Shadow Upon the Sun



AN: I hope to write a few Twilight stories, right now, I'm only planning on two, or four at the most. That is all, my first love is and always will be a different series, and I plan to go back to it full force once these are written. Why do I write these? While, they were in my head and refuse to leave. So here I am, writing a different series.... Also, please note, I totally disregard the fourth installment into the series, it just doesn't exist to me, I felt it was a complete betrayal to all the characters involved. That said, I must however admit that I will use some of it for a guide in later stories I wish to put out into this site. This story doesn't get there, at least I don't think it will...

Summary: Bella returns to Forks the same time she does in the novels, however the Vampires come later than they do in the original version.


"Bella, your car's here." Charlie calls up to me as I was the last dish from breakfast. I sigh in relief, I had feared what would have happened my first day if it was compounded with the fact that Charlie had to drive me to school in his cruiser.

I already was going to have too much attention on me as it was. I put the dish into the drying rack and leave the falsely cherry yellow kitchen and brave the cold in only my sweater and jeans. Managing not to tip over as I shove my feet into my black boots.

I noticed several things once I walked out into the thawing late winter month. The first thing I see is my truck. It was old, beaten up, but in good shape, and a faded red color. I could see myself in it easily. In fact, I would be in it, quite shortly.

The other thing I noticed was who delivered my truck. It was a boy who looked strangely familiar. His skin was a dark russet color and his long black hair was tied back in a pony-tail as he looked over the engine for any last issues that could cause my track record to tally-up another point.

I bit my lip as I came nearer, my arms were already around my waist, trying to warm myself up, it had been a mistake to come out without the proper attire. "Bella!" Charlie calls my name and I look up to him.

"Do you remember Jacob and Billy Black?" He asks as he gestures to each in turn.

I tilt my head to the side as I think through the names in my mind, they rang a bell and then images of two children came to mind, one a girl and the other a boy. We were fishing. My eyes narrow as I concentrate on that memory and then I nodded to my viewers. "I do, we used to sit in his boat and play with the lines cast into the water for us, but I never caught anything."

"I never did either." Jacob, the boy, came up to me, wiping his hands off on his pant leg. "We decided to stay on shore since then."

I nodded, Billy and my father were in a conversation off to the side as soon as Jacob had come up to me. There was no tension between the two of them, and I had the strangest feeling as if there should have been a slight disagreement, but I brushed the thought away. There was nothing for them to disagree about.

"Thank you, I imagine it is your truck, you are given up, so I don't have to be embarrassed every morning?" I had saved up money to buy my own but Charlie had maneuvered me out of the way and gotten me the truck for free.

"Yeah, but truth be told, you saved me a huge hassle of trying to convince my dad to unload this in the dump." Jacob laughed. I only tilted my head in curiosity and he continued. "I like to work on cars, and I really want a rabbit."

I nod, that's understandable. "Will you get it now?"

"Oh yeah, we are going to swing by and pick it up. Actually, if you could drop me off, that'd be great. It'd give those two time to catch up on the latest scoring last night."

I squint my eyes trying to remember what Charlie had been so enthralled with last night, and I remembered, boys on a wooden floor and then my eyes opened in merriment, I knew what he had been watching. "Basketball, right?"

"Yep." Jacob paused, looking away for a moment before looking back at me. "Do you watch?"

"No, I prefer not to watch much TV." I told him in response. "I'm more of a reader."

"Ah, I don't really watch those games either." Jacob gestured towards the truck and I nodded, almost forgetting that I was completely unprepared for the rest of the day. "One second." I turn around and rush back into the house to grab my parka and school pack.

I come back out and he is sitting in the passenger seat, waiting for me. I pull the door open with a slight effort, but it isn't as bad as it could have been. I pull the door shut behind me. "You'll have to double punch the clutch, but the rest should be normal. Have you driven manual before?"

"Yes, my mom's car is probably older than this." I tease, if I knew him better I probably would have just said Renee, as I say Charlie and not dad or mom, but it was easier now not to have to explain exactly who Renee was.

"All right, shall we go?" He asked, and his deep brown eyes hold me for a moment, and I had a feeling that while he might have wanted to leave here, he had no desire to leave me.

