Random drabble's of fluff (and a couple with a lil angst) of Troy and Ryan as their relationship progresses.

Really short, you should just try and get the feel of it, this one is about them in the movie rental...place.

"I want this one." Ryan smiled, showing Troy the DVD he'd been looking at.

Troy glanced at the DVD cover. "Looks stupid." He said. "I mean, it's obviously some sort of musical…thing. How bout we get something about sports instead?"

Ryan pouted. Just because Troy was his boyfriend didn't mean that he'd suddenly gone all sensitive and dumped his jockish ways. Even though he'd stopped being so overly manly in the two months that they'd been together.

He looked up at Troy, big blue eyes meeting inquisitive stubborn ones.

"Please?" he said, pawing at Troy's sweater clad chest.

Troy couldn't help smiling. "You're so damn cute and I can't resist you, you know that?"

Ryan smiling, cinching his performance by getting unto his tiptoes and kissing Troy near his ear. "Thanks." He smiled.

"Uh uh." Troy turned Ryan's face to his, kissing him gently on the lips there behind the racks of DVD's. "You're going to have to put out a lot more if you want me to rent this."

Ryan blushed, holding Troy round his neck.

Soon they forgot about DVD's completely and went home to entertain themselves in a much more interesting way…