by Gunman

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Summary: Team Warrior goes to help Anakin and his team take out a Separatist Listening Post, and encounter old friends and new enemies, as well as a conspiracy on both sides of the war.

Ideas from SerpentKing707

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Chapter 5
Force Truth

(Jedi Council Chambers)

"I have most distressing news, Master Yoda." Kit Fisto said as he stood before the Jedi Council, which consisted only of Master's Yoda, Kenobi, Windu and Tholme.

"What troubles you, Master Fisto?" Yoda asked, sensing the conflict boil within him.

"It is about Shinji." The Nautolan Jedi Master said.

The four Jedi Masters looked at each other before Fisto laid out the situation before them.

His report was as detailed as he could make it, about what happened on Vassak. In particular was his mentioning of Sana Keto and what Shinji had told him aboard the Falcon after they departed.

"Hmm. Troubling this is." Yoda said.

"This, Sana Keto, could have easily revealed to Shinji that which we have been trying to keep a secret." Mace Windu said.

"Should we be keeping it a secret, Master Windu?" Kit asked. "I know what you and Master Kenobi told me about him, but..."

"Any attempt to give Shinji training now would be a disaster. The code forbids it." Mace stated.

"But if we don't tell him, he could think we either betrayed him, or don't trust him." Master Tholme said, the Jedi Master dressed in dark brown robes and sporting a scar across his face.

"Betrayal might be an extreme view. But we are keeping this from him. The Force is with him, he does have a right to know." Master Kenobi said.

"But can we trust him not to turn on us?" Master Windu asked.

"It's the same way with Anakin. If we trust him, he'll trust us." Kenobi said.

"I still think it's dangerous. The both of them." Master Windu said.

"Little choice we have, Master Windu." Yoda said. "Easily an enemy, an ally can become. In this war, fear of losing ourselves, we are."

"Perhaps." Mace said.

"Do we know anything else about this 'Sana Keto'?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Unfortunately, I do." Master Tholme said, as he took out a small sphere from his robe and placed it in the console of his chair.

The shades to the main council room closed as a holographic display came up in the center.

"I had been tracking the movements of this mysterious Sith for some time. I was hoping I was wrong, but... this Sana Keto is actually a descendant of the ancient Sith magicians, during the reign of Exar Kun, over four thousand years ago." Master Tholme began. "Her ancestors - Satal Keto and his cousin Aleema - were leaders of a Sith cult called The Krath. They joined forces with Exar Kun before the height of the Great Sith War."

An image of Satal Keto and Aleema appeared before them.

"Aleema looks exactly like Sana does now." Master Fisto noted.

"Not surprising. Sith Magic helps to keep a strong similarity amongst the bloodline. It adds to their legend by making people think that they are immortal." Tholme said. "Anyway, Satal was killed before the war reached it's peak, and Aleema was killed due to treachery on Exar Kun's part when she used a Sith weapon without being told how to properly control it. Currently only one other family member of the Keto family exists. Serra, a Jedi Knight who is currently aiding Master Plo Koon's forces near Sorack. Serra is from Satal's side of the family, but as Master Fisto has pointed out, Sana and Aleema could pass for twins, indicating she is from Aleema's bloodline."

"The family was divided into two branches?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Yes. To preserve their bloodline in case something happened to them. Satal's side of the family has since redeemed itself by providing Force-sensitives to the Jedi Order, while Aleema's side of the family has not been heard of. Until now."

"A fine time for them to return." Master Windu said darkly.

"There is more, actually." Master Tholme said as he brought up another file. The holographic image changed, showing a female humanoid with long dark hair, blue skin and red eyes, who Master Fisto recognized slightly.

"A Chissian! The same species as High General Vrecks!" Fisto gasped.

"Yes. This is Sev'rance Tann, a Force-sensitive Sith Acolyte who was recently located on the Mid Rim world known as Serepin." Tholme said. "Before that she had been seen on Krant."

"Serepin and Krant? That's pretty far out." Master Kenobi said.

"Yes. Clone Intelligence captured this image of her on Serepin a few months ago. I didn't bring this to the Council because she has been somewhat... inactive since then."

"Inactive?" Mace asked.