Or at least my presence. I didn't want him to leave either, but we had to split directions as soon as I dropped him off. "It would have been nice to know somebody at school."

"Oh don't worry, I'm sure you'll know plenty of people by the end of the day. You're the only new person to arrive in Forks in a very long time. It'll just be buzzing." My face must have not looked very cheered up by the assessment for Jacob gave me a roguish grin and winked. "I'll pop up some weekend and beat them all away with a stick for you."

I smile wryly at that, Jacob was at least a year younger than me, no doubt on his learner's permit, that's why Billy was no doubt with him, though Billy couldn't drive himself either. "Just to bring your dad up to see mine?"

"Nah, I'd like to see you again sometime too, see if you still eat mud pies and all that." Jacob's grin returned and I couldn't help but find myself smiling back at that cocky grin with one of my own.

I shook my head. "Just get out of my car." Jacob slid out of the passenger seat and held the red door in his hand, his brown eyes full of humor, so I knew he hadn't taken it the wrong way.

"Of course your highness." He closed the door with a slight click, and sauntered away.

That stupid grin on my face lasted me the entire trip to the school. I got there a little early and drove around until I found the student parking lot. Then I headed in to get my schedule.

"Ah, Isabella Swan, I was wondering when you would get here!" The receptionist greeted with an over-bright smile. She sorted out all my paperwork and I had to get every slip signed by my respective teachers and bring them back at the end of the day. "I hope you have a good day Isabella." The receptionist practically bounced in her seat as she looked at me, trying to figure something out. I didn't know what, but it made me uncomfortable.

"It's Bella actually." I corrected softly, hoping that she would calm down a little.

"Of course, forgive me. Have a nice day dear." With those words, I took it as my cue to leave.

I was looking at my class schedule when a boy about my height popped up at my elbow. His dark hair was slicked back then messed up on purpose, but with his glasses, it only extended to exemplify his nerdy-quality, especially one lent to his stereo-type of nerdy Asian. It didn't surprise me to find him there, whereas in Arizona I might have had more of a step-back, but in Washington, it was a gateway to the US for Asian immigrants and a typical settlement.

"Hi!" He greeted, brushing a hand through his hair, making it even more messy. "You have to be Isabella Swan. I'm Eric Yorkie, I'm here to show you around."

I smile politely, it wouldn't hurt to get a nudge in the right direction, would it? "Thank you, I'm looking for my English class."

"Ah, that'd be in building five." He pointed out the white buildings, they each had a number in the corner in black, I could see them now, after he showed me. "I'll take you there." He didn't wait for my protest and I had to follow him to my first class.

Luckily, he had to split off in a different direction and even luckier, my teacher took my slip and grunted to a seat next to a blond boy. I sank into the seat next to him, and we sort of ignored each other, he was more interested in his book. I doubt he even realized he had a neighbor.

That was the way I liked it. But soon the entire class was buzzing as it filled in and I had more people making their introductions to me, all being extremely polite and friendly. It was almost too much for me. Luckily class was soon over and I had an escort to my next class, though I hadn't remembered asking for one. Later I had gym and I had argued with the teacher about not letting me play volleyball, I just knew it was going to end badly. But in the end, he had won out and forced me to be on the side that had the most causalities possible for one of my not so rare klutz attack.

I had stiffened as a ball came towards me, bouncing off my outstretched arms and hitting a boy in the back of his head. The blond head turned towards me with a scowl that instantly disappeared at the sight of me.

"Hey, I'm Mike."

"I'm so sorry, are you ok?"

"Yeah, no harm done. You're not very good at this, are you?" He asked, his blue eyes held something else, but all I could see at the moment was friendly humor.

I shook my head. "No, I'm not." I agreed.

A girl, taller than me, and screamed cheerleader in appearance, popped up next to us, clearly scared about something, but turned that into a forced smile. "Hi, I'm Jessica, we have stats together, don't we?" I couldn't tell her one way or the other, but I was sure she was right, if she said it so I nodded silently. "You come from Arizona don't you?"

"Uh, yeah." I agreed, thinking that was probably public knowledge by then.

