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Sora plopped down on a lawn chair in the back room of the flower shop and kicked off her shoes. She placed her bare feet on a stool and listened to the soft music coming from the radio. She sipped her lemonade and embraced the cool blasts of air coming from the fan she set up in the room. It was blistering hot outside. Her mother had gone to run some errands and left Sora in charge of the shop which wouldn't be too bothersome of a job, considering nobody wanted to buy flowers in this heat. Well, except for one person. She heard the bell ring as the door to the shop opened. She sighed and padded to the counter.

The person standing on the other side of the counter was the last person she expected. A shocked expression settled onto her face and she struggled to find words. What was she supposed to say to him? To the boy standing before her, who she hadn't spoken to in months? Hadn't he been stuck in the digital world? The last she heard from Izzy was that the gate was locked, so how was he here now? Had the computer whiz figured something out? She was grateful he was okay in any case. "Tai," She breathed. A single word. His name. It was all she could manage. He didn't say anything. He stared at her, his chocolate brown eyes as cold and empty as ever. Sora wondered for a minute if he was going to yell at her. She shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other. She spoke again, hesitantly. "Uhm, did the others send you to come tell me something? Is Davis okay?" She was prompting him to answer her, to say anything at all.

"Davis is fine." His voice was hard. Was he just on edge because he didn't know how to talk to her? No, it seemed like something more. Something was wrong. But Sora didn't have any time to do anything about it. Her phone was in her hand and she was about to call Izzy, but the number never got dialed. Sora suddenly felt frail and her knees buckled. She staggered and then crumpled to the ground behind the counter. Seconds later, Tai's body fell limply to the ground as well. Sora rose a second later, but there was something different about her. The same dark vibe that seemed to envelop Tai had transferred to her. Spiritmon was totally in control of her now. Sora was lost somewhere deep down inside of herself and she couldn't find her way back to the surface. Spiritmon pushed her way too far down.

She walked out from behind the counter, picked up Tai's wilted body and dragged him to a storage closet. She threw him inside and took the keys from the front counter, trying all of them until one locked the door. That would hold the leader off for a while. He'd be unconscious for about another hour and when he'd awaken someone would let him out eventually. She just needed about that much time to carry out her plan. She hung up her apron and picked up the cell phone laying on the floor. She walked out of the shop with the phone pressed to her ear. "Hello?" A voice said.

"Hey," Spiritmon replied, in Sora's light voice. "I got off of work early. It was pretty dead at the shop." So far, so easy.

"Oh, okay." Izzy replied, seeming distracted. He hadn't noticed anything off about Sora. Spiritmon was trying to put on a good act and it seemed to be working.

"Fill me in on anything I missed?" She asked, walking aimlessly. She didn't know where she was going.

"Well," He sighed. "Things are hectic. Davis returned and Tai did as well, but not as himself. Spiritmon possessed him and I'm afraid she's now in Odaiba. We don't know where she went actually. Listen, where are you?" Of course, Spiritmon already knew all of this. Sora didn't. She hadn't gotten the chance to.

She looked around. "By the park."

"Perfect." Izzy said. "We'll see you there in ten minutes. We need to get out of the apartment anyway. Some fresh air will do us all good."

"Sure," She agreed. "See you soon." And she hung up, slipping the cell phone into her pocket. She sat down on a picnic table and waited for the other digidestined to arrive so she could carry out her plan. Spiritmon tried her hardest to appear worried and fidgeted with the bracelet around Sora's wrist, wanting to seem like a human who was scared. She found it surprisingly easy. She needed to be able to deceive the digidestined and she needed to appear convincing.

Matt was sitting at the picnic table in-between Sora and Mimi. The group was discussing what their next action was going to be and honestly, they didn't have a clue. They didn't know where Spiritmon was hiding and they didn't know how to stop her. They needed to meet up with their Digimon, that was the only thing they were certain of. Eventually they were going to have to battle Spiritmon, although Matt didn't know when that time would come. He just had a feeling it wouldn't be for a while. He groaned and ran his hands through his hair. "Izzy, please tell me you have an idea." Everyone was looking to him for answers.

Izzy looked more stressed than any of the other digidestined. Creases of worry were evident on his forehead and he looked like he was in deep thought, desperately trying to come up with some sort of plan. "I'm sorry guys. I don't know what to do. The only thing I can think of is to email Gennai and I'm assuming he's not too happy with us for letting Spiritmon into the real world."

