulder once more, "Just remember. That Haru is always here for you, no matter what. Kay?" She put onher best smile for him. "Good luck."

"Yeah…" Tsuna repearted himself.

So where is she now? Tsuna thought to himself, laying on his bed in his green pajamas. The room was dark with night, and the only light that shone in was from a streetlight. Not even the moon could shine through the clouds.

Tsuna sighed, and closed his eyes, trying to not think about the past day, and maybe catch some shut eye.

A tiny young voice came from the other side of the room. "It's not so bad, Tsuna. A weak girl like Kyoko was never really mafia material anyway."

"Shut up, Reborn." Tsuna growled, and rolled onto his side to avoid looking in the baby's direction.

Reborn smirked, and rolled over in his hammock, before a snot bubble began to rise and fall from his nose once again.

Not everything has to be about the stupid mafia. Tsuna thought angrily. Something he'd like to say to Reborn, but wasn't interested in the consequences of his words.

Tsuna sighed again. He listened to the silence of his room, and tried to get some sleep, when his ears heard some rustling in the tree outside of his window. Tsuna froze. A burglar?

The wimpy mafia boss stepped silently off his bed, and inched towards his window. He peaked out of it, to see a pair of hand clinging to the balcony railing, pulling a person up with them.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Tsuna screamed as silently as he could. The last burglar that arrived in his room died right in front of him, and then sat right back up after a day of insanity, but this was a real burglar this time! What to do?!

Tsuna quenched his eyes shut as he tried to think of something to do. Begging for Reborn's help probably wouldn't be a good idea. He might kill the burglar for real this time if the baby hit him with a dying will bullet.

Just when Tsuna thought he was at wits ends thinking, he heard a familiar sound. "Ha-hi!!" followed by a collection of crashes, bumps and bangs.

Ha-hi? Tsuna repeated in his head, Haru? Tsuna turned, and sling the window open, to find Haru laying face first on the balcony. Her arms sprawled out in front of her and feet up in the air, one hooked over the balcony railing, one waving free above her. And in nothing more this a frilly pink night gown, which, because of her pose, was sliding down to reveal her panties.

Tsuna tried not to notice her underwear, Blue with white polka dots is very Haru though… He thought to himself, wait! This is no time for that!

"Ha-Haru!" Tsuna hollered softly, as he lifted a leg over his window and climbed out onto his balcony, "What are you doing here?!"

"Ha-hi! Tsuna-san!" Haru chirped out in alert, and started pulling herself into a kneeling position while she fixed her night gown, "Well, Haru said Haru would be here for Tsuna-san, so here I am." She said, standing up, and dusting off her knees. She sent him an optimistic smile.

"Oh…" Tsuna mumbled, "Then, I guess you already know how this afternoon ended…"

"Yeah…" Haru said, trying to keep her smile. "Kyoko-chan called me and told me all about it."

At the sound of her name, Tsuna was sent back a few hours to that past afternoon.

Kyoko had run ahead towards the ice cream stand in the park. She was giggling and smiling like always. Tsuna smiled at the smile he treasured, and decided, that it was an opportune moment.

"Ky-Kyoko-chan! Hold on!" He called after her, trying not to seem too desperate.

Kyoko looked back in surprise, and turned around, waiting for Tsuna to catch up. "What is it, Tsuna-kun?" She asked.

"Th-there's something I need to tell you." Tsuna stuttered out.

Kyoko smiled and inched closer, trying to see Tsuna's face, which he had turned down to his feet to hide his nervousness. "Go ahead Tsuna-kun, you can tell me anything." She said happily.

"Kyoko-chan. F-For a long time. I've been hiding something from you, a-and, I can't keep it away from you any longer." He stuttered more.

"Hiding something?" she questioned obliviously, "what is it Tsuna-kun?"

"I-I-I like you Kyoko-chan! I really like you! I always have! Ever since I met you!" He hollered out his confession as clearly as possible.

"O-Oh!" Kyoko squeaked out, she hadn't seen it coming. Kyoko looked to her feet, as Tsuna already was, and they both stood in silence, waiting for each other to speak up.

Kyoko was the first to break the silence. "I..." she mumbled, then spoke a little louder, "I'm sorry Tsuna-kun."

Tsuna's heart sank as she continued to speak.

"I really like you as all, Tsuna-kun, b-but I want to be your friend forever! Or… atleast as long as possible. And, I'm afraid that, if we ever had a relationship… it could jeopardize our friendship… so, I think it's better we just stay friends…'kay?"