"Aren't people from Arizona, I don't know, usually, um, tan?"

"I guess." I hadn't really taken well to tans in my life, but I still enjoyed the sun. That was one thing I was going to miss while I was here.

"You aren't tan." She was so obvious, but I held my dry sarcasm in check, I was still new, and it was my first day here, and I had transferred in during the middle of the semester.

"Maybe that's why they kicked me out." I forced a smile to my lips, maybe I couldn't hold back all of my sarcasm.

The Mike boy laughed. "You're pretty funny." I only blinked in response.

Jessica cut in. "You should come eat lunch with us."

It was then that I had noticed that the gym was clearing out and we could go change back into our street clothes, I practically booked it to the room, but I held myself in place. "I would like that." Then the two of us, Jessica and I, walked to the locker room.

There was a big group at lunch, but most I had already met, Angela Weber had been in my English class as well, and we spoke a little of the reading assignments. I had a feeling the shy girl would be my most trusted companion these next two years within these halls. There was another girl, Lauren who didn't seem pleased at my presence, but was mollified into acceptance. She and I had a class together, in fact, I probably had a class with all of them except for Tyler, another boy at our table. I looked around the lunch room and noticed a table empty in the corner. There were a few other tables that were bare as well from occupancy, but they didn't draw my attention nearly as much. I ignored it for a moment, but my eyes kept drawing back to that empty table, wondering...

Mike interrupted my latest zoning session and drew my attention to the fact that it was time to go. He and I had our next class together, so we walked there together. I was informed to sit at a table away from Mike, but I was ok with that order as I had no intention of getting too close to anyone. I sank into the chair that he instructed, I was in the seat closest to the isle, and I looked to the seat next to me, and I couldn't help but feel the impact of the overwhelming sense that somebody was supposed to be sitting there with me.

I forcibly shove that thought aside, nobody was supposed to be there, nobody was supposed to be at the table in the cafeteria, and nothing was wrong with today, I was just cold, and miserable and out of it today because of the weather and the fact that I didn't want to be here.

At the end of the day, I had managed to make it through the rest of the day without any more strange phenomenons or random thoughts.

The next day, nothing happened then either, and my blaming the weather seemed more and more likely as each day the memory of the first faded. Until I forgot that I ever thought anything was off. I had been visiting Jacob often too, either I went down with Charlie to his house, or Jacob brought up Billy. And while our fathers watched their sports, we studied or talked in the kitchen. Often I ended up cooking for all four of us.

His sister I hadn't seen and he said she wasn't home very often. She hadn't been home more than once since she took off to college. I could understand his pain, though I couldn't emphasize but I did understand in a way. My mother had been sending me emails and we talked on the phone, but it wasn't the same as in person. But this was my self-exile for her and Phil. So here I would stay.

Jacob, I could tell him all this and more, every deep and dark secret in my soul, it was easy, and he in turn would share his passions and fears. All of this he accompanied with a smile and a joke. We bounced off each other with ease and kept the other from sinking into any kind of sadness, though Jacob never ventured down that path. With him it was easy, with him it was fun, and in time, I found I was falling in love with the younger boy.

I had plenty of options with the boys at school, but none held my attention like Jacob did. Jacob, my personal sunshine even when the rain fell down hard around us.

It was one of these days that he tilted my head up to look at him, he was standing quite close, and he seemed to be getting taller every day as he aged, and I wasn't. He was telling me how much he enjoyed my company, how much I meant to him.

I told him, he meant just as much to me. He beamed at that. I knew this was the path we were taking, he did too. Only he sped towards it with a ferocity that I couldn't quite match, I made efforts towards it, good efforts, but I was also content to sit there and let him come to me. His warm lips covered mine and it took me a moment to respond, but I did, and I responded just as intensely into the kiss as he gave, if not more. I was in love with Jacob Black.

And what's more, he was in love with me. My heart soured at the thought. We were happy. We were together. And as we kissed, it started to down pour. We ran into the clearing, the brush covered us from the wet and he pulled me into his warm arms and he kissed me again. We, I, couldn't be happier.

And I was, for several years.