"From what I've been able to gather, she was presented to the Separatist Military as a commander candidate, but was overlooked in favor of General Grievous. Since then she has been somewhat obscure. However, I never believed that she was truly gone. The Chiss race live quite deep in the Unknown Regions that it is truly a rare event for any of them to have Force abilities. With the appearance of High General Vrecks, I thought it best to reveal Sev'rance's existence. Though, I have not been able to locate her since then. I believe she may be running."

A deep and thoughtful humming escaped Master Yoda's lips, and everyone in the council chamber turned to look at the elder Jedi Master.

"Master Yoda?" Obi Wan asked. "Is something wrong?"

"Indeed, Master Kenobi." the Jedi Master said. "Two powerful new enemies, we have received. And now, the existence of even more enemies we could be facing. Tread carefully we must."

"Vrecks and Sana Keto seem to be the more immediate threat." Master Kenobi said. "Especially if they are interested in Shinji. What should we do, Master Yoda?"

"Protect young Ikari, we must. Even if it must be from himself." Yoda said.

"As much as I hate to say this, we should consider a back-up solution. In case he falls to the Dark Side." Mace said.

"And if he does fall to the Dark Side, it will be our fault. And what then? Execute him?" Tholme said softly. "No, Master Windu. So far the boy hasn't shown any hint of turning to the Dark Side. We shouldn't be ready to execute him so quickly."

"And what would you suggest, Master Tholme?" Mace asked. "Train him?"

"Some times... all a person needs... is a reason to fight, and a reason to live." he said, sagely.

"As heartfelt as I find your words, I'm afraid it does not answer my question." Mace said.

Master Tholme sighed as Master Kenobi spoke.

"I think... I might have a solution." Obi-Wan said.

(Dooku's flagship, Outer Rim territories)

On the bridge of the newly christened CIS flagship, called The Despair, Count Dooku was awaiting the arrival of his guests.

The tall, gray-bearded man dressed in dark robes turned his head as the doors behind him opened up.

"Ah. Welcome my friends." Dooku said as he turned around to face them.

The first person was a tall, blue-skinned man with short dark-blue hair and piercing red eyes, dressed in a white admirals uniform with a metallic sword at his hip. He was followed by another dark blue-skinned man, somewhat younger, who was dressed in a dark-blue uniform with white boots and gloves. A blaster holstered behind his back.

These two people were Admiral Thrawn and High General Vrecks.

Behind Vrecks stood a beautiful and dangerous woman with tan skin, pink hair with red stripes and blue eyes dressed in dark Sith robes that covered her body from her neck down.

This was Sana Keto.

Following her in were a pair of robed figures, their heads uncovered. The first was a human male with long dark hair and tribal tattoos marking his face. The second was a Weequay male with thick reptilian features over a 'more-or-less' human head.

This was Quinlan Vos and Sora Bulq of the Sith Acolyte's.

The last figure was a pale-skinned, bald-headed Rattataki woman in black robes, a cruel snarl on her lips as she glared at Sana.

This was Asajj Ventress, Dooku's assassin.

"I thank you all for joining me on such short notice." Count Dooku said.

"We were supposed to refuse?" Sora snapped. "Working together serves all our purposes, Master Tyrannus."

Dooku glowered at the Weequay Acolyte, indicating that he shouldn't call him by his Sith name.

Sora quickly bowed his head and took a step back. More from fear than respect.

"Now, to business. My master is not satisfied with the direction the war has taken as of late. We need to correct this if we are to ultimately win the war." Dooku said.

"What are your orders, Count?" Vrecks asked.

"Vrecks. Sana. You will proceed to Skytop Station over the Ruusan moon. There you will meet with a Trandoshan scavenger: Gha Nachkt. He has a very valuable droid that he wishes to sell to us."

"A droid?" Sana questioned.

"Yes. It was recently in the possession of the Republic." Dooku stated.

"So this droid might have valuable information." Vrecks deduced.

"Indeed." Dooku stated.

"But any good Republic officer, even a Jedi, would have made sure all sensitive data was erased from the droid prior to deployment." Sana stated.

"If that were true, then the Jedi would not be so anxious to retrieve it. One Jedi in particular. Anakin Skywalker." Dooku said, his information coming from Darth Sidious himself.