She had a round about way of saying it, but Kyoko wasn't interested in Tsuna.

"Hikchuu!" A sneeze broke Tsuna from his train of thought. He jumped in surprise a bit and looked at Haru, wiping her nose on her sleeve. He then realized they were still standing out in the cold.

"Oh, uh, you should come in, so you don't catch a cold." Tsuna suggested, and lead the way back in through his window. Haru followed, and closed the window behind to her to keep out the cold. She sat down on his bad and gave a yawn.

"Haru is tired…" she said sleepily.

Tsuna rummaged through his room, "You shouldn't have some over here so late if you were tired." He scolded her without looking back to her. He left his light of to not rouse the suspicion of the other house mates.

Tsuna rummaged through his drawers looking for a pair of socks, shoes, and a jacket that would fit Haru so she wouldn't catch a cold on her way home. When he had gathered everything that seemed like it might fit, he turned around to speak to her. "Here, you can borrow—"

He stopped hid sentence when he turned around to find Haru fast asleep on his bed. Tsuna's jaw dropped.

"H-Haru!" He whispered, shaking the girl lightly, but she was out cold. She really shouldn't have come out here if she was that tired… he thought with a grimace. Tsuna looked around his floor. Though it was dark, his eyes had long since adapted, and he could make out an array of stray bullets, bombs and trip wires that Reborn had left out for the night. It was a shock that they had both managed to avoid them.

I guess I can't sleep on the floor… he thought, then looked to his bed. Not much of a choice… Tsuna tiptoed around the traps on his floor and inched over to his bed. He hoisted Haru's feet up onto the mattress and pulled his blanket up over her. After ward, he carefully stepped over her and crawled over to the empty space on the bed, closer to the wall. He pulled the blanket over him to, and turned away from Haru, hoping he could put her out of his mind and not think about a girl being in his bed.

Tsuna sighed, all seemed well again.

Tsuna suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around him and Haru's hands fold over his chest. "H-Haru!" Tsuna squeaked.

"Let's get some cake Tsuna-san…" Haru mumbled out.

C-Cake? Tsuna sighed, she was dreaming. What perfect timing.

"Haru loves Tsuna-san…" Haru mumbled out, her hands tightened over his chest.

Those words hit Tsuna like a ton of bricks. Haru really did love him, but he'd always taken her for granted. She'd known that Tsuna was in love with Kyoko, but she never stopped supporting him, always putting his happiness before hers. Even now, she had ventured out in the cold and the dark to see him, even though she was so tired.

Tsuna put a hand over Haru's, and closed his eyes to sleep.

The sound of a hand beating against his bedroom door roused Tsuna from his sleep. "Tsu-kun! Wake up! You'll be late!" Nana's voice echoed from outside the door. At least his mother had the decency of knocking.

Tsuna's tired eyes explored the room. Reborn's hammock was empty; he had already awoken and was probably eating his and Tsuna's share of breakfast already. The tired mafia boss sat up on his bed and steadied himself, when his hand fell upon something soft and squishy.

"Haa?" Tsuna looked down to find his hand upon Haru's breast. "Hiiiiiiii!" he screamed out in surprise. He'd forgotten all about her,

"Uuun… not so early Tsuna-san…" Haru mumbled. Tsuna leapt back blushing and squeaked, "what are you talking about?!"

Haru rolled over towards him, and Tsuna realized she was still sleeping. Wait a minute… what is she dreaming about?! His face glowed red as his head filled with the ideas.

It was no time for perverted ideas, Tsuna needed to get haru out of the hosue before anyone noticed her. "Haru, Haru wake up." Tsuna urged, shaking the dark haired girl.

Haru stirred and opened her eyes. "Tsuna-san…" Haru looked around and realized where she was. Her face began to glow red. "Haru is in Tsuna-san's room… alone! Ha-hi! Was last night not a dream?" Her face burned with embarrassment.

"No. No I'm sure whaytever you think you remember was pure fantasy." Tsuna said, waving his hand to throw off her thoughts. She really was dreaming something dirty… He added in his head.

"Haru, you've gotta get out of here before someone come in my room. It won't look too good if they find you here." He told her.

"Ha-hi! Tsuna-san is right!" Haru looked over to the window, then back to him with a frown.

"What? Is there a problem?" Tsuna asked, oblivious to her train of thought.

"If someone sees Haru crawling out of Tsuna-san's room in the morning it could look worse… expecially in Haru's night gown." She explained.

