"Chapter 11: The Sentence"

Much later in the launching bay of the Nemesis…

The entire compliment of the Nemesis crew was back online and assembled for the strangest meeting they'd held to that date. Soundwave's report on the occurrences was very thorough, as it always was. The gathering of Decepticons were all clueless as to the events of the past few days. No one could remember anything past the moment of their "deaths", but their pleasure was still very vivid. Of course when they figured out just what they had coupled with they were all skeptical, some were shocked, and most were downright disgusted.

Skywarp pulled a puzzled face upon finishing Soundwave's lengthy report, "So let me get this straight…we ALL merged with THAT thing."

He pointed to the creature in the center of the room. She was on her knees bound in stasis cuffs from her ankles to the tips of her long head coils. Though she was too weak to fight or attack, Megatron wanted no mistakes. They all had made the mistake.

"Affirmative." Soundwave hummed, standing beside the captive.

There were uncomfortable glances and disgusted grunts flowing through the ranks.

"That's not true!" Motormaster bellowed, "The femme I had was silver and looked NOTHING like that thing!"

Starscream rolled his optics, "Didn't you READ the report you moronic dirt muncher? She can change her form!"

"How do we know Soundwave's telling the truth?" Thrust shouted challengingly.

Rumble and Frenzy were on the offensive, "HEY! You callin' Soundwave a liar cone brain?"

"SILENCE!" Megatron roared, "I too have witnessed this creature's abilities and Soundwave's report is beyond reproach."

The warlord uncrossed his arms and began to pace around the subdued creature. Her dim optics slowly opened and followed the curt movements of his feet. Typically Megatron was not one to make a scene of such things, but this involved the whole of his forces. But, true to his nature, Starscream made himself the center of attention.

"I suggest we execute this beast right here, right now!" he pointed aggressively, "She made a mockery of us all and for that she must suffer!"

"YEAH!" the Decepticons shouted in agreement.

"Tear her cords out!"

"Melt her in acid!"

"Grind her into fragments and THEN throw her in acid!"

The heinous sentences rang out for several minutes until Megatron held up a hand to silence his Energon-thirsty ilk.

"A bit brash aren't we, Starscream?" the silver mech arched a brow plate.

"She's a vile scourge to our kind," the jet hissed kicking the Succubot's back so she fell forward, "Execution is the only answer."

Megatron smirked, "Typical for you to think too shallowly."

The white and red Con tensed angrily at he burn but asked, "What do you mean?"

Striding up to the subdued Succubot, Megatron stood over her. She didn't react in any way. He suddenly reached down and grasped the base of her left tentacle, forcing her head up and back. The six white optics blinked slowly.

"I too crave revenge for this creature's deception. But execution is so…swift." he rasped deeply. "And it seems such a waste to terminate such a unique specimen."

The Succubot looked at him and she briefly read his thoughts which redirected her to Soundwave.

"Soundwave? What manner of punishment would befit this Succubot?" Megatron asked.

A malignant glare flashed off of Soundwave's visor that only the Succubot could read. She shook her head slowly, realizing the torment he had promised earlier was all too close.

"Suggestion: Store her in the brig. Keep her in stasis cuffs. Connect her to a positron energy generator." he flatly mentioned.

Starscream's optics flashed, "WHAT? That is ludicrous! What kind of punishment is that?"

"Stasis cuffs will keep her immobile. Positron energy generator will feed her energy indefinitely." then he added, "Conclusion: long term torture."

"And HOW exactly is that torture?" Starscream challenged, "It sounds like you want to keep this beast for other reasons."

"It is the sentence she doesn't want." Soundwave replied darkly. "The generator will keep her alive…but just barely."

A few murmurs of approval rumbled through the ranks. Leave it to Soundwave to pick something that sadistic.

"You said if I released the Sparks you WOULDN'T do that to me!" the Succubot screamed at him telepathically.

"Incorrect. I never promised anything." the Master of Soundwave shot back.

The Succubot flashed her optics rancorously at him, baring her sharp dental plates. It was all she could do in her weakened and immobile position.

Megatron nodded, "Very well. I will leave you to the details, Soundwave."

Skywarp spoke up, "Can she still transform?"

A few looks directed at the purple Seeker.

"You know…into femmes?" he added.

"Unlikely. Energy levels too low." Soundwave answered.

But to everyone's surprise the Succubot strained and her body shifted into a lithe yet petite white femme frame. Blue optics lifted to the crowd. Even though they knew what she was now, no Con present was unable to tear their gaze from gorgeous femme sitting before them.

"Original conjecture withdrawn." Soundwave hummed.

Skywarp fidgeted, drinking in the Succubot's alluring new form, "Could we…you know…use her for a pleasure unit?"

"Didn't you learn ANYTHING Skywarp?" Astrotrain mocked with irritation, "If you merge with that thing she eats your Spark."

"Well yeah…but couldn't we rig her with a device that prevents her from doing that?" the black and purple Seeker asked hopefully.

Rumble nodded, "Yeah. That way we wouldn't have to go to Cybertron every time we need to…" he thrust his chest lewdly which drew some guffaws.

"She WAS really good." Motormaster admitted.

Starscream made a disgusted snort and turned to Megatron, "You can't honestly consent to something so perverted."

The warlord tipped his helmet a bit, "I was thinking more along the lines of using her 'talents' against the Autobots."

By this time the Succubot was looking all around her slowly. These new ideas were sounding less tormenting.

Megatron stroked his chin as he plotted, "If she took out my forces within a few days imagine how quickly she could take down the Autobots."

Immediately Starscream interjected, "And WHAT is to stop that Spark-crazed beast from turning on us again?"

There were many more ideas until at last Megatron silenced them, "I have made my decision. Until we can properly control this creature for future plans, she will remain locked in the brig as Soundwave suggested."

A few Decepticons raised their hands which made Megatron growl with irritation. He knew what was coming.

"And NO. You limp circuits will have to go to Cybertron for your… 'personal needs'." he grated.

The hands dropped.

I sat alone in the dark, unable to move. My tentacles were bound to the floor and the walls by stasis cuffs. The short cord from the heavy energy generator was plugged into my Spark, feeding me a meager amount of energy. The positron generator was keeping my energy at a low level, but the ache in my tanks remained, clawing and biting viciously. As long as that generator functioned, I would survive…as much as I didn't want to.

I prayed for a sweet release. I begged for the pain in my tanks to cease or at least for my hunger to be satisfied. Above I could hear the sounds of the Decepticons moving through the Nemesis. My eyes fixed on the brig ceiling, my mouth components moved longingly. Nourishment so close and yet unattainable. I dropped my head. This was my own personal Hell, a Hell I had so foolishly fallen into.

One day I would go offline. I would find a way to disconnect myself from the box that kept me alive and then I would receive my release. And if I didn't…I fervently hoped I could escape and once again feel the sweet essence of Cybertronian Spark filling my tanks.


A/N: Ok. Succubot is finished and I believe I am satisfied. Now I KNOW the question remains: Will I do a sequel to this where the Succubot is unleashed on the Autobots?

Answer: No.

Honestly, I just don't have the urge to write about the Autobots and I don't see them being "sexually" deviant like the Decepticons. Not to mention I am officially OUT of Transformer Erotica ideas at the moment. So as it stands there will be no Succubot vs Autobots.

Now I also have been asked repeatedly about a sequel to "A Pet Squishy". That is currently in the development stage. I've written a couple scenes for it but I'm still deciding how I want it to play out. I'd like to finish "Baby Con" first but more than likely I'll start the sequel before then.

So thanks for all your support and I hoped you enjoyed all the cold showers ;D