Selfish Behavior
Part One: The Mistake

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What had I done?!

He stared at me, his eyes blinking in confusion.

What had I done?!

I had just kissed Jacob Black. I had to slow down, correct my thinking, but I could not make it better. I had just MADE OUT with Jacob Black.

What would Edward say? What would Edward think? What would Edward DO?

"Bella…" Jacob broke the silence.

"I have to go Jacob," my words felt like whispers as they escaped my lips. Grabbing my jacket, I ran from the field in which I met my best friends. I think I could hear him calling after me. I ignored it.

I kept running. Jacob could have followed me if he wanted, he was probably to stunned to move. I did not really want him to follow me, I was running away from my error, my mistake. I was running away from Edward's reaction…


I came face to face with his rock hard chest, arms crossed on it menacingly.

"Did you enjoy yourself, Bella?" He snarled.

I felt color drain from my cheeks. Had he watched?

"Speak, I can't read your mind, you know that," barked Edward, taking a step forward.

That tiny step made me flinch. His actions, his behaviors told me that he knew. He knew that I had kissed his mortal enemy. I was also convinced that Edward knew exactly why I had done it.


Another flinch from my body. "Yes Edward?"

"You think playing innocent is going to help you," he asked me, another step closing the small gap between us. "Look at me!"

Edwards words were so demanding that I am not sure that anyone could have disobeyed him, especially me.

"Did you enjoy kissing Jacob?" He repeated his question in a growl. "Did you enjoy trying to make me jealous?"

"I wasn't-

His cold hand silenced my protests, pressing firmly on my recently deceitful lips.

"You were angry that I had denied you the opportunity to join friends for an outing in Seattle," he went on. "You were angry that I cared about you enough, to take heed to Alice's visions and forbid you from going."

This struck the same nerve that had convinced me to kiss Jacob. "You can't forbid me to do anything, you don't own me! I belong to you, but you don't own me!"

I saw his eyebrow go up in question. He was more calm then I thought he would be, and that scared me. "Belonging implies ownership," Edward told me smoothly.

My temper was still on fire. "You can't tell me what I can and cannot do! You can't-" My hand rose to strike him, I had never slapped Edward, the thought had never even crossed my mind… until now. Of course, he was much quicker then me, his fingers enclosed on my tiny wrist.

"If I thought you could talk you way out of this, that just sealed your fate," that dominant tone returned, and I fell silent.

"Let's go over this one more time," he said as his hand still gripped my wrist. Not hard enough to bruise, but he controlled my body with it, flipping me around so that my back was pressed to his chest. His breath was like ice on my neck as he spoke. "You threw a temper tantrum. A very CHILDISH temper tantrum, and you kissed Jacob to make me mad?"

"I did not throw a-" My words were cut with a gasp as his grip tightened.

"Then why did you kiss him, do you love him?" Edward was now moving his way down my neck, his lips rested on my collarbone.

Did I love Jacob? Not the way I loved Edward.

"Answer me!"

Edward's manacle on my wrist pushed deeper into my back, rising me on my tip toes.

"No I don't love him! Not like that!" I finally screamed into the air.

My reward was being let down gently, but he still kept a hold of my wrist. "So, we're in agreement that you threw a childish temper tantrum."

My eyes closed, my brow furrowed. He was not going to let this go.

"Yes," I finally whispered in acceptance and shame.

"Bella," he said roughly into my soft skin. "You belong to me. I own you. Don't ever doubt it, and if you did. My next actions will prove it."

"You're next-

I was unable to finish, he lifted me easily and sprinted towards the Cullen household.


He had set me down right outside the door. I felt like a prisoner on conviction as he drug me by the wrist into the house. I avoided their eyes, my head downcast, Alice was the only one that spoke.

"It'll be okay Bella," she said to me comfortingly.

I felt embarrassed. What did she know? She could not know that I had kissed Jacob, he would not appear her visions. What did she know about was about to happen upstairs?

Esme's motherly tone was the last thing I heard before he pulled me roughly up the stairs. "Let's all become scarce for the next hour or so."

We entered the room, the door slamming shut behind us. Even though he was angry, he moved me gently to the bed. The bed that was only there because I had to sleep. "Sit there in silence," He ordered me, letting go of my wrists. "I need to calm down before I punish you."

"Punish me?" Normally I would have stood up in outrage, but everything about Edward's body language kept me glued in place.

"Yes, Bella." His back was too me, arms crossed, staring out the wind. "I can't have you hurting me, or yourself, or even Jacob for that matter…"


I knew he read confusion in my hesitance. Edward approached me, kneeling in front of my to take my palms into his own. "Bella, it hurts me that you kissed someone else. Jealousy is not a trait that I deal with easily," he explained as he held my hands. "I can't read your mind, but I know you're hurting yourself from the confusion going on in your head."

My Edward. Always right. Punishing myself for errors made.

"And Jacob, imagine how HE feels."

His words struck remorse in my soul. I had confused Jacob, I had hurt my best friends, my lover, AND myself.

"What-what are you going to do?" I could barley speak the words, all I wanted to do was cry.

"I'm going to spank you…" he whispered, inches from my face.

My body melted in anticipation.

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