AN - Welcome! With a new year for us, comes a new story from me. In all honesty it took me a little over a year to complete this story, and after a grueling editing process I finally feel it's ready for publication on FanFiction! Anyway getting down to the nitty-gritty of the story:

Summary: This is the story of Naruto finds out the horrible truth about his family, which transversely leads him into the of the Kyuubi. Watch as how the elemental nations, but more specifically Konoha are rocked to their very foundations by Naruto whose been under the tutelage of the most powerful bijuu in the world.

Pairings: Mini-harem (three people): Just to be a mean author, I'm not going to reveal who the final two girls are, you'll just have to find out as you read (Hint: They AREN'T commonly used girls) *insert evil laugh*. But to simply wet your palettes its going to be Naruto x Female Kyuubi x ? x ?.

Warnings: This will be a god-like Naruto, however he will certainly NOT act like it. He has strength, but also intelligence to know when and where to use it. I will also be writing this story in a basically as 'real' as possible setting...meaning that the violence will be as accurate as I can make it (aka Rasengan only harming the skin and spinning the victim (anime version) instead of completely ripping them to a bloody pulp (my story)). Kyuubi WILL be good and 'tame' for the first half of the story (which will change the second half), however she didn't become the queen of demons by being merciful or having no bloodlust. She is nice to those who she holds close to her heart...but your worst nightmare if she holds you close to her claws instead. I'm not fluent in Japanese (unfortunately) but will being (trying to anyway) use some Japanese words to 'spice' up the story a bit. Mainly it being the '-kun' '-chan' '-san' addressings, common words/greetings, and the techniques will also be in Japanese. I'll be translating them into English when I first show the Japanese for those who don't know however. And if anyone finds my usage of Japanese incorrect PLEASE feel free to tell me what to change (but I'd rather not have it in a 'flaming' format). PLEASE DO NOT: Give a review only to mention my ENGLISH editing either...I spent several months editing this fic so if a few words are misspelled...oh well. HOWEVER words used in the wrong way, or are there instead of the correct word please let me English if far from perfect so I expect some screw ups.

Options: Later in the story as I was writing, several songs popped into my head which I believe captured a nice musical ambiance for the scenes. So I'll list these songs here if you wish to download and then listen to them when I designate the song to start in the chapter:

Vestige by TM revolution

Meteor by TM revolution

Never Meant To Belong by Bleach OST

Here To Stay by Bleach OST 2

Kodoku na Junrei by Fate/Stay Night OST

Sorry for the long AN, but I felt the need to say all that before you started reading this story. Anyway without anymore further adue and wasted time here is: "Ascension of the Kitsune"!

Naruto - Normal/Human speech

Naruto - Human thinking speech

Naruto - Demon, Summon, Pissed off jinchuuriki normal speech & HUMAN jutsu casting

Naruto - Demon, Summoning thinking speech



October 10th,

"The almost upon at the gates! We can't hold it back any longer!" A bloodied Konoha shinobi yelled, while pointing past the large village entrance.

Meanwhile standing above the northern gates of Konoha was an old man, who at first glance most would think should be no where near a war-zone. But for those of the Hidden Leaf Village, he was their greatest hope at this trying time. He was the Sandaime Hokage, and although not the current leader of the village any longer was still one of the strongest shinobi the village had. He let a slow stream of smoke leak out of his mouth before setting his pipe down on the ground. Setting his gaze back upon the most powerful bijuu known to exist, he shouted orders to the nearly demolished shinobi army standing before him.

"Calm down! All we have to do is hold it back until the Yondaime's preparations are complete! Do not throw your lives away needlessly, this foe is beyond any of you, do not think other wise! ANBU, force the beast back and get it into the forest, we need space for the Yondaime's plan!"

The shinobi army regained their stability and hope after their Ex-leader's words. The ANBU began throwing jutsu after jutsu against the behemoth they were facing, and while not harming the beast did as was ordered getting it into a clearing within the forest a mile away from the village.


"Kushina-chan...gomennasai (I'm sorry/very sorry) this is the only way the Kyuubi can be stopped from destroying the village." A blond haired man spoke softly to his wife, who had just given birth to a healthy baby boy...this man was the Yondaime Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village...Namikaze Minato.

"But why!? Why HIM Minato!? Why our precious Naruto!? Will you really leave me with nothing once this is over!?" She yelled out accusingly, while she rocked her baby back and forth in her arms as she cried heart broken.

