Chapter 23: We'll Get There Eventually

"Are you even allowed to be back at work?" Tony asked after a moment of silence in the elevator.

Ziva stood up from where she'd been adjusting the pram wheels. "I've been stuck at home for a week. Cari's never been anywhere but the hospital and home."

"She's a month old. She's allowed to have a small world for a while," Tony reasoned.

The elevator doors opened, and they were met by a small squeal.

"Take cover," Tony said quickly. He and Ziva both ducked behind the pram as Abby rushed up to the elevator.

"Where's Cari?!"

"Abby, we're going to get a restraining order against you. We can't even walk into our own apartment without you being there," Tony said tiredly.

Abby took a step backwards but didn't lose any of her enthusiasm.

"How are you?" Jenny asked as they all approached the desks.

Tony yawned. "Absolutely exhausted. This kid sure has a set of lungs on her, especially-"

"I was referring to your fiancée," Jenny interrupted.

McGee sniggered.

"I'm fine. We're all doing very well," Ziva said, patting Tony's shoulder with mock sympathy.

Cari just squirmed in her blanket some more, looking up at them with big eyes. She liked other people.

"Have you made any plans?" Abby asked excitedly.

"Plans?" Ziva replied.

"For the wedding!"

Ziva leant against Tony, who put his arm around her waist. "We're in no hurry," he said, smiling down at his family. "None at all."

"They already live together and have a baby, Abby," McGee pointed out. "They don't-"

"I want there to be a wedding. Soon," Abby said.

Tony leant his head on top of Ziva's. "We'll get there eventually. I promise."

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