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Jasper's POV

When I'd killed him, I'd made sure that I'd only broken the bones that I would have, had I hit him with a car. So, I planted him outside my house and called the cops.

"I've just hit a man with my car! What do I do?" It actually worked.

Emmett's POV

Wow. Jasper actually killed a guy.


I'm sitting in my cell with my two cellmates. Big burly fellows, they are. Well, look who's talking.

I'd tried to crack a few jokes, but the hairy, tattooed guys just stared at me like I was mad, then attempted a punch. I tackled him and neither of them tried anything else ever again.

That was three days ago.

I'd been brought out of my cell and told that my father had been killed in a car accident. The first thing I thought was 'thank you who-ever-you-are!' and then I thought 'thank you Jasper1'! It was pretty obvious.

I was also told that my sister had pleaded that I'd never touch her, and that it was her father that had done such a thing.

So I'd gone out in that lobby and-

End flashback

This is where I am now. Pushing this door open. I can't wait to see my sister again.

I didn't get that door all the way open.

Bella shoved it open and ran into my arms. I picked her up. She was small enough, even if she was fifteen. Oh, yeah. She was fifteen now. I'd spent her birthday in jail.

Anyway, Rosalie and I were getting married next month. We both had equal shares of Bella's custody, and we were staying at the Hale mansion. For good.

Or, well, until college.

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