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"Bella," he said in an amused tone, "Go out. Have fun tonight. Can you do that for me?"

We both lay in my bed, his cold arms wrapped lightly around me. Edward had to go hunting tonight. I couldn't deny him that, as much as I wanted him to stay. But his eyes were getting darker and darker black everyday, and I knew the effort it cost him to be so near to me even when he wasn't thirsty.

"Yes," I conceded with a sigh. Jessica had begged me all day Friday at school to go to a party at Mike's house Saturday night. I was not sold on the idea, but Angela told me she was going so I thought it couldn't be that bad, and it was a perfect opportunity to catch up with the lot of them. Edward had been harping me about ignoring my friends. He was worried I was missing out on high school experiences by spending too much time with him. But when I mentioned it to Edward, his eyes darkened.

"Couldn't you find something else to do Bella?" he asked stiffly.

"Why?" I asked. Surely, he wouldn't mind me hanging out with my friends one night.

"You know I don't like Mike Newton." He replied as though it were the most obvious answer. I detected a note of jealousy.

"Edward, please. I'm not thrilled about a party but-"

"Then don't go," he said kissing the top of my forehead with a smirk as though he had won.

"-but I really think I should go," I continued. "Jessica and Angela will be expecting me."

He sighed.

"I'll call Alice, she can take you shopping or something."

"No." I replied forcefully. Suddenly the party seemed like a much greater prospect in comparison to a torture night with Alice. If we went shopping, she would buy me unnecessary things, force me into painful heels, too short dresses…

"I think it will be good for me," I began my argument, "A very high school thing to do on a Saturday night. A very, human thing for me to do."

He pursed his lips. He narrowed his eyes at me. There was a pause, and I knew I had won. I stared into his dark eyes, and he searched me, maybe trying to come up with a counter argument. But he really couldn't argue with a human experience. He traced his thumb along my jaw.

He sighed in defeat glancing out the window. Rather than approving, he merely said, "I'll come back early tonight. As soon as I can."

"Take your time." He looked extremely worried.

"Edward, stop worrying. Nothing will happen. It's just a party with friends. I'll be fine."

"I'd rather you didn't-"

"Edward." I warned. He tucked a piece of hair behind me ear.

"Be safe then," he said dejectedly, "And have fun." He attempted to smile. He kissed me lightly on the lips. He strode to the window and before he ducked out of sight said, "I'll be back soon Bella."

With Edward gone, I went downstairs to call Jessica. When I told her I was coming she was ecstatic.

"Oh Bella! I'm so excited, it will be so much fun! Do you need a ride?" I had never been to Mike's house before and so I agreed to Jess's offer. "I'll pick you up in an hour then."

Then I went and told Charlie. At first he was very hesitant. The word party did not seem to please him.

"Will Edward be taking you then?" he asked.

"Actually, Edward is gone for the night. Jess is going to give me a ride. I thought it would be nice to hang out with some of my other friends. I haven't done anything with Angela in awhile."

Charlie couldn't argue with that. And he seemed infinitely happier that Edward wasn't coming with me. Why wasn't I surprised?

"Ok, Bells. Just try not to stay out too late." He smiled at me.

"Thanks Dad."

The hour passed quickly. I wasn't sure what to wear to this party. I had never really gone to one before and I didn't know what to expect. In fact I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But how bad could one little party be? I decided on a pair of dark jeans and dark purple top that fit my figure nicely. I left my hair down, and no makeup as usual.

The doorbell rang. I went downstairs calling a "Bye Dad!" and I went out the door. Angela was already in Jessica's car. She smiled at me warmly and asked how I was. Jessica was looking very pretty. She had done her makeup, and was wearing a jean skirt and a hot pink top. I suddenly felt underdressed.

"You look nice Bella," she said kindly.

"So do you, I really like that shirt," I complimented. She beamed.

In no time at all we were pulling up to Mike's house. My jaw dropped. Or should I say mansion. The house was enormous; I hadn't realized that there existed houses this nice in Forks. The lawn was perfectly manicured. In the middle of it, a little fountain with statue was sprouting water.

"Mike lives here?" I asked incredulously.

