Subject: [OTL]: [Madelyne Pryor/Selene] Dawn is Breaking [PG13]
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 00:35:33 -0800 (PST)
From: Lyssie Sinclair

*sigh* ok. Notes in warning. I've been told this has done
before. FINE. Also, this was NOT going in the direction I
thought it would, and it's... Just read it.

Dedicated to Lynxie, the EvilKitten and rabid Maddie fan.

Dawn is Breaking
by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Madelyne Pryor sat on the beach and pondered many things. Above
her the sun was slowly sinking to the horizon, golden light
falling around her in splashes and puddles.

There used to be days she was happy. Oh, there had been days of
sadness even back then. But now she was always unhappy.

Scott, Alex, Nathan, Nate, even that blasted Sinister and
N'astirh left her. Men had a way of doing that, of course.

Sand, sea, sun and a towel. And memories. Memories she didn't
want, didn't need, tried to avoid, tried to get rid of--the
conflicting thoughts collided and she sighed. [I wonder if I
could make glass out of this sand...]

The thought jarred against the others. A commonplace,
normal-ish, mental comment, it slammed into her thoughts and she
snorted. [And I'm sitting here, feeling sorry for myself. Great,
Maddie, just perfect. Maybe if you sit here and wallow long
enough, the tide will come in and drown your sorry ass.]

"That's an esteemable thought, my dear." The voice came from
behind, and without even turning, she knew who it was. Selene,
Black Queen of the London Hellfire club.

"I'm glad you're having fun playing in my mind. Get. Out."

"My apologies." Selene yawned. "You were broadcasting so loudly,
I thought you were looking for some help."

"Well, excuse me. I'll just go broadcast over to Brazil."
Madelyne felt suddenly incredibly angry at everything. She was
on her feet, glaring at Selene in an instant. "And you can just
go, go, go--flonq yourself!" She froze and clapped a hand across
her mouth.

"Flonq?" Selene raised an eyebrow, "My dear, you do know who
originally coined such an... anachronistic phrase, don't you?"

Blinking, Madelyne found herself unconsciously flinching away
from the answer. "No. I just... heard it, somewhere."

"Well..." Selene paused to collect her thoughts and smile a bit
slyly. "It was--"

"Wait. You know what? I don't care." Maddie turned away from
Selene with a disinterested shrug and looked out on the ocean.
"Unless it involves ritual disembowelment with blunt spoons and
splintered toothpicks..." She let her voice trail off on a
slightly hopeful note.

Selene's surprised and slightly delighted laugh was somewhat
muffled as the Black Queen attempted to put her hand over her
mouth. "You, you sounded almost--"

"Bored?" Madelyne turned and looked at Selene, standing poised
in the sunlight and sneered inwardly. Selene lookd like so much
shadow and stick figure. "Yes, I guess I am. You see, I'm tired
of it, Selene. Tired of it all. Your games, this world,
betrayal." She turned to look back at the sun, its light golden
and red.

"Tired of life, Madelyne? Is that it, you're wanting death to
take over. Tired of being a burden for those around you, tired
of being left behind and alone?" The Black Queen snorted. "You
don't have the gumption to end it all."

"Who said anything about ending?"

"But..." Selene stared in shock at the silvery golden veil that
sprang up around her pupil--her ex-pupil. The glittery wings
looked newly-formed, almost real.

"I'm going home, Selene." Madelyne looked at her scornfully.
"You'd never understand that, of course." She reached out and
ruffled the 'feathers' that glowed around her.

Selene reached out to tap into the blocks and holds she'd placed
on the redhead's mind and found herself locked out. Instead of
the open and cracked shields that had been there but a moment
before, something crystalline in nature, and beautiful to
behold, protected Pryor's mind. It was then that she began to
fear what Madelyne had become.

"What are you?"

"I am... I'm not sure, anymore." Madelyne turned to the sun
again. "I am... Madelyne Pryor. The Phoenix." She finished in a


"It *is* possible, child." The voice had changed, become colder,
more ancient. As if at the beginning of the change, it HAD been
Madelyne, but at the end... It was something else all-together.
"I am the universe, I am life, I am death. I am love, I am--oh,
fuck it. I'm the Phoenix and I'm going home."

The silvery wings flared with red flames and folded around the
form of Madelyne Pryor. There was a flash and far up in the air
Selene could see something golden floating towards the sun. Then
it was gone.


Note: the disembowelment line is directly quoted from Lynxie,
who was growling at someone on IRC. It is used with permission.

hugs, Ana

[20:45] Listening to you two is like being drowned in scrumpets
during a Monty Python cast party. It's fun, it's harmeless, but you still
don't know what the hell is going on. (Sabby was talking of Acetal and I)...