"Master! Allow me to handle Skywalker!" Ventress declared. "I defeated Master Luminara and her Youngling well enough."

"But you didn't kill them." Sana declared.

"That was not my mission!" Ventress countered.

"Enough! Besides, I have a different assignment for you, Ventress. You are to proceed to Coruscant, and retrieve our dear General Grievous." Dooku ordered.

"Grievous? He's in a maximum security prison, located near the Senate Building, surrounded by Clone Troopers and even Jedi Knights." Ventress said.

"Not scared are you?" Sana teased.

"I am not! But it will be far more difficult to rescue someone from the interior of Coruscant, than from a Jedi cruiser. I'm not foolish enough to rush in blindly." the assassin snapped.

"Really? Your failures compared to your successes thus far would mark you as incompetent." the dark mystic said.

Ventress hissed as she grabbed her lightsabers and ignited them. Sana smiled as she calmly retrieved her double bladed lightsaber, igniting both ends.

"ENOUGH!" Dooku shouted at the pair, causing them to pause. "You all have your assignments, and you will leave at once! I will have more information for you by the time you arrive at your destinations and your targets."

"What about us?" Quinlan asked.

"Vos. Bulq. I want you two to proceed to Ryloth, for two reasons. The first is to scout a possible route through the narrow passage near the Rylothian asteroid field, possibly for a new base. But also to locate a runaway Acolyte named Sev'rance Tann. Our agents have reported seeing her there. Left unchecked she could pose a potential problem for us later on." Dooku said.

"Of course, Count Dooku." the pair nodded.

With a dismissive gesture, the quartet turned and walked away, leaving Dooku and Thrawn on the bridge of the ship, surrounded only by droids.

"This is going to be most interesting. Pity I won't be there to witness it." Thrawn said.

"You have much more important matters to attend to, my friend." Dooku said.

"Of course. A pity I couldn't have this project finished sooner." he grimaced.

"It cannot be helped. The Republics forces are spread out rather thinly in an effort to engage us on multiple fronts. And if your operation were to be noticed, even by one of them, they would bring all of their might upon you. Secrecy is essential for your projects success." Dooku stated.

"Then again, if the Republic brought all their forces against me, it would give you and the rest of our forces the opening needed to capture many other planets more easily." Thrawn stated.

Dooku smiled at that. The idea that his own admiral would willingly sacrifice himself for their cause actually gave the distinguished Sith Lord a feeling of comfort and trust.

"True. But this is how my master wants, and expects, the situation to be handled."

"Understood, Count." Thrawn said, bowing to the gray-bearded Sith before exiting the bridge.

The plans for the Death Star may have been lost, but if Thrawn is successful, we won't need them. Dooku mentally grinned as he turned around to face the empty blackness of space.


On his way to his personal ship, Thrawn encounters Vrecks in the hanger.

"I thought you would have been on your way, nephew." Thrawn said.

"I just wonder, uncle, if the Count is wise to keep Ventress around." Vrecks said.

"I've wondered the same, at times. But she still has some uses. Like when she rescued The Viceroy from Jedi custody." the Admiral said.

"One victory, amongst many failures."

"Nephew... there will come a time when she will no longer be useful. On that day, I look forward to seeing your Sith, against The Count's." Thrawn smiled.

In the side corridor waiting for Vrecks, Sana Keto smiled at the thought of eliminating the annoying harpy assassin. But as the thought of slaying that Rattataki woman made her happy, it suddenly drifted into an even happier scene between her and Shinji. Standing over Ventress's body.

Shinji Ikari. You will be mine! Sana thought as Vrecks walked around the corner, the Sith mystic falling in line with him.


In Dooku's private chambers, the Sith Lord was in conference with his master.

"Master Sidious. I am pleased to inform you that all is going according..." Dooku started to say.

(No! It is not!) Sidious snapped, interrupting him.

"My lord?"

(Something... is amiss, Lord Tyrannus. Something that should not be, is.)

"I do not understand, Master."

(Nor do I. But it has to do with the Republic Captain. Shinji Ikari.)

"I am aware of him, my lord. But he is only a boy. He cannot harm us."

(Do not say that so lightly, my apprentice.) Sidious said. (I have foreseen every action of this war. But not where Captain Ikari is concerned.)

