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"Edward," I said uselessly, "Help me." I tried to fight off Nathan to no avail. My body was simply unresponsive. My eyes widened as Nathan pinned my wrists above my head and he leaned in to kiss me.


Edward's POV

I was driving along the road at speeds that would have made Bella protest, but of course with my reflexes I had no issues. I kept both hands on the steering wheel though, and my eyes on the road ahead of me. I had just dropped of Bella with the mutt. I'm not sure I could ever be fully comfortable with leaving her in his hands.

I thought about what I was planning to do. Was I being too extreme? Bella often claimed that I overreacted about little things. But this wasn't little at all. Nathan had endangered her life, now I would endanger his. It wasn't right. People like Nathan didn't deserve to walk among good people like Bella. He needed to be stopped.

I drove back to the house, where Jasper and Emmett were waiting for me.

Emmett was still sitting in front of the television. He was still as stone, not moving or fidgeting at all except for his thumb. He had the remote in his hand and was flipping through channels at incredible speed.

"There's never anything good on," he muttered quietly, but I heard him as clearly as if he were standing right next to me. I entered the room and sat down on the couch near him. I gauged from his thoughts that he was very curious about my strange behaviour today.

Wonder what's up? he thought. Must be something important for Edward to leave Bella with that dog.

"It is important," I responded to his thoughts. He finally took his eyes of the TV. "Is Jasper here yet?" As if on cue, Jasper sidled in from the kitchen. He probed the room and registered Emmett's inquisitiveness and concern, and my chaotic stream of emotions. Both there eyes were glued on me. Their thoughts were questioning and eager.

"I need you guys to help me with something," I started. I backtracked and explained to them what had happened over the past few days between Bella and Nathan. I tried my hardest to remain calm, but as I told the story, I felt the anger and frustration building up inside of me. I looked to Jasper to see if he felt this brewing emotion. Jasper stayed calm but his brow furrowed in distaste at what Nathan had done. Emmett was simply outraged.

"How dare he!" Emmett cried, "I'll crush him to a pulp!" I grinned. In his thoughts I saw his plans to discipline Nathan. Jasper's thoughts were puzzled.

"I don't understand," he said plainly, "What do you need us for?" I was silent for a moment, trying to think of how to best explain my quandary.

"I don't think I can do it," I began, "I want to punish him for what he did, but I promised Bella I wouldn't kill him." Emmett looked as though that was what he wanted to do as well. "I don't know what to do," I replied honestly. It was hard for me to openly admit that I had no self-control in this situation, but Emmett and Jasper were my brothers, and I knew that they wouldn't judge me for it. Emmett laughed at my predicament in a good-natured way.

"Don't you worry Edward, we'll help you." He was on his feet already and flexing his muscles making himself intimidating. I chuckled at Emmett's enthusiasm. I knew he would want to participate. I looked to Jasper.

"Of course I'll help," he said as though it were obvious. There was a strange glint in his eye that said he meant business.

"Excellent," I said, "Let's go."

We started at the Olson's house, and picked up his scent from there. Thankfully I had picked out his scent the last time I was at the house, so we did not have to spend anytime discerning the different scents surrounding the house.

The only problem was that there were so many different scent trails of Nathan's to follow. It was difficult to distinguish which ones were most recent. Most of them were very faint; evidence that he was using a car. We had to test a lot of them before Jasper finally called out.

"I think it's this one!" he stated. We gathered around where he was standing sniffing.

"It's definitely fresh," Emmett said.

"It's still faint," I added, "He must be in a car again. We'll have to follow alongside the road." They nodded their head in understanding and we took off running. The scent was a difficult one to follow, being so faint. And Nathan clearly had gone to one place. He had been all over town, stopping at various places along the way.

Suddenly, we came to a stop. The scent continued across the boundary line and into Quileute territory. This was definitely a barrier I had not foreseen. We stood there momentarily. Jasper and Emmett were unsure of how to proceed. This was so infuriating! I just wanted to end this and be done with it.

