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It was about 2 am so the streets were empty except a little girl no older than 6 walked to a village close by, bloody and beaten. She stuggled to stay balanced, but she trudged on She was alone and without a home. She had one but she couldn't go back; not after what happened.


A small girl with pastel pink hair stirred in her sleep. A stunning emerald green eye opened to see the world. She was in her room, a rather small one seeing as she came from a poor farm family. They were small but happy. A scream entered the girls ears and she jumped in her bed fully alert now. She crawled out of her bed and walked into the hall towards the scream. Another scream entered the air the girl froze. She was scared and wasn't sure what to do but mustered up her courage and continued on. She wondered what her parents were doing, seeing as the screams were coming from their room. She put her ear against the door and listened.

"Don't touch her!" She heard her mother say. A mans voice rang with laughter and the girl immediately didn't like it.

"I am sorry to say that I can not do that." The man said.

"Sakura's just a little girl, what does she have that you want?" Her mother reasoned.

"Power." The man stated. Sakura looked at her hands wondering what the man was talking about. Surely if she had some power she would know about it, she was nothing special aside from her strange hair color.

"What power could she have? We are a farm family not some ninja clan."

"Then you don't know of your husbands heritage. Disowned by his own clan, because he didn't want to become what they wanted him too. Such great power waisted on a farm." He said.

"What do you mean?" Her mother asked.

"He was part of the Haruno clan, not Hayashi." The man stated, and her mother gasped.

Sakura was also in shock, she read about the Haruno clan in a ninja book she read in the library, but why would her dad not tell her? Just then Sakura realized she never heard her dad say anything. She peaked in the room a little, without making a sound. What she saw made her cover her mouth to keep in her screams and back away from the room. She saw her father, bloody and beaten; he was dead. Her mother was also badly beaten and bleeding. Once she was far enough away from the door Sakura began running. She tripped on her porch and knocked over some of the farm tools. She tried to hold in her cries so he wouldn't find her.

"What was that?!" the man demanded, looking out the window. Sakura was scared she would be seen but the darkness hid her. She looked up to the window and saw the mans eyes. They looked like the eyes of a snake, sinister and evil; it was as if they glowed in the darkness, welcoming it with open arms. Those eyes, Sakura knew she would never forget those eyes.

"It was probably an animal, they're common here." Her mom said. Sakura saw he left the window obviously believing her mother and Sakura took that as an opportunity to get out. She got out of the pile of tools as quietly as possible and ran down the road where she knew a village was.

End Flashback.

Suddenly a pair of lights were seen and they were coming towards Sakura from the direction of her house. A car. Scared Sakura began running again thinking it was the man coming after her again. The car was gaining on her but she still ran not wanting to get hurt.

In the car two women were talking.

"I still can't believe that you would do something lik—Oh my! Is that a child?" A dark haired woman asked to her partner. On closer inspection a busty blonde nodded.

"It is Shizune." The blonde confirmed. Immediately they pulled over and called after the girl.

"Hey you! Slow down." The blonde shouted.

"Tsunade be nice its just a little girl." Shizune said.

"Well she won't stop running, its as if we are the devil." Tsunade retorted. Sakura who indeed was still running slowed down realizing it wasn't the man but not exactly trusting of the two women either. "Well if she won't stop, I'll have to speed up." Before Shizune could protest Tsunade was off like a bullet. Sighing, Shizune reluctantly followed after her making sure she didn't do anything too rash.

Sakura looked back for a second and saw one of the women coming after her at an alarming rate. Sakura sped up again running into the weeds in hope of hiding herself in the taller plants. Apparently it worked because she heard the woman curse under her breath. Shizune caught up and helped Tsunade search for the girl.

"Look kid, we're not going to hurt you. We want to help." Tsuande said trying to draw her out. Sakura sat her arms wrapped around her knees, with her chin resting inbetween them. Suddenly a pain shot up in her arm. She grabbed it wincing, realizing when she fell into the tools she cut her arm and pretty deep. She must have ignored the pain tyring to get away from everything.

Shizune was looking and felt something wet on her hand. It was early in the morning but not early enough for dew to form. She brought her hand up to inspect it and gasped. Tsunade heard and abrutly turned to her.

"What is it?"

"Its blood." Shizune said, Tsunade looked at her hand then at the weeds and grass around them. She saw more blood on the plants and followed the trail knowing it probably led to the girl. Sakura could hear them getting closer to her and huddled closer to herself. Finally she saw the weeds move around her and a hand poke out of it followed by the two women.

"There you are." Tsunade said softly, reaching for the girl to inspect her condition. She was doctor and when she saw the blood something in her sparked and she immediately changed her demeanor to that of the doctor in her. Sakura flinched away from the hands trying to grab her and Tsunade stopped her approach.