"You cannot sense his future?" Dooku asked, slightly confused and concerned.

(I cannot. And this disturbs me, Lord Tyrannus.)

"Then I shall eliminate the boy at once, my lord."

(No. This boy's future is uncertain. Uncertainty can be useful to us. But only if we know why. I want you to journey to Korriban, and retrieve the Holocrons of Darth Bane, Darth Nihilus and Darth Andeddu. I must consult with each of them on this matter.)

"I understand, my lord. I will attend to this at once." Dooku bowed before departing.

(Millennium Falcon, near Bothawui)

"Shinji? Are you alright?" Chord asked the young captain.

"Yeah, I... thought I felt a chill." Shinji exclaimed to his large friend and teammate.

The pair were the last to return to their ship, where the rest of their team was toting back their newly gained purchases.

"I still think that Trandoshan scavenger was lying to us." Cerean scientist, Professor Argos Rollanne, stated as he rolled out a container that was filled with droid parts. Very specific droid parts.

"He was hiding something. We should have interrogated him." Mon Calamari Jedi Nahdar Vebb exclaimed.

Nahdar had requested assignment to Team Warrior for the time being, feeling he could do better on a team as unique as their own.

"Maybe we should have given him a bath. Would have been threatening enough to him." Nelvaanian enforcer Chord huffed, his nose still burning from the gaseous smells that the Trandoshan regularly discharged.

"At least we got some cool weapons from that Gha Nachkt." Noghri swordsman Wass Remm said as he examined his new Amban phase-pulse blaster, which looked like the two-pronged lance once wielded by a Mandalorian named Chop'aa Notimo.

"And armor that actually fits me." Shinji said as he examined the silver and blue-trimmed armor that to him looked a little familiar.

(He had no way of knowing that it was actually Jango Fett's armor from Geonosis. Since that day, Shinji had actually grown in height and muscle. He was about as tall and built as Anakin now.)

"Not to mention that new droid." clone marksman Frost said. "Think you can get it to work, professor?"

"I should be able to. Most of it's original systems are still intact." Argos said. "Which is remarkable in of itself. A very-well built droid."

"Even if it is in pieces." Frost commented.

"With all due respect, sir, is that really a good idea? We don't have much need for droids in combat. That's a Separatist thing." clone gunnar Tank said.

"True. But droids are nothing if not useful in many ways. Not simply combat." Argos said.

"But if you're right it's been offline for over 3000 years. Are you sure it can even be activated?" Tank asked.

"Well, I'll need to replace several of it's servos. It'll need a new power cell. Some of the joints will need to be oiled. And of course I'll need to check the programming to make sure it doesn't kill us at first activation. And then..."

"We get it, Argos." Captain Shinji Ikari interrupted. "Do what you can."

"Of course." Argos said as Shinji headed to the bridge.

While the group busied themselves with their own special tasks, Nahdar just took note of them all.

The team's token clones, the ARC troopers known as Tank and Frost, were distinguishable only by their armor. Frost's armor had a light blue lining on his helmet and the upper parts of his armor, while Tank's armor had orange lining on his helmet, his torso and legs, and his gloves but not his arms. That, and their weapons were different. Frost often used a standard issue handgun and rifle, but sometimes used a small chain gun whenever he could. Tank carried a basic sidearm, but his primary weapon was a heavy rocket launcher capable of taking out a droid tank.

Wass Remm, the Noghri swordsman, was something of an anomaly. Despite his crass quips, which were a constant irritation amongst his teammates, Wass was farther ahead in swordsmanship skill than Nahdar could ever hope to be. That and he could wield two swords at once. Like a Sith. This thought was a little unsettling at times, but it helped that Wass was on their side. He also seemed fairly loyal to both Shinji and Chord, more than not.

Chord, the Nelvaanian, was the obvious muscle to the team. Nahdar had heard of the Separatists genetic alterations on him, and had some sympathy for the blue-furred, canine-like humanoid. He was as tall as a Wookie, and strong enough to crush a super battle droid with his bare hands. He was also quite loyal to his teammates, including Shinji, just like Wass was.

