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Warning: This chapter is much more explicit than the others. Enjoy!

Jasper POV

By the time school was over, I was hornier and more frustrated than I could remember being in a long time. Sorry Edward I mentally apologized as we piled into the car, knowing that he could hear every lustful thought about his favorite sister that was running through my head. At the same time, considering what Alice was most likely thinking, I'm sure he understood it was not my fault.

I will never know what was going on inside Alice's mind that day, but it's probably just as well given the emotions that were pulsing off her through the entire car. I tried to ignore Emmett's snickering and Rose's eye-rolling, making a mental note not to spare Em next time he pissed Rosalie off and wasn't getting any.

The ride seemed to drag on forever despite the fact that Edward appeared to be driving far faster than usual. When we arrived, Alice attempted to breeze past me and dance inside. I almost laughed. No way, sweetheart. Not going to happen. I reached out and grasped her wrist. "And where d'you think you're goin', little darlin'?" I asked softly, using my seductive southern drawl that I knew drove Alice crazy. She gulped but still attempted to pull her innocent face. This time, however, it wasn't going to work. "It is time," I murmured, "for a reckoning."

Alice's eyes suddenly lit up with mischief. Before I could react, she pulled her wrist free and was running into the forest, laughing and calling over her shoulder, "You'll have to catch me first!" Her smile made my breath catch and I had to pause as I fell in love with Alice all over again. God, she was beautiful with her impish grins and teasing ways. My lovely little pixie.

When I had recovered, I sprinted after her. I realized that Alice was setting me up, had seen everything coming. I didn't care, though, since she was playing along. This just meant I had to watch out, because she was unlikely to do anything by chance.

It didn't take long for me to see that she was heading towards our cave. While hunting, we'd found this fissure against a cliff. The entrance was narrow, but once you got inside, it was actually very spacious. There was some sort of stream or mini-waterfall running down the back wall, and both Alice and I loved the noise. We'd had sex in this spot many times. It may sound uncomfortable to have sex in a cave, but to a vampire, pretty much everything is soft. When you've accidentally ruined several mattresses during intercourse, bare earth or rock is wonderfully firm.

I caught up to Alice just before she reached the entrance and threw myself at her, carrying us both inside with the momentum. She giggled as we rolled until we reached the wall, and then I silenced her laughter with a deep, thorough kiss. She moaned and responded ardently, arching into me. We tore at each other's clothing until both of us were naked, and I pulled her hands above her head and laid them against the rock walls of the cavern. "Keep them there," I ordered roughly. Then I bent down over Alice's body, but to her obvious surprise I only kissed her throat. Then I licked it, lightly sucked, nipped, letting her feel the edge of my teeth . . .

Alice's moan could have started an avalanche. Love bites are very unusual among vampires, even mated ones. No matter how intimate you are with someone, letting their teeth touch any part of your body goes against every instinct we possess. Because I wasn't in "hunting" or "battle" mode, my venom wasn't present and she wouldn't scar, but it still made her feel extremely vulnerable. This feeling was heightened by the fact that the neck is the least protected part of the body. Overall, it aroused her so much that I sensed a sudden gush of moisture from between her legs, which made me growl deep in my throat.

I licked my way down Alice's neck, pausing at her breasts. I drew back a little just to stare at them before I took one into my mouth and suckled it. I used my hand to knead her other breast and rolled her nipple between my fingers before pinching it sharply. When Alice gasped and groaned, I switched, soothing her breast with my mouth and stimulating the other with my hand. Once she was panting, I left her breasts to trail my mouth down her flat stomach. I paused again at her cute little belly button, dipping my tongue in before continuing down. Finally, I reached her nest of dark curls. I nuzzled her sex before using my hands to spread her open to my voracious mouth. First I licked from bottom to top, savoring her spicy sweet taste. I swirled my tongue around her clit, sucking lightly. Then I moved down and thrust inside to the sound of her moans and whimpers, music to my ears.