Tsuna hadn't thought of that. She was right. It wouldn't look good for either of them if someone saw her. Haru sat back down next to him, and Tsuna began to think of a plan. A light bulb flicked on in his head. "Okay, Haru, listen carefully."

"Yes sir!"

Only fifteen minutes later, Haru was standing alone in Tsuna's room, he was downstairs, trying to rush his way out the door without Reborn. Haru's night gown was folded up and hidden under Tsuna's bed, he would return it to her later. Haru was now wearing clothes lent to her from Tsuna. A white T-shirt with orange sleeves, and the numbers "27" printed in blue in the middle of it. Along with the shirt, a pair of khaki pants. The clothes wasn't at all over sized, in fact, they fit perfectly. Haru had never seemed so happy.

The sound of the front door slamming shut caught Haru's attention, along with some jumbled yelling from the vongola boss.

Haru peaked out the window, making sure she wouldn't be seen, and watched Tsuna run to his front gate. He stepped out and looked both ways, until he was satisfied that there was no one there to see them, then ran over to the house and looked up to the window, waving his hands to signal it was safe for Haru to climb down.

Haru smiled, and opened the window. She closed it behind her and then climbed onto the balcony railing. The daring girl reached a hand out and clinged onto the tree outside Tsuna's window. She balanced herself and crawled on all fours towards the trunk of the tree, trying not to look down. But her eyes slipped and she saw the ground below. "Ha-hi! This was a lot easier when it was to dark for Haru to see the ground!" she squeaked. Just then, she felt her hand slip on the branch, and she began hurdling towards the ground.

"Hiiiiiii!" Tsuna cried out and ran under the girl, bracing himself for impact. Tsuna flinched as he caught Haru before she hit the ground. He wobbled about, but managed to steady himself, and stay standing.

Haru opened her quenched eyes and found herself safe in Tsuna's arms. "Ha-hi! Tsuna-san save Haru's life!" She squealed and threw her arms around his neck, "Haru loves Tsuna-san!"

"Haha, I know, I knao already. Now quiet down before someone hears you." He told her. Though he had quickly came to her rescue, Tsuna doubted the fall would have killed her. Lambo had fallen from the same tree multiple times after being bombarded by hits from Reborn, and the kid had never been seriously injured. Haru probably would have just sprained and ankle, if even that.

Tsuna helped Haru tpo her feet, and they both walked to his main gate. Tsuna peered out again, making sure no one was coming, then lead her out onto the sidewalk.

"Haru's so happy!" She chirped, spinning around in circles. Tsuna laughed a bit, though still un easy that someone might see them.

"Haru." Tsuna said, catching her attension. Haru stopped mid spin and turned to him. "Yes boss?" she asked with a giggle.

"Haru… Thanks for coming over last night…" He said a little embarrassed, "I'm really thankful… to have you around."

Haru blushed, and looked her feet, trying to hide her embarrassed face. She giggled, and kicked her feet around the ground. "Well, that's what Haru's here for. To make Tsuna-san happy." She said.

"Yeah. You really are always here for me." Tsuna said, then put a hand on her shoulder, causing Haru to look up at him. Tsuna rummaged up all his courage, and gave Haru a peck on the cheek. Haru's face turned red and she threw her arms around him once again. "Tsuna-san! I love yoooou!" she cried out, "I love love love LOVE you!!"

Tsuna laughed and gently peeled her off of him. Haru was beaming with happiness. "You better run before someone sees you now." He told her.

"Yes Boss!" she said with a salute, then spun around with a wave goodbye, before dashing off into the distance.

Tsuna sighed, but with a bit of happiness. He didn't love Haru as much as she loved him, not yet at least, but he believed he could some day. Tsuna then felt a dark present looming over his shoulder.


"Hiiiiii!" Tsuna spun around in surprise. "Go-Gokudera-kun?!"

"Juudaim! What was that? Why was this girl wearing your clothes?! Why was she at your house so early?!" He howled in remorse.

"C-calm down Gokudera-kun. It's not what your thinking! Whatever it is your thinking, that's not it!" Tsuna scrambled for an excuse, and could only sigh as Gokudera filled him with more question, filling his own silver haired head with more dirty thoughts.

"What a night…" Tsuna sighed.

"Whaaat?!" Gokudera howled.

"No! Wait! That's not what I meant!!!"


Extra: When Haru returned Tsuna's clothes, she had stiched the numbers "86" next to "27". Tsuna was too embarrassed to ever wear the shirt again.