Then there was Professor Argos Rollanne, a highly intelligent Cerean, the same race as Master Ki-Adi-Mundi, who was apparently responsible for creating The Malevolence, which was currently in Republic custody. That mission had formed Team Warrior. Though he hadn't intended it to be used for warfare, Dooku had other plans when he agreed to build it. Argos had rebelled at the idea of his ship being used for warfare, but had little to say in that regard. After being rescued by Shinji, Anakin and Ahsoka, Argos joined Team Warrior as their scientist.

And lastly, Captain Shinji Ikari. While there was no dispute that he was rather young to be a Republic officer, Nahdar couldn't shake the feeling that there was something about him that felt... different. Not like the clones or the other members of his team. Something having to do with the Force. Though, he could not be completely certain. Shinji, to him, was a rather compassionate leader, an expert marksman, a talented pilot, and had some skill with a lightsaber. He also seemed more lucky than most, having faced off against assassins like Ventress, and this new Sith, Sana Keto, and coming out alive.

He winced a bit, the mere thought of the name sending a phantom pain shooting through his left arm. The new cybernetic arm that he now had worked well enough, but there was a part of him that felt a little less than he had been.

Of course, the humility he had gained from this crippling injury felt better than when he had passed the Trials and become a Knight.

But after his mission to the Vassak system, Nahdar felt that he needed more experience and training. To that end, he requested to join Team Warrior on their missions with the intent of gaining said experience. This caused an argument amongst the team (particularly from Wass and Chord). The issue they had was that of leadership.

Shinji had proven to be an effective leader, and his teammates trusted him. Nahdar, being a Jedi Knight, was higher up in rank than a Captain, and this would naturally be met with some argument as to having Nahdar take over the team. However, knowing that there would be trouble with this, Nahdar made it quite clear that he would be willing to follow Shinji's orders while he was on their team.

Though his first mission wasn't what he thought it would be.

During the Battle of Bothawui, between Anakin's fleet and one of the Separatist Generals, Anakin's astro-droid R2-D2 had been lost. Because Anakin was busy with other matters, under orders to locate a Separatist Listening Post, the Jedi General had asked Team Warrior to go and locate their missing R2 unit. Normally this wouldn't have required Shinji and his team to investigate, until they learned that Anakin hadn't erased R2's memory. This meant that the spunky little droid was still programmed with all the Republic's vital data: their base locations, special tactics and maneuvers, and even their access codes.

At hearing this, Shinji quickly deployed Team Warrior out to search for R2 while Anakin and his men were ordered to locate a new Separatist Listening Post. Anakin would have gone to search for R2 himself, but after a rather disastrous adventure with his new droid, R3-S6, whom Ahsoka Tano called 'Goldie', Anakin decided to leave the search for R2 to Shinji.

The team spent hours searching for R2 in the wreckage of the last battle, even encountering the Trandoshan scavenger, Gha Nachkt, who sold them a variety of special extra weapons and parts needed for their ship.

Though that was just a cover.

Truth be known, Shinji had located R2 aboard the scavengers ship, while Argos and the others were distracting the scavenger, and covertly sent a message to the little droid to lay low for now.

Keeping a small communication-channel open for them to follow, it was just a hunch Shinji was playing in order to trap a much larger fish.



Hmm? A coded-message? From Misato? Shinji thought as he stepped away from the bridge and into the medical bay of the ship, sealing the door.

Shinji punched in his personal code that Misato gave him for use of their own personal messages.

What he read, made his knees buckle and fall himself back onto the bed.

(One hour later)

"Shinji! Incoming transmission." Argos said through the med-bay door.

No response.

"Shinji?" he knocked again.

"Huh? Yes?" Shinji called back.

"We're picking up an incoming transmission!" the scientist replied.

Shinji opened the med-bay doors and headed out with the scientist.

"What is it, Argos?" Shinji asked as they reached the bridge. Nahdar and Wass were already there.

"Here. Listen." Argos said as he turned up the volume on his console.

A series of whistles and beeps were heard over the speaker.

"R2's calling in." Shinji said.

"How can you be so sure?" Nahdar asked.

"Because the transmission signal I used to connect to R2 confirms it." he said as he turned to Wass. "Plot course, Wass. We're going hunting!"

Nahdar looked stunned as Wass laid in the coordinates from the transmission.

