Chapter One Bella's POV

"Bella, Jane, Heidi, will you three come here for a moment?" Aro called from the lounge, Jane, Heidi, and I were there instantaneously.

"Yes Master?" I said to Aro.

"I have a new mission for you three, I would like you to find the Cullen's, bring them here, I haven't seen them for centuries.

"You mean the yellow eyes?" Jane asked Aro with a discusted look on her face. I hadn't chosen to follow the Cullen's diet, since my masters and the guard all thought it was disturbing, and also because Jane and Heidi are my best friends for life, so I decided to follow their eating habits. Wait, did Aro seriously expect me to go and actually see the Cullen's? I couldn't, I wouldn't. The Cullen's all think I died like, two, three hundred years ago? How old am I now, 356 years? Maybe they wouldn't know it was me, no, Edward would hear it in Jane, and Heidi's mind, and Alice has probably already seen me coming. I better just get this over with, I could will wear my hood, and pray they won't see me. I will do this, I will not disobey my master.

"Bella, you can do this, you have chosen your side, don't let them interfere on your decision." Aro told me seeing the alarm on my face. He was right too, I have chosen my side, and I will stick to my decision.

"Where are they?" Heidi asked.

"I think they decided to go back to Forks, WA." Aro replied. Oh, this just gets better every second.

"It's OK Bella, you know Aro wouldn't make you do this if we didn't need your power to do this. You know just as well as I, that he only wants the Cullen's to try to get little Alice on the Volturi's side. We need you so that the mind reader can't get in our head's." Heidi and Jane were trying to comfort me on the way there.

"Don't worry Bella, everything will be great. They won't even see you, just put up your hood, and don't do, or say anything, except shield us from their gifts." Jane told me on the plane. Jane and Heidi were really the best friends anyone could ask for.


As we ran through Washington state, I warily thought about all of them. Esme, she was always so good to me, like the mother that every child wants. Alice, my best friend. Emmett, my immature big brother I always wanted. Jasper, another big brother that I really didn't talk to very often considering how good my blood smelt. Carllisle, just like a father to me, so patient and understanding. Rosalie, we never were the best of friends, but I considered her one of my sisters. And… him, I loved him more than anything in this world, he was the reason I breathed. He was like my personal sun and oxygen. When he left me, he took away my oxygen and sun, I was cold and breathless. It was like he tore my heart right out of my chest. I was interrupted with a huge white mansion, it looked different since last time I had been here. The roof was perfect, the siding was more up-to-date, the front door was red now. All together, it looked newer, and more like the 24th century.

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