"I know!" Jessica exclaimed, clearly as awed as I was. "His mom works at the bank and his dad owns his own business. They're loaded."

It was dark and I tried not to trip as we made our way up the long, winding, walking path. Mike answered the door when we knocked.

"Bella!" He exclaimed when he saw me. "I'm so glad you came!" I smiled back sheepishly. "Jessica, Angela." He said smiling and nodding to them.

The party was already in full swing when we arrived. Jessica assured me that this was the best time to arrive: fashionably late. Although I had hoped to spend most of the night with Angela as company, she soon left us to sit and talk with Ben.

"They're together now." Jessica told me knowingly, following my gaze. "She's just so shy, she won't admit it yet."

"Oh," I remarked. So I guess that meant that I would not be spending the night hanging out with Angela. It was hard for me to feel upset about it though. She simply beamed as se chatted away happily with Ben. Hopefully I could catch up with her later.

Jessica grabbed my arm and pulled me into another room. The lights had been dimmed, and there was a large group of people all swaying and dancing in time with the loud music. I suddenly stiffened. I hope no one expected me to dance. Edward wouldn't be happy with me if I came back with a twisted ankle.

Jessica was chatting to me about a boy she thought was cute. I wasn't really interested but I feigned enthusiasm. Just then, Mike made his way towards us; cutting thought the crowded room. He handed Jessica and I a drink and we sat down around a table. Jessica sipped hers daintily, thanking Mike and batting her eyelashes. I took a sip of mine and scrunched up my nose in disgust.

"What is this?" I asked sticking my tongue out. It tasted like fruit punch and something else. Mike winked at me, but I didn't get it. I looked at Jessica for an answer and she leaned over slyly and whispered in my ear.

"Its alcohol! Duh!" She rolled her eyes at my shocked expression. "Don't tell me you don't drink!" She said still hissing in my ear in hushed tones. "Come on Bella. Don't be absurd." She took another swig of her drink and Mike too downed the rest of his. They looked at me expectantly. I took another sip trying to hide my distaste.

I had never drunk alcohol before, but I wasn't stupid; I knew what happened when people drank. I glanced around the room and noticed for the first time that the majority of the people in the room were clutching similar cups in their hands. But no one looked drunk. They were all just conversing happily and enjoying themselves. I thought for a moment of what Edward would think of my current situation. He probably wouldn't be too pleased.

But I was at this party to enjoy myself and have a good time. Edward wasn't here to stop me drinking if I wanted. Besides, he couldn't control everything I did, as much as he wished he could. I took another drink from my cup.

Jessica's eyes found something across the room. I followed them to see Lauren keeping her distance from us, or rather me. She gave me a quick glare that no one else seemed to notice. Jessica stood up and stalked off to talk to Lauren and Mike stayed with me to chat. I sipped my drink a lot because he was doing most of the talking, with me mostly responding with 'mmm's' and "uh-huh's.' Sooner than I thought I had finished my drink.

"I'll get you another," Mike said kindly seeing my empty cup. Before I could protest he was gone retrieving me another. This one didn't taste as bad. I wondered if maybe he gave me one that was less potent.

I found chatting with Mike to not be so bad. He asked me a lot about Phoenix, which I discovered I was happy to talk about. I really did miss it. I asked him about his parents and their work.

"They make good money," he said, "But it's not as good as it seems. They both work long hours. We don't really get to spend a lot of time together. They're both out of town this weekend on business actually. That's why I had this little party."

He got me another drink. It tasted just like juice. I thanked him warmly. He must have gotten me an alcohol free one. But that didn't explain the feeling I was suddenly having. I had never drunk before in my life, and I knew I wouldn't feel normal, but this was insane. I was smiling too much. Everything seemed much funnier. Mike's jokes made me laugh. My head was a little dizzy. It wasn't until I stood up, telling him I wanted to find Jessica, that I felt the full force of the alcohol. I immediately regretted not eating anything beforehand.

My head spun, and I nearly fell. Mike grabbed hold of my arm, steadying me. He had drunk as much as me, if not more. But he seemed to be in control of himself.

"Argh," I said clutching onto his arm for support, "What's happening?" He laughed.

"Why, I think you're drunk Bella!"

