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Chiron POV:

The last son of Zeus we had was Bill Clinton.

What a prankster! Ha, I remember the time when he "accidentally" took one of those Weed Whacker things and started hitting the strawberry plants. He managed to destroy half the field before anyone noticed.

Mr. D's face was priceless! Of course, he managed to fix the plants in no time. Bill got put on kitchen duty for two weeks (after all, the strawberries are our only source of income) and everyone was happy.

Until, of course his next prank. But we won't go into that.

Bill is just like his father. They both are good leaders and they both have a huge temper. But he's a good person, really. I just wish that he was a little calmer. He had plenty of friends, but he got into lots of fights.

Oh well, if I keep on reminiscing we could be here for hours. The point is we don't have any children of the Big Three here right now.

However, the one thing that stops them all from having more kids is the oath they made. They all swore on the River Styx that they wouldn't have any more kids after World War II. And so far they have kept that oath, which is the most serious oath they could make.

Poseidon loves his wife Amphitrite very much, so they only occasionally cheat on each other, and they haven't had kids with mortals in a long time. Hades hasn't had any more kids since Hitler, after the whole World War II fiasco. And Zeus, well, it's just a matter of time, I suppose. I honestly cannot tell you that he wouldn't have kids, even with the oath.

Mr. D. was astonished when I told him what the Oracle said. I have never seen Mr. D. looking so far from bored since he saw that fateful wood nymph.

He said that he was going to go call an emergency meeting with the gods. But before he could leave, there was a sudden commotion up on the hill.

It appeared that there were three kids, fighting with what looked like at least twenty monsters. I rushed up to help them, but it was too late.

There was one girl, I couldn't tell who she was but it seemed important. She was telling a boy about her age, who was obviously a son of Hermes, to take "Annabeth" who was a girl, also obvious but a daughter of Athena, and go.

He seemed to be begging her to come to, and then it happened. By that time I had rushed up to the hill, shot several of the monsters, and collected the son of Hermes and daughter of Athena on my back.

The boy was begging me to go back and get the girl, but it was too late. She had crumpled onto the ground and was breathing her final breath. Suddenly, an eagle appeared over her head.

And in the briefest of seconds, there was a lightning bolt and then her body disappeared and turned into a pine tree.

I was astonished. The boy was heartbroken. The small girl was confused, but crying because the boy was crying.

The boy was sobbing and repeating the name Thalia over and over. I couldn't bear to see their misery. I rushed them up to the infirmary, and Mr. D. followed us. Both of them were bleeding profusely.

Then I realized there was a small figure still on the hill. It was Grover. He hadn't failed; he had brought back two more half bloods. But not the one he was supposed to.

He had failed to bring back Thalia, daughter of Zeus. What would Zeus think? What was Zeus thinking when he broke the oath?

I went to go comfort Grover. After all, it wasn't his fault that he was assigned to the most powerful half blood in decades. In fact, I would be having a word with Zeus about that.

Grover was just sitting there, looking completely crazy with grief and worry. I could tell that the four of them had been close.

Grover was always a good satyr, and he had found many half bloods. He wasn't the most experienced Keeper, but he was loyal, brave, and kind.

His mission had been to go and get a girl from California because she was sensed to be powerful. At first I had just thought she would have been a daughter of Apollo, or maybe Hermes, as they are both powerful but not forbidden to have children.

Now I knew otherwise. But I'm still not sure why Zeus picked Grover. There were far more experienced satyrs. I'm not saying that Grover is a bad Keeper, but it's almost as if Zeus wanted him to fail…

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