She was a very beautiful woman with red hair flowing down to her mid-back, and the bluest eyes you'd swear was the ocean. She was very strong both physically and emotionally, but it was her personality that told you who she really was. She disliked fighting, and never understood anyone who would chose violence to get what they wanted. Despite this however, when it came down to it she was a fierce shinobi, deadly and beautiful. The phrase "If looks could kill" would come to mind at first glance when she was adorned with her Jounin battle gear. Her reputation was well deserved, back when she was still a full-time shinobi, but that was years ago, now she was currently the head of the Uzumaki clan, a clan well-known unto itself for their shinobi prowess.

He smiled down at his crying wife. "Because he is our own sochi (son), how could I ask someone else to sacrifice their child when I didn't even have the faith to choose my own...I'm sorry my Koishii (beloved), but it HAS to be him. As for me...well I am the Hokage after all."

Minato leaned down and kissed his wife, caressing her cheek slowly, remembering every detail of her face before he picked up his son. He gave one final glance to his wife, between her cries she nodded to him, knowing that no matter how much she begged it HAD to be those two that saved the village from this beast.

"I love you...Kushina" She heard him say.

With the last syllable spoken the Yondaime disappeared in a flash of brilliant yellow light.


The Kyuubi, tired of playing games, was about to launch one of its more devastating attacks against the remaining shinobi army, when a large puff of smoke blurred the battlefield.

"Sorry I'm late all of you!" A voice called out from within the smoke, easily recognized by the shinobi to be their Hokage. "Everyone please get back, you have done your job, now please get medical attention for yourselves and others, leave the rest to me!" He ordered.

The shinobi were hesitant to leave, but reluctantly did as was ordered, leaving only the Yondaime on top of his summoning, the Frog boss himself Gamabunta and the Kyuubi.

"Hey old man...I need a favor." Minato seemed to speak to himself until a plume of smoke appeared next to him on top of the Frog's head.

"What is it Hokage-sama?"

He smirked at the wizened man. "First you can drop the 'Hokage-sama' crap. And second I need you to take care of my sochi who is just outside the gates in a clearing like this one in the forest. Take him back to Kushina once I finish with the Kyuubi. And make sure he is treated fairly by the village, I know people can be..."unfair" to Jinchuuriki, but Naruto is a hero not a demon and I want him treated as such."

He frowned at his request. "I will do as you asked...Minato. I don't suppose that you'd let me be the one to sacrifice myself to seal it would you?"

"Gomen no can do...there are too many unknowns with sealing a bijuu like this, only the person who knows the mechanics of the jutsu intimately should do it, in case something goes wrong. Guess you're their leader again after this...good luck with that paperwork though." He finished with an evil yet happy smile to his friend.

Sarutobi placed a hand on his friend's shoulder smiling back, before nodding and disappearing in a swirl of leaves. The Yondaime began the intricate set of hand seals to begin his jutsu, while the Kyuubi and Gamabunta faced off. After nearly thirty minutes of non-stop fighting the jutsu was finally ready.

"Goodbye everyone, please take care of yourselves, and I hope my faith wasn't unfounded with my son. Goodbye my Koishii, Naruto I love you I'll be watching you." He thought before biting his hand and activating his technique.

"Fuuinjutsu: Shiki Fuujin (Spirit Sealing Method)!"

A white light could be seen blinding anyone looking at the battle. Once the light dimmed and everyone looked back at the spot the Yondaime and Kyuubi just stood, nothing was there. Sarutobi, once again Hokage entered his village with a small bundle in his arms...the savior of Konoha Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. He quickly reached the Uzumaki compound where Kushina had rested after the long birth, and quietly knocked on the door to her room.

"Please...just leave me alone...I need to be alone." She pleaded weakly to the sound against her door.

Sarutobi knew she was only a moment away from crying again over what she thought be the loss of both her husband and only child. Ignoring her pleas he slide open the door and entered.

"Kushina-san, I'm here to give you an important package that Minato left for you." He whispered to her, while walking up to the bed she laid in only to put the small bundle at the side of the bed, before slipping out the door.

She noticed his motions, and curiosity getting the better of her, she picked up the bundle and unwrapped it, and to her surprise and utter joy it was her son, it was her Naru-chan! Although she noticed the new seal on his stomach as well as the six prominent whisker marks adorning his cheek, she didn't care...she had her son back, and thats all she cared about.

"I will ALWAYS love you my little Naru-chan no matter what, nothing will stop me from loving you now that I have you back in my arms." She promised him as she rubbed his little cheeks with her finger lovingly.


Well that the prologue of my new story, kinda boring I know but things will get more interesting soon enough.

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