"How come you're not?" My words were slurring. My thoughts were wandering.

"You're just a lightweight. Its ok." He said chuckling and helping me walk. HE seemed extremely pleased about something. We found Jessica.

"Bella!" She cried a little too happily, and wrapped her arms around me in a hug. "Bella! I have to ask you something! It's important!" She dragged me away from Mike. I held onto the table to support myself.

"What did you need to ask me Jess?" I asked grinning and giggling despite myself.

"Come play truth or dare with us." That wasn't a question but I really didn't care. She steered me into a chair with a circle of people sitting around.

"Bella's going to play with us!" Jess exclaimed excitedly. The boy sitting next to me with dark hair and brown eyes grinned.
"I don't think I've met you before," he said holding out a steady hand to shake mine. "My name is Nathan."

"Do you go to our school? I've never seen you before!" I said in a somewhat frustrated tone. In this small town I would have surely seen him around.

"No, you wouldn't have," he said grinning at something unknown to me. "I'm Tom's older brother." Tom was in my Trig class with Jess and I. "I'm a freshman in college. I'm just visiting this weekend and he invited me along."
"Oh, that was nice of him." I said. For some reason I seemed to be completely comfortable around this guy. My confidence was peaking.

"Let me get you a drink." He said grinning. He replaced my cup with another. This one tasted slightly stronger. I sipped it eagerly now; I liked this drinking stuff. It was like liquid courage. No fears! No reservations!

"Slow down," he laughed, pulling the cup away from my mouth.

"Why?" I asked confused.

"Because you can barely sit up," he replied with a smile. I ignored him and downed the rest of the drink. "I really shouldn't," he started, "But I'll get you another shall I?"

He took longer this time but returned with the drink. The truth or dare game had begun and I was only two turns away. I couldn't stay focused on one thing for very long. I kept getting distracted. Mike came and sat down near the circle to watch our game. I raised the cup to my lips. Should I chose truth or dare? I was afraid of what they would make me do if I picked dare, but then what if they asked me awkward questions about Edward as truth?

"Bella!" A voice yelled my name. I turned to see who had called me, and found Alice standing in the doorway, he hands on her hips, eyes narrowed.

"Alice!" I cried happily. "Alice what are you doing here? We're not going shopping are we? I told you I don't need anything Alice and –"

"Stop Bella." She was angry. She made her way gracefully to me and ripped the cup from my hands. "You're coming home with me now."

"Alice, stay!" I slurred, oblivious to her emotion. "Play with us!" But she merely grabbed my arm, her cold hands gripping me a little too hard.

"Ow, Alice! What's going on?" She didn't say anything.

"Hey, she can stay if she wants to! We'll look after her." I turned around to see who had spoken. Mike was on his feet glowering at Alice. One look from Alice though, and he lost his confidence and sat back down.

"Bye Jess!" I screamed as Alice pulled me from the house. I was tripping over my feet trying to keep pace with Alice, but her iron grip just pulled me along faster and, at the same time, kept me from falling. My head was spinning and I couldn't stop laughing.

"Alice, don't be such a party pooper! They would have let you play!"

"Edward's not going to be happy when he hears about your night." She mumbled.

"Is Edward here?" I asked excitedly looking around as though to spot him somewhere near the car Alice was now forcing me inside. "He's so great Alice. Really. I miss him already. Where is he Alice? Do you think he wants to play with us? Truth or dare would be interesting with him, he would know if people were really telling the truth." I rambled on as Alice drove. She didn't answer me, but I kept chatting until she pulled up in front of the Cullen's house.

"Alice, why are we going to your house?"

"Because you are in no state to go home right now." She sounded very stern. "Drunk!" She scoffed. "-leave you along for a few hours and this is what happens," she mumbled. "Edward's going to kill me!"

"Is Edward here yet? Did I ever tell you Alice? He's a great kisser." I said grinning.

The corners of her lips twitched like she was trying to hide a smile, and she quickly composed herself.

"Let's get you inside Bella."

"Bella?" I heard a new voice. His voice.

"Oh Edward! You made it. Ok, truth or dare?" I asked seriously as he opened the door to the car.

"Bella, what are you doing here?"

