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This chapter is when Chiron discovers the prophecy.

Chiron's POV

I stumbled out of the attic, panic overwhelming my whole mind and taking control of my senses. I whinnied and bucked, even though I hadn't acted like a horse since I left my brethren. That in itself was enough to really startle Dionysus, not an easy feat.

"Chiron?" he asked in a completely out of character concerned tone. "What happened?"

I didn't know myself. I was just cleaning out the attic; I didn't even ask… this had never happened before. It scared me, it startled me, it panicked me, and I just couldn't stand it. I was only grateful it hadn't been one of my campers up there.

Let me start from the beginning. I am Chiron, the centaur, teacher of the Greek heroes. You may have heard of one of my more… prodigious students, Heracles. Also known by his Roman name, Hercules? Ever heard of him? Well anyway, that's really what I do. I spend my days training demigods how to fight monsters. Don't believe me? Don't worry, I get that a lot. So I have a camp, called Camp Half Blood. I'm sure you've heard of at least some of my students. Albert Einstein- oh how I miss little Al! He was such a sweet little son of Athena, even if he was a little eccentric. No? How about George Washington? He was definitely one of my favorites. I can still imagine the day Zeus claimed him. He was born to lead. One of Zeus's favorites, too. And then there were some of my more infamous campers. Adolf Hitler, son of Hades? The very reason why we took down the Hades cabin. He was always bullying the other campers, the little devil (literally). And then, there was- Oh, I guess I'm getting a little carried away. But if you'd been teaching children for thousands of years…

Anyway, I had gone to the attic to clean up all the stuff various campers had gotten on their quests (I won't go into that). And then, the oracle (she tells us prophecies which help the campers on their quests) started with her "I am the Oracle of Delphi, slayer of the mighty python, speaker of the Phoebus Apollo" rant. But she left out "Approach seeker and ask" which was very unusual for her. Then she said the most important prophecy I had ever heard in thousands of years.

I suddenly remembered that Dionysus was sitting there, waiting for an explanation. I told him, even though I doubted that he was very concerned.

Basically, he was being punished by having to be the camp director, although everyone knew I cared more about the kids than he did.

But he honestly did seem at least a little worried, so I decided to tell him the prophecy.

The next child of the big three,

On the 16th birthday shall fulfill destiny,

And make the decision to save the gods,

Or will it be to even the odds?

Old enemies thought to be dead,

Shall arise, if called, and be lead,

And only the new young hero can stop them,

But if the hero joins them, the gods will have lost their gem,

For only the child can make the choice,

Water, sky, and dead shall have a voice,

However, it's the child's decision,

And if it's the wrong one, there will be another version.

All is fair in love and war,

In this case it's both, and more

Confusion will the child face,

And against time, the child shall race,

But in the end, one must choose,

The flaw might be one's excuse,

For if the beast is sacrificed,

The child will have been ill advised.

It was the longest prophecy I'd ever heard, and I've heard a lot of them.

When I told Mr. D. (Dionysus) he looked more amazed than I'd ever seen him. That wasn't saying much, he rarely looked anything but bored.

He said, "Chiron, we don't even have any children of the Big Three here!" I replied, "Well, besides you," and I couldn't resist adding, "And you're a lot older than sixteen!"

He scowled at me, before continuing. "The last one we had was… hmmm…"

I thought back to the last child of the Big Three we had. Wasn't a bad kid, really.

No wonder Dionysus didn't approve though. Ahhh, memories…

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