Love Between a Prince and Princess Chapter 5

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Karin walked over and pulled Sasuke away from Sakura. 'who in the hell is this girl' Sakura thought as her swing started to slow down. Karin wrapped her arms around Sasuke's neck and kissed him and Sakura saw her kiss her boyfriend. 'S-Sasuke-Kun?' Sakura jumped off the swing and ran off. Suigetsu saw so he pushed Karin away from Sasuke. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING" He screamed at the red headed Karin. She slapped him "Shut the fuck up Suigetsu" She said irritated. Sasuke saw how Sakura ran off. 'It wasn't my fault' He couldn't take it much longer so he decided to go and look for Sakura.

To Sakura********************

Sakura was punching the ground at her mansion. "how could he do that to me? I thought that he wouldn't hurt me but maybe I was wrong" Sakura said but then Sasuke appeared. "Sakura that wasn't my fault she was the one who kissed me" He said as he walked over towards Sakura. "How can I believe you" He grabbed her arm and pulled her into his chest and all you could hear was sobs that came from Sakura as she cried on Sasuke's chest. "Gomensai (im sorry)" Sasuke said as he carried her up to her room. "Sasuke-Kun I don't like that girl. She is the one who tripped me at the festival. "

Sakura was walking besides Sasuke in silence when all of a sudden she tripped. "ow" Sasuke didn't even see. "are you ok" atleast someone saw and he helped her up "Im Suigetsu by the way and the person who tripped you was Karin. Sorry I have to go bye"

"Karin that's her name. The girl who tripped me but now she wants my boyfriend." Sakura said as Sasuke dropped her onto his bed in his room. "Now now calm down my love" He said as he kissed her on her forehead. "Sasuke" Sasuke sat down on the bed and pulled Sakura into his lap. "This is just like when we were younger" Sasuke said as the corners of his mouth turned up into a smile

"Sasuke-kun Sasuke-kun" Said a little pink haired green eyed Sakura. "look what I found" She said holding up some pretty red and white roses. "do you like them Sasuke-kun" Sasuke stood there looking at Sakura and the roses. "I don't like flowers" He said. Tears began to form in Sakura's eyes "B-But Sasuke they were for you" she said as tears fell from her eyes. 'oh no what have I done' thought little Sasuke. He got up and pulled Sakura into his lap "don't cry Sakura. They are just flowers. I'm sure you will find something better for me" He said as he smiled down at her.

"yeah it is like this isn't it" Sakura said as she ran her fingers through Sasuke's beautiful soft and silky raven hair. Sasuke looked at Sakura and lifted up her chin and kissed her. "I love you and only you Sakura" he said as he got up and pulled her with him. "Sasuke-kun?" She said confused.

"I want to take you somewhere" he said as he led them outside and led her through a forest. He led her to the field where they used to play at when they were little. Sakura's eyes grew big as tears formed in her eyes.

"Sasuke-kun thank you" She said as she hugged him. Sasuke knew that she would like this. He knew this would cheer her up. Sakura ran off and found some roses. 'Sakura is co cute' He smiled at her and walked over to her.

"Sakura we should head back" Sasuke told her as it started to get dark. "Aww ok" she replied and they walked back and went inside to see that Sakura's mom was getting ready to serve dinner"

"Sasuke Sakura go get cleaned up for dinner and come back down here" She said. The two went and cleaned up and came back downstairs. They ate dinner then Sasuke and Sakura went to bed in their own rooms. Sakura woke up due to a nightmare. She opened her door to see...

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