"Wait! You mean General Skywalker's droid was aboard that ship, and we just let it go?" Nahdar asked.

"Yes. That Trandoshan scavenger was lying about having found an R-series droid. Any R-series droid. I figured that scavenger would try to sell him to the Separatists once he found out what R2 was. I've kept a communication trace-lock on R2 since we left the ship. It was my hope that they would lead us to a Separatist post or ship. Something we could take down and cripple them even more."

Nahdar looked shocked. When had this young captain actually become as devious as their enemies? Or as cunning as General Skywalker?

"You knew that scavenger would sell the droid to the Separatists?" Nahdar asked. "How?"

"A hunch." Shinji said. "Plus I thought it would make your first mission with us much more exciting." he joked.

Nahdar opened his mouth to speak, but held his tongue.

He knew I wanted more out of my first mission? This boy is beginning to intrigue me more and more. He thought. I'd best keep an eye on him.

(Ruusan moon)

The Falcon flew through the clouds of the gas planet, and eventually made it's way to a large sphere-shaped base floating in the upper atmosphere.

"They haven't detected us." Argos said. "The new cloaking system that I developed appears to be working."

"But for how long?" Shinji asked.

"A few hours. Using it too much, in a gravity atmosphere will drain the engines. If you're not back in six hours, we won't have enough power to sustain life support, power the cannons, and the hyper drive will be shot." he said. "To say nothing about the cloaking device itself."

"It's an experimental system, isn't it?" Chord asked.

"Of course. This was it's first trial run." Argos said.

"Why does that not fill me with confidence?" Wass asked.

"It's working, isn't it?" Argos replied.

"We'll keep our communicators on. Frost!" Shinji called out.

"Sir?" the blue clone trooper replied.

"Stay with Argos and the ship. We'll call you if there's trouble."

"Understood." the clone trooper said.

Shinji, Chord, Wass, Nahdar and Tank took the lift up to the top of the ship, which was parked right underneath the massive floating station.

"Okay. Who wants to make an opening?" Shinji asked.

Nahdar pulled his lightsaber out and started cutting a hole in the bottom of the base itself. A little Force-Pull and the large slag of metal came out, and was dropped onto the hull of the ship.

"Careful! The ship's brand-new!" Wass commented.

Nahdar just rolled his eyes.


"So, what's the plan?" Wass asked as Chord checked the hallways for any droids.

"We locate R2." Shinji said.

"That's it?" Nahdar asked.

"Afterwards we evac, call in the troopers, and have them bomb this place to pieces. In the meantime I'm sure there will be lots of droids for us to destroy." Shinji explained.

"That sounds like a plan." Wass stated.

"Even though we could easily destroy this place ourselves." Tank said.

Shinji paused, looking up at the ceiling and then back to the group.

"What is it?" Wass asked.

"Change in plans! Nahdar! You take Tank and head to the main generator room three levels up. Someone will meet you there. Wass, Chord, come with me. We'll locate R2." Shinji said.

'Someone will meet you there'? What did he mean by that? Nahdar thought as he and the clone trooper raced down the corridors.


Nahdar and Tank raced towards the main generator room where they found a group of clone troopers along with a certain Jedi Padawan and a new black and gold R3-S6, futilely attempting to open the shield generator door.

"Nahdar?" the Togruta padawan gasped.

"Ahsoka?" the Mon Calamari knight gasped.

"Captain Rex!" Tank said, saluting the clone captain.

"Long time no see, Tank." Rex nodded to the clone gunnar.

"What are you doing here?" the two Jedi asked in unison.

"Shinji said that someone would be here to meet me, but... I didn't expect it to be you." Nahdar said.

"Shinji's here?" Ahsoka gasped.

"You didn't know?" Nahdar asked.

"No. I thought... never mind. But that means the rest of Team Warrior is here as well." she said.

"Yes. Shinji and the others are looking for General Skywalker's missing droid." Nahdar replied.

"I know. Master Anakin went looking for him too. Wouldn't have known if it wasn't for your message." she said.

"Our message? What are you talking about, Miss?" Tank asked.

"You didn't send us a sub-space transmission?" Ahsoka asked.

"No one on the Team did." Nahdar stated.

Suddenly, a group of droids started coming at the group from both sides of the corridors..

