More than Equal

And the Dark Lord will mark him as an equal, but he will have power the dark lord knows not….

Not much is known about prophecy…… besides the fact that for the millennia they have plagued wizard kind they have always rang true.

OK, so some wouldn't say plague….

But I say plague...

Because of prophecy, wizards never actually do as they're supposed to.

It's not their fault though I suppose; they think its fate.

And they're right, well, at least partially right…

You see, what happens because of prophecy, happens by design. The gods derive great amusement at the expense of wizards; gifted with so much power yet so utterly susceptible to the workings of 'fate'.

And it was time once again…

There has been many a prophecy… most of which, thankfully, go unheard. These are the ones that usually end up with the best outcomes. When prophecy is heard, a wizard will always do his best to either try to ensure it goes the way they want, or try to defy it.

In doing so they usually seal their own fate….

One should always be very careful how they interpret prophecy… as creators of the spoken and written word; the gods enjoy the games they can use them to play.


As Albus Dumbledore heard the prophecy that faithful night, he began to scheme, he was partially glad to be rid of the burden that was Tom Riddle and as such set his sights on two of the potential subjects of the prophecy. He would ensure that they would succeed in their destiny; he would also make sure that they would never grow into their full powers. He should perhaps have spent more time studying prophecy before jumping the gun, alas; he didn't, and in doing so sealed his fate.


As Severus Snape heard what was only a snippet of the prophecy from his place outside the door, he began to scheme, he immediately guessed correctly the two potential candidates, and thought perhaps, if he told his master of this he could finally be rid of that wretched Potter and his bastard spawn, maybe he could convince his master to spare Lily… yes…. She would be his for the taking. Severus Snape should perhaps have been less hasty and listened for the entirety of the prophecy. Alas, he didn't, and in doing so sealed his fate.


Tom Marvolo Riddle, bastard, unloved child of a drugged muggle and a squib, demented, twisted, powerful, Heir of Slytherin, Boogeyman of the Mudbloods, Champion of the Pure, Lord Voldemort could not believe what he was hearing from his servant.

So, the fates sought to thwart him, too bad he had taken steps to ensure he could not die…. As he heard the contents of the prophecy, he began to scheme, he would fight directly against faith, it was his birth right after all to one day be a god, he had taken steps to ensure true death would never find him, no all he had to do was find the two brats and kill them before they could become a threat to his power… So simple.

What is so sad though is that Tom Riddle is, through life experiences, a naturally paranoid individual, and as a result is usually exceptionally precise. Perhaps, as he was often prone to doing, he should have examined all the facts… Alas, it was not meant to be.

He was hasty…

He wanted his enemies gone…

He would, in a stroke of brilliance recruit Peter Pettigrew, who would then go on to betray his friends' location.

He would send Bella, Crouch and the Lestrange brothers to the Longbottom house whilst he would visit the blood traitor Potter and his mudblood wife personally, as like Dumbledore; he too believed that it would be the half blood like himself most likely to cause his downfall.

He knew well the gods' taste for irony… a delicacy to those of the divine realm.

He was right of course, he chose well; too well it would seem as the flash of green returns from the young Harry Potter and disembodies the most feared Dark Lord in centuries. Tom Riddle was hasty in his actions, and thusly, he sealed his fate.


It is funny…

The god's are truly unforgiving and cruel in the choices they present us…

We act always thinking of the probability of things going in our favour… and there is always that possibility as an outcome…. At least in theory… Never though in actual fact, they know our choices before me make them, so then, there is no real risk in presenting a possibility they know will go unexplored, a path that will go untrodden.

Had Lord Voldemort chosen Neville Longbottom that night he would nevertheless have found himself a spirit as there was no doubt Alice Longbottom was most assuredly as willing to sacrifice herself for her son as Lily Potter.

Willing sacrifice this particular night was all the gods required, after all, they couldn't have their fun ending too quickly.

However, after years of being the Boy-Who-Lived, Neville, a young pureblood spoilt rotten by his grandmother and used to the adoration of his legions of fans, would have met quite an untimely end at the hands of a resurrected Lord Voldemort.

None of this matters though, because the Dark Lord chose Harry Potter, not Neville Longbottom, and in doing so sealed not only his fate but the fate of Wizarding Britain as well.


And the Dark Lord will mark him as a
n equal, but he will have power the dark lord knows not….

As Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall left a young Harry Potter on the doorstep of number 4 Privet Drive in Surrey neither of them could guess what the future would bring, neither could guess the consequences of their actions…. Albus Dumbledore could never guess that ¾ of the prophecy had already been fulfilled.

You see, the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord had already been born…. Exactly as the seventh month died, born to those who had defied him three times…

And the Dark Lord marked him as his equal…

A funny thing about prophecy… it should always be interpreted quite loosely… you see, Dumbledore assumed rightly that Harry potter would be a powerful wizard who would one day be an equal to Voldemort, but even he could never have guessed that the day would be today.

A fifteen month old Harry Potter became the magical equal of Lord Voldemort for the first and last time at the moment of his marking…

For you see, After being dispossessed of his body and bereft of his powers mere moments later Lord Voldemort could no longer consider himself Harry Potter's equal.

By the time he found himself in a new body and reclaimed his lost powers, Harry Potter's powers would have been growing for so long that they would never be equal again…

This was the power the Dark Lord knows not…

Not love…

Not some special ability or gift…

But power… raw power… raw magical force and ability that Lord Voldemort through his own actions would never be able to match… would never know…

It's his own fault I suppose, after all, he knows of the gods' penchant for irony.

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