"I think we should go after Spiritmon ourselves. We can try to find her. Lead her into the Digital World. There's got to be a way to get her to leave Tai's body." Ken suggested from beside Izzy.

"Ken's idea is the only one we have." Sora chimed in. Matt took notice of the look of concern on her face, however, what he didn't know was that it was artificial.

"I agree," Izzy said, seeming skeptical. "We'll split up into groups. If there's no sight of Spiritmon in the next few hours we'll go to Gennai."

Matt nodded. "Give us orders, chief." Somehow it felt weird, not taking orders from Tai. Mat hadn't always used to like it, but he had grown accustomed to it.

"Matt, Sora and Davis, you guys will be one group. Kari, T.K, and Cody will be another. Mimi, Joe and Yolei are the third. Ken, you'll stay here with me. We'll be the base that everyone reports back to if they have a sighting. Try not to get to close to her."

"You mean, don't get to close to Tai." Davis said, finding it odd referring to Tai as a she.

"Yes, Davis. But it's not really Tai." Izzy told him, rolling his eyes.

"I know that." Davis replied a little annoyed. He was just thinking aloud.

"Now, you all have two hours. Report back here after that time if there's nothing found. If you spot Tai, call me or Ken immediately." Izzy instructed.

"Then what?" Yolei asked. "What happens if we find Spiritmon?"

"I haven't gotten that far yet." Izzy confessed, embarrassed. Doubt coated his voice, like frosting spread thickly over cake. Everyone nodded and headed out to search in their groups, feeling desolation heavy on their hearts. But they were searching for something that would never be found because Spiritmon was among them. Although, they didn't know that. And that, was simply Spiritmon's plan. When Tai woke up from his stupor and was eventually found, he'd be looked at as the enemy.

Tai moaned as his eyes fluttered open slowly and four walls surrounded him. The unmistakable smell of flowers was in the air. He was laying, sprawled across the tiled floor, in a storage closet. A storage closet for flowers. He'd seen this closet before. He'd been in it many times, grabbing certain kinds of tulips and roses when he offered to help Sora at work. His head was spinning. He couldn't recall much, except a feeling of confusion. That was all his mind was seeming to produce. He had no memory of the past few hours. What the hell was he doing at the Takenouchi Flower Shop? He got to his feet and stumbled to the door, pulling on the handle. It was locked. Somehow he expected that. Somebody had locked him inside here and he

didn't know how or why. He began pounding on the door, wondering if anybody was there, if somebody would here him. "Someone get me out of here!" He yelled, his voice ragged. He felt weak and his knees shook. Had he been drugged? Nothing made sense.

Sora's mother had returned, noticing how her daughter wasn't watching the shop anymore. Angry, she had called her daughter's cell phone, but her call had been ignored. She stood at the counter, wondering why her daughter had left without calling her first. It was unusual of Sora. Normally, she was happy to help. Although she could tell that something had been off about Sora lately. Something was bothering her. Maybe she should have asked. It was then that she heard pounding and screaming; the sounds of somebody needing help. She followed the sounds through the backroom to a storage closet. "Who's in there?" She asked, baffled.

Tai was grateful to hear the familiar voice. Sora's mother. "Mrs. Takenouchi! It's Tai!" He shouted through the door. "Can you get me out of here?" He knew it must be odd for her to find that Tai was in her storage closet. How would he explain this? He didn't even know what had really happened himself.

"Hold on a second," Mrs. Takenouchi replied, going to the front desk to get the key. She returned and opened the door for him. He practically fell out the door. "Tai, what were you doing in there?"

"I wish I knew." He replied, just as confused as she was.

"Do you know where Sora went? She was working and I was out running errands and now she's gone." Her mother asked.

"No, I don't. Look, Mrs. Takenouchi, something weird is going on. I don't know how I got here, but I do know I was unconscious and that there's trouble. I'll contact you as soon as I find Sora, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the Digital World." He explained rapidly. Something clicked in his mind when he mentioned the Digital World. That was the last place he remembered being. He needed to go back there. It was the only connection he had to what had happened to him. Maybe he'd find some answers there.

"Not this again…" Mrs. Takenouchi shook her head. She was hoping all of that was over. "Okay. Just make sure Sora's safe, okay?"

"Will do." He said and ran past her, struggling to keep his footing. He was still weary. Although he didn't know for sure that any of the digidestined were safe. He had a feeling deep in the pits of his stomach that something horrible was going to happen. However, he didn't know that he was going to be the one paying the price.

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