"Hurry-up, Goldie." Ahsoka said to the droid.

"Too late!" Captain Rex said.

"Blast! Everyone! Positions!" Nahdar shouted.

Tank aimed his launcher down one path of the corridor, while Rex and the other five troopers aimed their blasters down the other corridors.

"Here they come!" Rex shouted.


Anakin was roaming the corridors on the upper level on the hovering listening post, when he felt a sinister tinge at the back of his mind. Spinning around he saw a blue-skinned man wearing a strange kind of battle armor, like the Mandalorians used. His helmet in his arms had no face shield, it was dark gray in color, with a pair of thick looking gauntlets and a pair of pistols in holsters, on his legs.

"Well, well, well. General Anakin Skywalker. Welcome to Skytop Station." the Chiss said.

"And you are?" Anakin asked, pulling his lightsaber off of his belt.

"High General Vrecks." he introduced himself. "Some of your associates might have mentioned me. Though I admit that my record in this war isn't as... extensive as your own."

"Which only means I can easily defeat you." Anakin said, igniting his saber.

"That... is not what I said." Vrecks grinned.

Anakin attacked Vrecks with his lightsaber, only for the Chiss general to raise his gauntlet up and block Anakin's blade.

Suddenly, Anakin's lightsaber fizzed and died.

"What?" the Jedi gasped.

"Like the armor? Cortosis. When it comes into contact with the energy of a lightsaber, it causes a feedback that neutralizes the crystal and the power core." Vrecks exclaimed as he pulled his fist back and punched Anakin in the jaw, sending him tumbling back to the ground. "Of course, I'm not the only one who has this kind of armor."

Anakin blinked as he looked behind Vrecks and saw a quartet of Magna Guards approach Vrecks, their armor thicker than previous ones he had seen. They approached Vrecks and flanked him on both sides. The one on the left side held a rocket pack, the one of his right held a large chain gun.

"My Magna Guard Elites. Upgraded versions of Grievous's own bodyguards." Vrecks said as he placed his helmet upon his head. "All armored with Cortosis as well."

The Magna Guard Elites put the rocket pack on Vrecks back, and then attached the chain gun to the top of the pack, causing it to whirl around alongside his helmeted head.

"And now, General Skywalker, I am going to eliminate you." Vrecks said as his Magna Guards put the rocket pack on his back, and then the chain gun attached to the pack.

Anakin looked a little panicked as the Magna Guard Elites pulled their sabers from the sheathes on their backs, igniting their electrical energy. He then looked at his disabled lightsaber.

"This... could be tricky." Anakin sighed.


On the lower levels of the listening post, the three members of Team Warrior managed to locate the room where R2's signal was coming from.

"He's in here." Shinji said as his checked his wrist scanner again.

"Alright then." Chord growled as he stepped up and thrust his leg out towards the door.


The doors to the room exploded open at Chord's forceful entrance, the trio rushing in and gasping at what they saw.

Sitting on an examination table was R2-D2, who was mostly in pieces yet still activate. Standing just behind him was the orange-skinned, pot-bellied, lizard-like Trandoshan scavenger, dressed in a green-blue jumpsuit, Gha Nachkt, and standing around the room were six Magna Guards, all of whom were armed with electro-staffs.

"Six guards, for one droid?" Chord asked.

"Only the best for our R2." Shinji said.

R2 beeped and whistled at their arrival.

"Droids! Kill Them!" Gha Nachkt shouted.

"Team Warrior, Go!" Shinji shouted.

All at once Team Warrior reacted.

Wass was the first to attack, pulling his swords and leaping at the first two Magna Guards. Swinging them wildly and slamming into their electro-staffs several times, catching the pair off-guard enough to maneuver around and slash at their legs and arms, disabling them before finishing them off by plunging his swords into their heads.

Shinji quickly pulled his blasters out of his holsters and fired at the two Magna Guards on his right. The two droids deflected his laser fire with their staffs, causing Shinji to alter his aim. Aiming just past their heads, Shinji fired, the energy bolts flew past the Magna Guards head, and ricocheted off of the reflective panels behind them, and struck the Magna Guards in the back of their heads. Their circuits and CPU's sizzled and exploded, causing them to drop to the ground.

