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Tai, Sora, Matt, Mimi- 16

Joe- 17

Izzy- 15

T.K/Kari/Davis/Yolei- 14

Cody- 13

Ken- 15

This fic takes place during the summer.

Here we go!

The Digi-Destined loved coffee. It smelled good. It tasted wonderful. It was perfect for a cold rainy day in Odaiba. The perfect thing to have while exchanging stories and making conversation. The originals, except for T.K and Kari, who had joined the new Digi-Destined were all enjoying each other's company.

It wasn't long before they seemed to pair off though. They did it automatically, although they didn't know why. Izzy and Joe were browsing eBay and laughing to themselves at the various silly things they found while Mimi bothered them to go to her favorite online shopping website. Tai, Sora, and Matt were talking about school and their lives now.

Hours later, the manager announced that they were closing up and that they'd have to leave. They picked up all of their empty coffee cups and tossed them in the trash on their way out, smiling and laughing with each other.

The manager shook his head as he flipped the open sign to closed and watched them leave. They came in once a month and did this. They came back each and every time as if it was some sort of reunion and they were never an awkward sight. They seemed as if they had an impenetrable bond; one that could never be broken.

Hugs and goodbyes were exchanged under the canopy so they wouldn't get wet. Then everyone departed. Well, except for two.

Tai Kamiya and Sora Takenouchi still stood there. Since they lived relatively close, they always walked home from the coffee outings together. That and they were the best of friends. "Shall we be on our way, miss?" Tai asked jokingly, inviting Sora to link arms with him.

"We shall." They walked through the rain linking arms. They didn't mind getting wet. They played soccer in the pouring rain as kids many times. It was all part of the fun. "It's nice that we get together once in a while, isn't it?"

"Very. It's nice to see everyone in the same place. Just like being in the digital world, except without fighting evil. Even Mimi moved back from America."

"It's great." She jumped in a puddle, splashing water up onto their jeans.

"Hey!" Tai said, although he wasn't that concerned. He was just playing around. He jumped in a bigger puddle, trying to retaliate and in the process slipped. He brought them both down into the cold water.

"Tai!" Sora laughed, and when Tai wasn't laughing with her she stopped and looked at him. He was staring at her in such a way that made her feel insecure; as if he was looking into her heart, into her soul. What did he see? The water was cold. Sora could feel her butt going numb. She wanted to get up, but couldn't bring herself too. The intensity of Tai's stare kept her there.

And then it happened. Tai's lips connected with hers. Sora felt electrified. She could have sworn she'd been struck by lightning. It was a feeling she couldn't explain. The moment was cut short when thunder roared and lightning flashed through the sky, breaking the trance between the two friends.

Tai looked into her eyes, not being able to read her expression. What had he just done? He scrambled up from the puddle, feeling weighed down by the water that had soaked into his clothes and ran in the opposite direction of his apartment building. He left a stunned Sora sitting in the puddle. She slowly got up, looking after her best friend running away from her. And eventually his tangled mess of chestnut brown hair disappeared along with the comfortable nature of their friendship. Gone.

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