A little girl no older than 5 runs through the grass. She has pink hair with red highlights and she continues to run. She is being chased, so the girl runs hoping not to be caught. But how can this little girl possibly get away? She has no where to hide, and no where to run to, she just runs.

"Gotcha!" A woman age 26 shouted twirling the little girl in her arms.

"No fair mommy!" The little girl pouted after they stopped spinning.

"I agree that was no fair mommy." A man age 27 teased joining the two, in his arms a little boy age 3 sleeping.

"Yeah talk to me about fair when you both stop using your sand." The woman retorted. But it was all in good fun as they were a family.

"Momma!" The little boy who had been forgotten about momentarily shouted, reaching out to the womans arms.

"Come here my little Koji." The woman said grabbing the boy out of the man's arms and into one of hers while still holding the girl in the other.

"Here, I'll take Hanaka." The man offered already reaching for the girl. The woman nodded and handed Hanaka to him.

"Momma chase me?" Koji asked looking at the woman holding him.

"After you finish your nap."

"I not tired!" Koji protested but before he could prove it he yawned.

"Mhmm, not tired at all." The woman giggled, rocking the boy in her arms. The boy's eyes began to droop as he was lulled to sleep. "I'm going to put him to bed Gaara."

"Good idea." Gaara agreed and looked to Hanaka who was in his arms. "I'll put her to bed too."

"Hey! I don't take naps anymore." Hanaka protested and Gaara chuckled before tossing her into the air.

"Let's get a head start in Hide and Seek before your mother gets back out." Gaara suggested.

"Good idea daddy!" Hanaka cheered already running off to find a spot to hide. Gaara chuckled again going to find a spot to hide as well. He knew he was going to get an ear full for this from the woman, but she would forgive him. Eventually. The woman came back outside expecting to see her daughter and husband at play but all she saw was an empty yard.

"Gaara!" The woman shouted angrily.

"You have to find us Sakura." His voice told her. But it gave her no hint on his whereabouts, as the voice seemed to come from every direction at once.

"You better hope I don't find you Gaara Sabaku because if I do it's going to be your death!" Sakura threatened but began to search for the two anyway.

"Yes dear." Gaara's voice sounded again. Sakura scowled and stopped searching. She stood in the middle of the yard with her eyes closed in concentration. She had a trick up her sleeve. Clenching a fist Sakura punched the ground causing an earthquake and lifting up the ground to reveal a red head.

"Found you honey." Sakura said in a sickeningly sweet voice. She stalked up to him lifting him up by his collar when she reached him. "You know I really hate Hide and Seek, especially with you cheaters." Gaara took it in stride and smirked.

"Cheaters?" Gaara questioned. "I am shocked you would call us cheaters Sakura."

"Oh don't play that game, I'm seconds from punching you and your sand to Suna." Sakura threatened.

"No mommy! Don't hurt daddy!!" Hanaka shouted coming out of her hiding spot to protect her father. She had a puppy pout on her face begging as she held onto her mom's leg.

"Your lucky Sabaku." Sakura said putting him down and watching as Hanaka cheered and hugged Gaara.

"You do realize you scorned your own name by calling me Sabaku?" Gaara told her and Sakura growled.

"How do I love a bastard like you?" She questioned and Gaara just laughed, pulling her to him with Hanaka being held in his arms opposite of Sakura.

"It must be my charm, love."

"Oh shut up." Sakura said but kissed him anyway.

"Eww." Hanaka said disgusted at the two. They broke apart smiling.

"How about we head over to Uncle Naruto?" Sakura suggested.

"Yay! Uncle Naruto is the best!" Hanaka shouted excited.

"Alright let's go Hanaka." Sakura said grabbing her from Gaara. "Are you coming Gaara?"

"Yeah, it's been a while since I've seen our knucklehead teammate." Gaara joked. "I'm sure Tsunade won't mind watching Koji."

"Your right, grab him and we will take him to her on the way." Sakura said heading out to the streets, as Gaara grabbed Koji real quick. Once Gaara met back up with Sakura they went on their way.

"Can we go the fun way to Uncle Naruto?" Hanaka asked.

"Sure as soon as we drop off your brother."

"Yay!" Hanaka shouted happily. They reached Tsunade's and Gaara was in and out having dropped off Koji.

"Alright here we go." Sakura said putting Hanaka on her back before she leaped on the nearest roof and headed to Naruto Gaara right beside her. "You think he will be busy?"

"Naruto will make time."

"Your right, it is Naruto after all." Sakura giggled leaping onto the roof of the building she knew Naruto would be in. Stepping in through the open window she set Hanaka down.

"Uncle Naruto!" Hanaka shouted running to him. Naruto looked to her shocked but quickly opened his arms to catch her.

"Hanaka, how's my favorite neice?" Naruto questioned grinning.

"I'm great Uncle Naruto! Mommy and Daddy were playing with me all day." She told him. Naruto laughed setting her down and looking to her parents.

"That sounds like fun." Naruto told her.

"Naruto, it's good to see you." Sakura smiled warmly heading over to him to hug him. Naruto chuckled embracing her like a long lost friend.

"I haven't seen you in ages Sakura!" Naruto exclaimed. Sakura and Gaara laughed.

"You saw us last week."

"That's a long time when your stuck in this office!" Naruto reasoned.

"Some things never change." Gaara said with a small smile.

"Aww come on Gaara that's not fair!" Naruto whined.

"Who said I was fair?"

"Man even after all these years your still mean!"

"Ignore him Naruto, like he said some things never change." Sakura joked getting a glare from Gaara. Naruto just laughed.

"Hokage-sama." A ninja interrupted getting the attention of the room.


"The council wishes to schedule a meeting for tomorrow."

"That's fine, your dismissed." The ninja left with that information and Sakura began laughing.

"Aww Sakura what's so funny?"

"I'm sorry Naruto, I just still not used to people calling you Hokage-sama! It makes you seem old when I know its my favorite knucklehead that I love." Sakura said.

"Man Sakura, now everytime someone calls me that I'll feel old!"

"Sorry Hokage-sama." Sakura teased.


Hey like it was said, somethings never change.

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