"You don't want to play?" I asked crestfallen. Edward glanced at Alice. She wordlessly explained what had happened with her thoughts. Edward looked at me and laughed in spite of himself.

"Oh Bella…" He scooped me up in his arms and began to carry me back to the house. I looked into his eyes, now a beautiful golden colour. I put a hand to his face and he smiled.

"Did you have fun, love?" he asked in his sweet velvet voice.

"Yes," I said closing my eyes and sighing happily. "I wish you would have come Edward. You would have had fun. They had this drink there. At first it didn't taste very good, but after awhile it got better. And we were going to play a game. But then I decided to leave." I seemed to have already forgotten Alice and how she took me from the party.

He began to chuckle to himself again.

"What's so funny?" I asked, wanting to share in the joke.

"You," he replied, smiling as though it were obvious. It probably was obvious, just not to me. He stroked my cheek. "I've never seen you drunk before. It's quite entertaining. And your cheeks are flushed."

"I'm not drunk," I said stubbornly, "I'm great!" His kissed me lightly on the forehead.

"There's something else…" Alice stammered from behind us, looking at Edward. "Something I saw." And again she wordlessly showed Edward something. I felt him stiffen as whatever Alice shared with him sank in. I glanced at Alice and then back to Edward. He was livid.

"Edward?" I asked. He continued to march me up the stairs and to his room. He lay me down on the bed, whispered, "I'll be right back," and went to talk with Alice. I smothered my face in his pillow, relishing his beautiful scent that was like a perfume. Then I rolled off the bed, and stumbled over to his CD player. I threw some CD's on the floor until I got bored with trying to find music and wandered into the hallway.

"How could you let that happen?" Edward yelled at Alice in hushed tones.

"But it didn't happen Edward! I got her out of there in time. I'm not the one who let her go to the stupid party in the first place!" Alice retorted to some unknown argument. "You may think it's funny that she's intoxicated but she could have gotten seriously hurt Edward!" Edward snarled fiercely.

"You don't think I know that!"

Alice growled back. I had never heard them fight like that before. I stood at the top of the stairs watching them below. They seemed to be so caught up in their argument that they didn't pay any attention to me gently swaying and holding the rail for support.

I wanted them to stop yelling, so I made an attempt to go down the stairs. This could have easily been a death trap in a sober state, but in my current state it was suicide. I tripped on the first step, and before I could even shout "Edward!" he caught me.

"Bella, let's get you to bed." He lifted me again and took me back to the room.

"You're mad at me!" I accused, tears brimming in my eyes. "I'm sorry."

"Shh! No, no. I'm not mad at you." He said in a soothing voice placing me on the bed. I curled up next to him, enjoying the feeling of his cool skin against my face. It felt like my cheeks were burning.

"You're arguing about me," I pointed out.

"We'll discuss it in the morning." But his eyes narrowed as I said it. "Sleep now Bella."

"Hey Edward," I said smiling again. "Did I ever tell you you're a great kisser? I told Alice that you were. I don't think she believes me." I wrapped my arms around his neck as he looked at me with an expression that was a mixture of shock and amusement. I rolled over on top of him, placing my warm lips to his cold ones.

"Bella." He whispered in a warning tone. I ignored him, tangling my fingers in a fistful of his hair, pulling myself closer to him. I pressed my body against him and heard him groan involuntarily.

"Stop Bella," he whispered, but he didn't force me away as he usually did. Excited by his response, I let one of my hands free to roam his body. My fingers traced lightly across his chest. He moved his lips to my throat, and to my collarbone. One of my legs found it's way up over his hip.

"No Bella," he said forcefully, this time pulling me off of him. But he smiled. "You need to sleep." He placed me under the covers, tucking me in, and I scooted closer to him. He wrapped his arms around me obligingly as I lay my head on his chest, content.

"You'll tell me what's wrong in the morning?" I asked. He seemed shocked that I had remembered.

"Yes," he said.

"Promise?" I persisted. This seemed to annoy him. He had counted on me forgetting everything in the morning, but if I made him promise he would have to tell me.

"I promise," he whispered defeated. "Now go to sleep."

I closed my eyes and before I knew it, I was passed out.

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