Chapter 5 Alice's POV

I know how I will do this! Edward won't be able to stop me from talking to Bella! She was my best friend!

"Jasper, Emmett!" I called to the other room where they hooked up their video games.

"Coming!" Jasper replied.

"What's the problem?" Emmett said once they came into the room at an inhuman speed.

"I want to talk to Bella and Edward won't let me! Could you hold him down so I can talk to Bella?" I already knew there answer.

"Awesome! Where is Edward anyway?" Emmett said cheerfully.

"He's in his room sulking." I answered.

"We're on it!" Jasper said as they ran out the door, followed by a:

"Get off of me!" From a furious Edward. I knew I was safe to go so I ran out the door, and down the stairs. All the guards were downstairs. Perfect! Bella was alone!

"Bella!" I called, I hope she doesn't hate me. Edward made me leave. Bella turned her head towards me, gave me a confused look and turned away. I ran straight up to her then.

"Bella, don't even try it! I had a vision, I know it is you!" Then I lunged into her giving her a huge bear hug.

Bella's POV

I miss Alice so much! Just seeing her face, I automatically wanted to wrap my arms around her skinny body. But if I told her that it was me, there would be no question that Edward would know too. It was interrupted by a high pitched musical voice.

"Bella!" It was Alice. She was like my sister and my best friend. But I had chosen my side, they can't interfere with my decision, I have given my word to Aro. It pained me to do it, but I just looked away from my sister. But then she was right in front of me.

"Bella don't even try it! I had a vision, I know it is you!" She explained. I was about to say something, but then she wrapped her puny arms around me crushing me into a bear hug. How could something so small be so strong? Then she let go.

"I missed you too Alice." I told her.

"Bella! How come you didn't come to us when you became a vampire?" She asked me miserably, I could tell this fact hurt Alice's feelings. I simply replied with the absolute truth.

"Edward doesn't want me anymore." When I said that, my eyes started getting all stingy like I was going to cry. I think. I haven't cried in so long I can't remember what it feels like. I looked away from Alice, embarrassed that I still haven't gotten over him. But Alice hugged me sympathetically.

"Oh Bella! Edward loves you so much, you made his dead heart beat once again! Metaphorically speaking, but you get my point." Alice said.

"No Alice I don't get your point. Edward told me in the woods that he didn't want me, he said he didn't want to pretend that he was something that he is not." I couldn't handle it anymore, I ran to my room which was just down the hall. I collapsed on my huge king size bed that had red silky bedspreads. I didn't notice Alice was sitting on the edge of my bed until she wrapped her arms around me a gently tried to sooth me.

"Bella, Bella, Bella it's ok I'm here don't cry." Was I crying? I guess I was, well minus the wetness in my eyes. I suddenly remembered what it was like to cry, I remembered crying my eyes out when Edward left me.

"No Alice, it's not okay. Edward does not love me, he told me so. And he made himself pretty clear of that." I sobbed, Alice looked murderous, she was eyeing the door like she wanted to rib through it and kill something, or someone.

"Look Bella, Edward should tell you this himself. So please go talk to him. For me, please?" Alice gave me her puppy eyes. Dang it! Those eyes have never failed. "EEEEEEEP!!!!!!" Alice squealed, she started bouncing up and down uncontrollably. "YAHBELLAGOTALKTOHIMRIGHTNOW!OHINEEDTOCHANGEOUTFIT...YOURHAIR!" Suddenly Jasper came through the door giving me a sympathetic apology with his eyes. He put a strong arm around Alice and sent her waves of lust. Suddenly Alice was passionately boring into Jasper's topaz eyes with pure love, I quickly left the room. I went straight to Edwards room.

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