Ice cream day!

A/N I don't know why I wrote this but I probably stole it from someone. But it was probably due to the fact that the dam ice-cream wouldn't cooperate! Sorry its really stupid. Oh and Double cappuccino chocolate fudge is from the Simpson's. Woo!

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Me; HEY! *jumps on Edward and starts beating him up* hey I quite like this.

Bella wanted ice-cream. She had discovered her special power of being a vampire. SHE COULD HAVE FOOD!!!!!! And she wanted ice-cream.


"Edward! Where the heck do you keep the ice-cream in this house?" Bella screamed with her head inside the freezer. Where did that freezer come from?? I thought while Edward came in. "Um there." He said pointing to the shelf above me. "AH HA!" I scream and pounce on the cold beacon of holiness. I open it and grab a bowl and a spoon only to find a great injustice. The ice cream was hard. Edward watched as I struggled to get out a scoop with an eyebrow raised. "Curse you delicious beacon of justice!" I say and struggle with it. Even with vampire strength I could not get it out. "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" And storming over to the microwave. Where do these appliances come from? I think before putting the ice cream in. Instead of 5 second though I put it one for 50 in a rage. "Umm Bella?" Edward says sensing danger "don't wanna hear it! I want ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!" I say and run around the kitchen for a bit.

Finally I hear a beep and turn to look at the microwave only to discover that my precious ice cream… was now a blob. Releasing an ear piercing shriek that made Edward wince visibility. I run, run as fast as I can and fly past people searching for my only beacon of hope. An Ice-cream truck. Pushing out the kids that run up I immediately order my favourite ice cream. Double cappuccino chocolate fudge. Grabbing it I proceed to eat it and another one when Edward arrives. Oh no I ate it to fast. Keeling over and grabbing my head I can hear Edward voice. "Bella. BELLA! What's wrong?! Are you hurt? Do you need help? I can find Carsile if you like." But the pain passes and I look up and grin at him. Ice cream headache. I say and he sighs melodramatically but I see the corners of him mouth turn up. "Come on lets go home. I think I'll stick to chocolate now.' I giggle and race him home.


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