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Chapter 8: Bleeding Love


"Bella is in love with you," Alice said to me once everyone else had gone upstairs. I don't know exactly why she waited until then, because I knew that she loved me and I loved her too. She was like a little sister to me.

"I know that Alice, I love her too. She is like a sister to me." I told her, not really understanding why she had needed to clarify that.

"NO Emmett. She is IN love with you. Head over heels, like you are her one true love." Alice told me. I couldn't comprehend what she was saying. There was no way that Bella could love me like that. We had grown up together and she was just like a sister. Why would Alice think that there was something more?

"Where did you here this from?" I asked her, knowing that she could have just made it all up.

"I just know Emmett. Its one of those things that I can tell. From the expressions that she gets on her face when she's around you, to the way she moves when you are close to her. I know she loves you Emmett, even if she won't admit it to herself or anyone else." she told me. Well obviously Alice could just be seeing what she wants to see. She has always wanted us together, ever since we were little. She wanted Bella as a sister.

"Well, that's not enough proof for me. I'm gonna go to bed now ladies, I shall see you in the morning, or early afternoon, depending on my hangover." I told them, heading up to bed so I could think a little bit more.


Was he saying that he didn't want Bella? I hoped so. I didn't want to hurt these people who had so quickly become my friends, but I couldn't help but want Bella. She was so beautiful. Not model beautiful like my self, but beautiful in ways that counted more in the real world. She was intelligent, kind, loving, and very humble. She didn't seem to take things for granted. And then there was her beautiful features. She has the most beautiful chocolate eyes that lighten or darken depending on her mood, and her sexy mahogany hair that was slightly wavy.

I wanted her so bad. I had to have her. She was the person that I had been looking for. I had searched so long trying to find this girl. I couldn't let her go that easily. I would have to come up with a plan to keep these to apart, while trying to show her that we were the ones that were meant to be.

This would definitely take an all-nighter.


I can't believe that Alice told Emmett that I was in love with him! And in front of Rose! I know that she has to at least have a crush on him. Almost all the girls in town do. And he was a charmer. He knew exactly what to say to make the girls swoon.

There was no way that he was in love with me. I knew that he didn't love me like that. I was nothing more than someone he saw as a sister. This would ruin our friendship, and I knew that. I can't believe Alice!

Just then I got a text message. I picked my phone up off the charger and saw that it was from Emmett. I decided I should get this over as soon as possible. No need in delaying the inevitable from happening.

I picked up my phone and flipped it open.


So Alice was tellin me that u luv me. Hope ya know I luv ya 2. Like a sis.

From: E

Like a sis he says. He thinks that I love him as a brother. Oh how I wish he really knew. I decided I should probably text him back. He would be expecting that. He wanted reassurance, I'm sure.


U know I luv ya. Ur my protector lol.

From: B

Oh how I loved him for being my protector. For always being there for me. He was my rock. Even when he was looked down upon by his fellow jocks. He didn't care. He was always there. Almost immediately after I had sent this text, he sent one back.


U know I'm always here for u. I think we need 2 talk tho.

From: E

Oh god, he wanted to talk. This wasn't going to end well and I knew it. I couldn't do it tonight though. I wanted to be able to have him love me, even as a sister, for at least one more night. That is all I was asking. Besides the fact that I'm still drunk and would probably say something stupid.


Fine. Can we do it 2morrow though? I'm beat.

From: B

As soon as I sent this message, I got another. This time it was from a number I didn't recognize though. It wasn't even from this area. I opened it, curious as to who this was and how they got my number.


Can I come to your room? I'm sure you need some comfort after Alice's confession.

From: H

Who the hell was H? I had no clue…. It could be either Rosalie or Jasper, which would explain the H, but Alice and Jasper were basically an item already, so I doubted that he was thinking about me. Also, he hadn't known about the confession, but news travels fast in this small town. My dad probably already knew. I wouldn't think it would be Rosalie, because Emmett wanted her, and as far as I could tell, she wanted him too. I just don't know who this H person could be.

Shaking me out of my brainstorming session was another text, from Emmett this time.


That's fine. Get sum rest angel.

From: E

Aww…. He called me angel. Snap out of it Bella, he was saying that to you as a sister, my mind told me. It was logical. It was right. I knew that there was a chance that Rosalie would end up with my love, but I couldn't let that get me down. He deserved someone as beautiful and great as Rose.

I decided that I should find out who this "H" person was before I went to sleep, otherwise I wouldn't be able to get any at all.


Who is this?

From: B


A friend. I want to make sure you are all right.

From: H


I guess so. Give me 15 min.

From: B

I had to know who this person was. The only two people in my world that had ever given me the comfort that I needed were in this house, and one of them couldn't comfort me when it came to this subject, and the other was presumably preoccupied with the new guy in town.

I got my can of pepper spray out, just incase I needed it.

A minute later, there was a knock on my door, so I got up to answer it. Seeing who was behind it shocked me completely.

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