Okay, so this is my first serious fanfic, I realize I wasn't too descriptive but I'm gonna try to be better about that in future fanfics. This is just about Shinpei's dying thoughts, and how boogiepop got his name. Read and review please. oh and I don't own Boogiepop, but I wish i did ^^

As Shinpei waited for his heart to produce an answer, he pondered the question the shinigami had asked him. 'Will you choose to be as you were?' Those were the exact words. Shinpei thought about how he lived before. Was I really that much better off then? He already knew the answer in his heart, but how he was now was definitely not better at all. All in all the past sucked, and now is even worse, I'll pick something new, something that won't let me die with regrets. He could only think of one thing. "Detective are you on Nagi's side?'' That's what Nagi's cheery friend asked. Back then I said I was neither friend nor foe… but now… "shinigami, I've made my choice." The pipe-like figure moved closer towards him. "so then? Will you be as before?" Shinpei shook his head or, or at least he tried to, but he had lost too much blood, it was a wonder he could even talk. "no, before…before I didn't pick a side…now I choose friend. Thank you for helping me make that choice Shinigami, Even if you are just a hallucination. With that the man closed his eyes, looking confidant and happy, and never opened them again. The Shinigami wondered what he meant but it would never now "a friend huh? Not a bad choice, perhaps I should make the same choice, but whose friend?" the shinigami pondered it for a moment "I know, I shall be the world's friend, defending it from it's enemies." With that the Shinigami started to walk, but stopped "hmm…" It thought about show Shinpei said 'whoever you are' "I'll need a name." "like a bubble" that's how Shinpei referred to it "I know, I shall call myself boogiepop." The shinigami, now dubbed boogiepop, walked away.