I am Estel -
Hope rising in an infant,
Rising in the distance,
A far-off dawn,
But a dawn, nonetheless.

I am Thorongil -
I am an eagle, watching,
Watching, learning, waiting,
Seeing with an all-piercing gaze,
Preparing in silence.

I am Strider -
Journeying far on long shanks,
Always journeying, never resting,
A spurned wanderer,
A lonely wayfarer.

I am Wingfoot -
Fleet in the pursuit,
Never wearying in the chase,
Feared by my quarry,
Preying on evil.

I am Elessar -
The rock of a lost people,
The hope of all races,
A green promise of spring,
Evergreen renewal.

I am Telcontar -
Remembrance of the past,
Humble, never forgetting,
Long history uplifted,
My history in my name.