"We are not going to hurt you." Shizune said and Tsuande nodded.

"My name is Tsunade, I am a doctor I just want to check out that wound you have." Tsuande told Sakura and pointed to the wound on her arm that was still bleeding. Sakura looked at both the women and decided to let them help. She uncurled herself and held out her arm to Tsunade. Tsunade reached for it again this able to examine it. As one hand held Sakura's arm in place her other went over the cut and began glowing green. Sakura's eyes widened but she didn't pull away, just staring as skin on her arm reformed and closed the cut. Tsunade let go of her arm and Sakura looked at it, feeling the new skin as if checking to see if it really was healed. She then looked to Tsunade.

"H-How did you do that?" Sakura asked in astonishment.

"It's a healing technique, or rather jutsu." Tsunade replied but then elaborated at Sakura's confused expression. "Have you heard of ninja's?"

"Yeah, I always thought they were so cool. But my daddy didn't like me to talk about them. I guess he didn't like them, so I never told him I wanted to be one. I didn't want to disappoint him." Sakura said, Tsunade nodded then continued.

"A jutsu is a technique using chakra. We all have chakra, just some of us don't tap into its power. Chakra is—

"Energy from combining Spiritual and Physical energies." Sakura finished cutting Tsunade off. The women stared at the girl and nodded.

"Right." Tsunade said. "Well now to find out what your doing out here, running in the early hours of the morning."

"I was running away from home." Sakura said.

"Why?" Shizune asked.

"I can't go back. Its not my home anymore." Sakura said looking at the ground tears pricking at the corners of her eyes.

"You may think that now but—

"You don't understand!" Sakura shouted. "M-My father is dead, a-and my mother is probably dead too!" Sakura broke down crying, falling on her knees holding her head in her hands. Tsunade and Shizune were shocked, definitely not expecting this and not believing what this little girl is going through. Tsunade pulled her into an embrace rubbing Sakura's back soothingly. Sakura calmed down, her cries turning into sniffles.

"Thank you." Sakura mumbled in Tsunade's embrace. Tsunade pulled away enough to see the girl's face but not letting go. She nodded.

"What's you name?" Tsunade asked.

"Sakura Hay—Haruno." Sakura responded remembering the name the man said and using because it was her true name. Once again shock covered the two womens faces. Confused Sakura asked them what was wrong.

"You see the Haruno clan, was massacred about 5 years ago. A great loss for the Leaf village losing them along with most of Uchiha clan. They died when the Nine Tailed Fox attacked. " Tsunade said

"My father was disowned, and married my mother under the name of Hayashi and had me." Sakura said, "Until that man killed them today. Coming after me."

"So that's why you were running." Shizune said and Sakura nodded.

"I got out before he got me."

"Did you see the man?" Tsunade asked.

"Yeah, he was tall, pale, long dark hair, and eyes like a snake." Sakura described. The two older women frowned.

"Orochimaru." Tsunade stated and Sakura backed away about ready to run.

"Y-You know him?" Sakura asked scared.

"Yes, he used to be a ninja for the village of Konoha before he betrayed everyone. He's a criminal." Tsunade said with a faraway look in her eyes. Sakura relaxed a bit trusting they didn't help him.

"How old are you, Sakura?" Shizune asked.

"I just turned 6 two months ago." Sakura answered. She then yawned and blinked her eyes trying to stay awake.

"Tired?" Shizune asked. Sakura nodded.

"I was woken up by the screaming from my mother." Sakura explained.

"Well lets get you to the village and to a bed." Tsunade said picking Sakura up and putting her in the back seat of the car. Almost immediately did Sakura fall asleep, but not before she whispered.

"Thank you." The women looked back at her and smiled. This was one interesting child. They pulled into her home and she set Sakura on a bed in the guest room. She then called for the Hokage. She had to tell him what had happened to the girl. Soon the Third entered her home. They sat in the living room and talked.

"Her parents were killed?" Sarutobi asked.

"Yes, by Orochimaru. She said the Orochimaru said her father was a Haruno." Tsunade replied.

"I see, when she gets up I will ask her some questions and take her to the orphanage."

"Wait, I would like to make a request." Tsunade said, the Third nodding for her to continue. "I would like to adopt the girl myself."

"You do realize you have to take care of her, right?" The Third asked unsure.

"Yes, I am willing to do that. You see the girl, Sakura, doesn't trust people too easily. She wouldn't stop running even after we told her we were only trying to help her. She's in a fragile state and I think it will be good for her to stay with people she knows. So she won't feel alone." Tsunade replied.

"Ah. Very well then, you will become her guardian. But what is the real reason?" He asked

"Well, I guess I've grown attached to her already. Something about her." Tsunade said looking in the direction of her room.

"When she wakes up we will tell her the news then." The Third said smiling at his old student.

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