"Prologue: The Succubot"

Dormant and silent I have lain for untold centuries. My energy kept low from lack of feeding. I have long retreated into myself, too uncertain if I should ever satisfy my hunger for Sparks again. Ah, the Cybertronian life-force. A miracle of the powerful All-Spark. The life-creator of all those who call themselves Cybertronian. It is on those Sparks that I feed; the one energy source potent enough to satiate the burning hunger in my circuits. Mere Energon cannot satisfy me. Even the highest and purest of grades cannot so much as tingle the pang in my tanks. Only Sparks can slake my hunger.

The Cybertronians believe me to be a legend. Even their oldest cannot remember the days when I graced their planet and many like it. I was but a story, a monster, only whispered in drunken jest by those hesitant to merge with a strange femme. I am called Succubot: Devourer of Sparks.

A harsh identification but true in the simplest sense.

But I am no mere monster. A monster implies the epitome of evil, a beast of destruction with the sole purpose of raining death and chaos upon the unsuspecting mortals. I am much more than a monster. I am the promise of every mech's personal pleasure gratified in one glorious, euphoric merge. Whatever fantasy they harbor, I will create; whatever their vision of the perfect femme, I can be. But their ultimate desire carries the price of their immortal Spark. I consider it, a fair exchange. For if a mech obtains his perfect pleasure how can he ever find such bliss again? In part, I free them from a lifetime of disappointment.

But now I am alone inside this asteroid, consumed in the omnipresent silence threatening to rip my sanity to shreds. My hunger, the cold, the silence, and my thoughts all companions in this stony sepulcur. That is…until they came.

My six optics lit for the first time in many centuries. I could feel the Sparks, five of them, drawing ever closer to me. The silence shattered by the low dull roar of a space faring vessel. The Sparks; they pulsed, they vibrated, and they made my hunger claw ravenously at my circuitry. The long, thick, pronged wires of my head stirred restlessly, slithering around my frame as the Sparks came ever closer. They would not escape me. My hunger would indeed be satisfied.

I created a magnetic field, one strong enough to pull me toward the vessel outside. The tips of my two largest, dominant head cords lit up down their length, a line of white dots coiling in the darkness. I pulled closer to the metal ship until I felt the gratifying screech of rock piercing metal. A pained shout reverberated through my dark asteroid prison.

Ah…so the ship itself was a Cybertronian.

My first feeding in centuries. As ravenous as I was, I knew I had to bide my time. Alert the others too quickly and I wouldn't be able to gain access to the other Sparks as easily. Instead I listened and waited.

"Astrotrain! Report!" Megatron shouted, stabilizing himself after the violent impact.

The pained, tinny voice of the purple ship responded, "Asteroid…collision. It's…stuck in left cargo bay door. My hull is breached."

"Can you maintain present course and power?" the Decepticon commander demanded.

Astrotrain grimaced, "I'll make it back to Earth, but I need repairs."

"Get us back to the Nemesis immediately. Fortunately, our mission is done," Megatron concluded, relaxing in his command chair.

I was ready to emerge. My large thick head coils raked aggressively into the asteroid wall, carving a way out. Much to my delight I didn't have to expend too much energy to free myself. The rock gave way and I tumbled unceremoniously into what appeared to be a darkened cargo hold. I was free.

My six white eyes lit and my glowing cranial probes writhed into the air as I conducted my scan of the Cybertronian disguised ship. Astrotrain was the identification—a mech no doubt, given the remarkably high waves of strength and arrogance flowing through his mainframe. My head probes passed over the purple metal, subtly prying into his deepest, most erotic desires.

No doubt the pain of the asteroid would keep this Astrotrain from discovering my presence initially. But I'd make my presence known to him. Oh yes…he wouldn't miss me. And his spark was to be my first meal.

A/N: Ok. Just a little prologue to give you a taste of what's to come. Basically each chapter I write will focus on a particular Decepticon and his encounter with the Succubot. I will warn this will contain highly "sexual" situations BUT NONE WILL BE SLASH. These are merely my interpretations/fantasies of how each Decepticon envisions their ideal femme and merging situation. I won't do all the Cons but I'll try to get the best ones or at least the ones I find chapter-worthy potential.

To save a few questions here's a few of the Cons I have chapter plans for (in no particular order) Megatron, Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Soundwave, Motormaster, Rumble, Devastator, Thrust, Dirge, Ramjet…and I think that's about it thus far.

OH and if you guys have any particular ideas/situations/victims (provided it's NOT SLASH) I'll be happy to hear them and probably work them into my thought processes. So all of you mature readers sit back and enjoy the steamy ride.