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Jasper POV

Having the girl you love be able to see exactly what you're going to do can be a dilemma when you're trying to plan a romantic surprise. So today I decided not to plan. Or rather, I deliberately changed my plans every time I decided on one just to make Alice crazy. I was out hunting but she had gone to Seattle to shop with the very reluctant Bella. I knew that when we were separated for any length of time she liked to keep tabs on my/our immediate future, and generally this precluded me surprising her in any way. However, I finally figured out how I could use her own gift against her.

First, I decided that I would cover our room with rose petals and draw a hot bubble bath with candles all around to enhance the romantic atmosphere. We would slide into the tub, our limbs intertwined, and I would take my time in worshipping her body. I would pay special attention to her breasts, stroke her everywhere, and make sure she was as hot as a vampire could be before I took her—slowly, gently.

As soon as I was sure I had this decision fully visualized and firmly enough planted in my mind that Alice couldn't miss it, I cast it aside, thinking of other things I could do with her. Such as waiting until she walked into our bedroom before leaping at her and pulling her down to the bed. Then I'd tear her clothes off with my teeth, ripping them to shreds. Alice says she hates when I destroy her clothes, but I can sense her lust when I do this. Plus, it just gives her an excuse to go shopping again. At this point, I'll probably be starving for her, so naturally, I'd better be prepared to make a delicious meal out of her sweet juices . . .

At this point, my cell phone buzzed and I grinned as I read the text message from Alice. She berated me for distracting her and told me that if I expected to get lucky tonight, I'd better stop planning it in such graphic detail. I laughed out loud. It was great, knowing that I'd gotten to her. I wonder if Bella noticed anything unusual going on . . .

Alice POV

Thank God I couldn't blush! As it was, Bella kept asking me what I was seeing when I spaced out in the middle of the store. Of course I couldn't tell her what lay ahead for me . . . especially since I wasn't sure myself. A variety of erotic images flitted in and out of my visions and as soon as one solidified, another would take its place. And obviously since it was Bella, she assumed that the Volturi were coming or Edward was in trouble or something equally drastic. She absolutely refused to be reassured by my vague answers.

"Come on Alice, just tell me! You don't have to keep protecting me! If it's important enough for you to send a text message about, I have a right to know."

"Bella," I replied, "PLEASE stop worrying! This really has nothing to do with you."

She scoffed. "Oh, sure. Just like Victoria coming after me, when you told Edward and he decided we should spend some quality time with Renee. Or the Volturi. Or the army of newborns. Or--"

"Bella! I promise as a friend and sister, neither you, nor Edward, nor anyone else is in danger. Well, I might be in trouble, but not the life-threatening sort."

"Oh no! I knew it was something bad! Tell me what's going on and how I can help," she insisted.

I winced. "Uh, Bella, this really isn't something you can help with. Please, just forget about it."

"Not until you tell me what's going on!"

"Fine!" I snapped, giving into her. "If you MUST know, Jasper is making plans."

"What kind of plans?" She still didn't get it.

I sighed. "VERY SPECIFIC plans for tonight. Or rather, when we get back."

"Oh!" All of a sudden, Bella's coloring resembled a tomato as she finally figured out what I was seeing. "I'm sorry!"

"Don't worry about it," I told her, pulling a face. "Just trust me when I say you do NOT want to know all the gory details."

This time, she nodded fervently.

Jasper POV

By the time Alice returned, I was incredibly aroused. Luckily, so was she. I could sense her excitement; it only added to mine. So I decided to be very bad and use my power to make her even hotter.

"Jasper," I heard her growl, "get over here RIGHT NOW!"

I still had not decided on a course of action. At this point, I decided to just act on all my impulses as I felt them so that Alice wouldn't know what was coming. She was standing facing the house, glaring as if she could see me through the walls. I sprang out and sprinted over to her. By the time she'd decided how to react, I'd thrown her over my shoulder and was running into the woods. I smirked: in this situation, Alice's gift was a handicap. Since she usually knew what people were going to do, she had time to decide how to respond. She wasn't used to making up her mind in a split second, which was all the warning she'd get before I changed my tactics.

Suddenly I stopped and drew her into a deep, passionate kiss. I stroked the warm, smooth, perfect skin of her face as I claimed her mouth. She moaned against my lips and I pulled her body tightly against mine, allowing my hands to drift downwards as I tugged her even closer, pressing her against my erection. I growled; she moaned again, louder. I suddenly decided I had done enough teasing and moved my hands to the front of her shirt, popping a few buttons in my haste to remove it. Alice helped by pulling off her skirt. Then she backed up for a second. Confused, I stared down at her and saw that she was wearing some beautiful underwear. I hadn't seen it before, not that that's a surprise, with Alice. The surprising thing was just how sexy that lingerie was. Of course, she'd worn a lot of fancy undies for me, but she didn't do it very often. I guess she didn't want me to get used to it, not that I ever could. But this outfit was as arousing as anything she'd worn for me before. I nearly burst out of my pants in a sudden surge of lust. I knew that Alice felt my need when she inhaled sharply.

Alice POV

I grinned to myself. Jasper could not take his eyes off my body. I arched my back, showing off my small breasts in the lacy black see-through bra I wore. It pushed them up and set off their whiteness nicely, but didn't do much in the way of concealing. I watched his gaze travel down my flat stomach to the extremely provocative thong. Dark curls peeked out of the top, and you could practically see my sex through it. Judging by Jasper's expression and his sudden growl, not to mention the surge of lust I felt him projecting onto me, I had chosen my underwear well.

Just because he wouldn't let me see what he was going to do didn't mean I couldn't anticipate that truly sexy underwear was called for. This was the just the first little bit of his punishment for torturing me earlier. I would truly get him back for this . . . later.

For now, I crooned in a low, purring voice, "Like what you see?"

He sprang at me and we tussled briefly in the grass. He won, of course; Jasper's bigger, stronger, and more experienced than me. That doesn't mean I didn't put up a fight, though.

Jasper POV

Dear God. Alice was going to be the death of me. When finally I wrestled her to the ground, I needed her in the worst way. I took her mouth almost savagely and gripped her hair to keep her lips firmly in place. She whimpered softly and nipped at my lips. With that, Alice eroded the last of my control. I tore her tiny sexy lingerie to shreds in my haste to get inside her, so absorbed I barely noticed her reciprocating. Then finally, finally, we were both bare.

I licked my way down her body as she lay beneath me, gasping. I took my time with her breasts, kissing and stroking her nipples, before proceeding to the center of her desire. As I slid my tongue along the swollen lips of her sex, I sent out a surge of lust to augment her body's natural reaction. Just like that, she exploded into my mouth. I was in heaven, soaking up her ecstasy and savoring her delicious taste on my lips. In moments like this, I often think, who needs blood? I feel as though I could survive on Alice alone, forever.

Knowing that she was more than ready for me and unable to wait, I claimed her mouth again and thrust deep inside her. She sighed. I groaned. Then I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her into my embrace as I gently brought us both to climax.

Soon we were totally sated and just lay there, panting. Alice usually cuddled against me at this point, but today she sat up and looked down at me. "I am so getting you back for this stunt," she announced with a grin.

I laughed and replied, "I'm looking forward to it."