Chord growled as he lunged at the last two Magna Guards, towering over them as they thrust their staffs at the muscular Nelvaanian. Chord reacted quickly, reaching out and grabbing their staffs right below their electrified blades. Holding tightly to the staffs, he thrust his hands forward and plowed right into the droids heads, pushing them back against the nearest wall, and kept pushing until his fists literally touched the wall through their heads.

Gha Nackht just gasped as the trio quickly disabled the Magna Guards. That done, the trio walked over to the Trandoshan scavenger. Chord grabbed him by his collar and thrust him against the wall while Shinji and Wass quickly assembled the spunky little droid.

"Now, now, let's not be hasty in doing anything rash." Gha Nackht said with a quivering voice as Wass reinserted R2's legs into his body.

"Just be lucky that we're not the Separatists. They would kill you rather than pay you or let you go." Shinji said as he adjusted R2's dome head onto his body.

Wass and Shinji pulled R2 off of the table and set him on the ground.

"Alright, R2?" Shinji asked.

The blue and white astro droid whistled and beeped his affirmation.

"Good. Let's get going." Shinji said.

"What about him?" Wass asked, pointing back to scavenger.

"Well, since we don't want him following us..."

Chord nodded, pulling the Trandoshan scavenger to him, and then pushing him forward to knock the back of his head against the wall. Gha Nackht was unconscious before Chord released him. He slumped to the ground, stomach down, his tongue rolling out of his mouth.

"Gross." Wass commented.

"Yeah. Come on, we need to find the others." Shinji said.

The trio and the droid walked out of the room and froze when they found a pair of figures standing off to the right side of the corridor.

They were both dressed in Mandalorian armors, much like Shinji was. Sans helmet, of course.

The taller of them was dressed in gold armor with red trim and lining of their armor. The second figure, slightly shorter, was dressed in green armor with lite blue trim and lining. Both had blasters in hand, and weapons in their gauntlets.

Shinji suddenly gasped when he looked at the young man, and realized who it was.

"Toji?" Shinji gasped.

The shorter Mandalore reached up, pulled off his helmet, and smiled at his old friend.

"Hey, Shinji. Long time, no see." Toji Suzuhara grinned.


The battle against the droids was quickly falling to the Jedi and Clones, Tank using his rocket launcher to blow apart every Super Battle Droid down the left corridor, Captain Rex and his men shooting down every regular Battle Droid down the right corridor.

Within a few minutes, the droids were all scrap and the R3 was still trying to open the door to the Generator Room.

Before anyone could complain about the droid's inability to open a simple door, the ceiling above them all opened up and a dark-robed figure dropped in between all of them. Instantly the figure threw out their hands, hurling the Clone Troopers wildly down the long corridors and knocking them cold.

"Who the heck are you?" Ahsoka asked, standing on the left side of the figure.

The robed figure pulled back their hood, to reveal a beautiful red haired woman with tanned skin.

"Sana Keto!" Nahdar gasped, standing on the right side of the Sith.

"The one who took your arm?" Ahsoka gasped.

"Yes. I've come back for the other one." the Sith woman smirked as she backed away from between the pair, causing them to stand side-by-side.

"Fat chance! You're up against two Jedi Knights now!" Ahsoka declared.

"Ahsoka... you're not a knight." Nahdar whispered to her.

"She doesn't know that." Ahsoka whispered to him.

"I do now." Sana smiled. "I have very good hearing."

Ahsoka grimaced at Nahdar.

"I was hoping I would get to meet you, Ahsoka Tano." Sana said.

"You know me?" Ahsoka asked.

"Yes. I'm glad you accepted my invitation to Skytop Station." she grinned.

"Invitation?" she asked, before her eyes widened. "The sub-space transmission!" she gasped.

Sana nodded. "And I must say... it will be a pleasure to eliminate the competition!"

Competition? Ahsoka wondered.

And with that, Sana attacked.


Authors Notes:

I was hoping that this chapter would be a bit longer, but I've been so busy that I decided to cut out a few scenes and upload this as soon as I could.

I know, it's not really a good idea, but at least it's something.

Also, Shinji is 17 years old by now. In case I didn't mention this earlier. Ahsoka is about 14-to-15 in this. Best I can figure. If this is wrong, please let me know.