One thing that I love about my gift is that when either of us pleasures the other, we both feel the excitement so that everything we do is mutual. Her lust was making me even harder, and the only way I was able to ignore it was by focusing on Alice's pleasure. I swirled my tongue inside of her, savoring her delicious taste. Her juices were literally flowing into my mouth, and I knew she was close. I reached in with one hand, finding her clit and rubbing it. Her breathing increased. I knew all I had to do was close my fingers and pinch . . . there. Beautiful. God, I could never get tired of this.

I was wallowing in the aftermath of Alice's desire and so was taken by surprise when the little pixie flipped me over, reversing my positions. She mimicked my earlier actions, grabbing my wrists and placing my hands against the rock. She grinned at me wickedly and my cock throbbed. Really, the only thing better than having Alice at my mercy was being at her mercy. She sat back and surveyed my body before theatrically bringing a finger to her mouth. "Hmm . . . where to begin . . ." She held her finger up as if she suddenly had an idea, but I knew she had already planned this whole thing out. It was just the way Alice was.

She began with her fingers. She stroked my feet then moved her hands up my legs, pausing occasionally to press a kiss to my bare skin. Her hands skimmed over the part that needed her the most, proceeding directly to my chest. Here she pressed with her fingers, splayed them across my torso, and lowered her mouth to my needy body. She licked me from one shoulder to another before trailing kisses down to my stomach. Here she paused again, pressing hot, wet, open-mouthed kisses down my happy trail, stopping just before she reached my cock. She blew cool air along the path her lips and tongue had just taken. When I couldn't take it anymore, I growled and involuntarily thrust my hips.

Alice sat back with a satisfied smirk on her lips. "Do you need me, Jasper?"

"Yes," I groaned. "Alice, please . . ."

"What, Jasper?" she asked innocently. "What do you need?"

My eyes flashed with lust as I realized what she wanted me to say. "I need your mouth on me, Alice. I need you to take my cock between your lips and suck me."

Alice grinned in triumph and purred, "As you wish."

Ha! We both knew it was how she wished, not that I minded, not in the slightest . . . oh, yeah. Yes. That was it. Oh, God.

It never ceased to amaze me that Alice, little, petite Alice, could take all of me in her delicate mouth. But that's what she was doing. My cock was surrounded her warmth and wetness, and then she swirled her tongue around me and sucked. At first, she pulled lightly on my dick, but she slowly increased the suction until I thought I would die. Just as I was about to pull her off so I didn't come in her mouth, she pulled her lips away. I moaned at the loss, but then she moved down and kissed my balls. Jesus Christ. Her tongue flickered out and she licked them before taking them into her mouth. She played with them for a few minutes before returning to my cock. I was so close to exploding, but I managed to hold back, allowing myself to feel her around me just a little longer. Finally, I could hold it off no more. I moved to push her away, but Alice only paused long enough to say "Keep your hands on the wall."

"Alice, I'm about to come," I told her.


Oh yeah . . . very good . . . no! I couldn't come in her mouth, that was disrespectful, ungentlemanly, wrong. Once again, I tried to push her away, but Alice held on to my cock like a little terrier, refusing to release me. Eventually, I gave up, gripping her hair instead and shouting her name as I shot my cum into her mouth. Alice swallowed eagerly, and I groaned, slamming my head into the ground so hard I probably left an impression. Finally, I was finished, unable to do more than lie there and pant. Alice moved up my body to kiss me. I grabbed the back of her head with one hand and drew her body against mine with the other, returning her kiss with interest. "Alice, love, you didn't need to do that."

She rolled her eyes at me. "I wanted to do that, Jazzy. Don't worry, there was no way you could've stopped me." I knew that was the truth.

I sighed, enjoying the sensation of her naked body above mine. Soon, I would be ready for round two. Or was it three? Hell, who's counting? But there was something I needed to say, right now. "I love you, Ali."

She smiled. "I know. I love you too, Jazz."

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