I suddenly felt very apprehensive for Bella. Nathan was on the reservation and I didn't trust him one bit. I tried to think clearly. Was I overreacting again? Was Bella really in any danger? She was with Jacob after all. As dangerous as I thought he was to her, he would look out for her.

"Don't panic Edward," Jasper said suddenly no doubt sensing my building anxiety. He sent a wave of calm over me. I welcomed it. My thoughts became less clouded by my emotions and I could think clearly. All I needed was to get Bella back, and we would have to put off dealing with Nathan until yet another day. Luck, it seems, was not on my side for this battle.

"We'll get him later Edward," Emmett said. I'll punish the little jerk if it's the last thing I do he added with his thoughts.

I took out my phone and dialled Jacob's house. It rang and rang, and I thought for a moment no one would answer. How was I going to get Bella back if she was across the line? Finally the ringing stopped. It was Jake who answered.

"Hello?" I heard his voice ask.

"Jacob, it's Edward. Where is Bella?" I couldn't control the anxiety in my voice. It didn't slip past Jake either. I felt more waves of calm coming from Jasper.

"Why? What's wrong?" he demanded.

"Where is she? Is she ok?" I wanted to scream at him. I was overreacting again and I knew it. But when it came to the danger-magnet that was Bella, who could blame me for assuming the worst?

"Yeah, yeah. She's fine," he said. I closed my eyes breathing a sigh of relief. "She's just out back with Nathan."

My eyes snapped open. A growl started in the back of my throat.

"Nathan?" I asked using all my willpower to stay calm. Jasper sensed my sudden change in demeanour and tried once again to relax me, but I gave him a dangerous look that stopped him immediately. "Is he tall, dark hair, from out of town?"
"Yeah, you know him?" Jake asked interested. I had no time to explain to him how or why I knew Nathan.

"Jake, you have to go get Bella. Now. Bring her back to me." When he answered he sounded a bit annoyed.

"She's enjoying her time with me," he said stiffly. "It's not even that late. She can stay a little longer -."

"Listen mutt! You don't understand! She's in danger!"
"From what?"

"Nathan!" Why did he not comprehend this?

"Nathan?" he asked perplexed. "Why? What's going on?"

"He and Bella were both at Mike Newton's party the other night. He tried to slip something into her drink. Just please. Go get Bella! If you care about her, you'll bring her straight home."

"Alright, alright," he said disgruntled. "I'll take her home now. Bye." I heard the phone click, and a dial tone. I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose. I needed to relax. Jacob had said Bella was fine. He was going to bring her home, and everything would be fine.

Not even thirty seconds later, my phone rang again. It was Jacob. He sounded panicked.

"Edward! She's gone! They're both gone! I went to get her, and they had left. I'm going to round up the pack and follow the trail and look for her, you keep and eye out on your side. The trail is very faint; he must have taken his car, but they were headed your direction from what I could tell."

"We'll find her," was all I said before closing the phone. I didn't need to explain the situation to Jasper or Emmett. They had heard the entire conversation. Both wore looks of determination. Bella was part of the family. We protect our family.

"Let's split up," Jasper said taking control of the situation. "Emmett can run north. I'll run along the line to try and pick up any scent there. Edward, you had better stay to the main road here. It's the one they are most likely to take if they are heading into town here." With a nod each, Jasper and Emmett ran off.

I ran as fast as I could down the road, checking any side streets for a possible scent. I retraced a few trails from earlier, but there was nothing. I went back to the main road, trying to pick up on any new scent. Then I smelled it. The new trail! Faint, but definitely fresh. What was more, I could detect Bella's sweet scent mingled with his. As anger ripped through me, I hastened after them.

With my incredible speed, I was making ground. And then I heard the most beautiful and most awful sound at the same time. It was Bella. Bella's beautiful voice, but what ripped me up inside was the sheer terror in her voice as she said "Edward. Help me."

I picked up my pace. Nathan was sick. The thoughts I heard coming from Nathan nearly sent me over the edge. Growling, I saw a car pulled over, hiding in some trees alongside the road, just a mile ahead of me.

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