"You're not contained." His voice was low as his dark blue eyes skimmed over her body that only seemed to improve over the years.

Gabriella sat up a little as she was leaning back on her elbows. They had just gotten done with the nature hike and had stripped off their clothes to only be wearing one of the many swimsuits they had each bought the previous day before. "What?"

"You said on the plane that you were contained, but you're not." Troy spoke deeply as his body was so close to her own. "You're uncontainable. Strong. Desirable. Sexy. Crazy." Troy listed with a slight chuckle at the end.

Gabriella's eyes sparkled with joy as she faced him. "Do you ever wish we were in high school again?"

Troy didn't hesitate.

"Always. What about you?"

"Certain days I would want to relive." Gabriella admitted.

"Which ones?"

"All the ones that you and I spent time together." Gabriella smiled cheekily at Troy who sat up and smoothly swung one of his legs over her; straddling her so that she couldn't move.

Troy's eyes stared down into her own. "I'm not a liar Brie, and I think we both know that I don't like to beat around the bush." Gabriella's body was stiff as she wanted to hear each word Troy spoke carefully. "I still think back to the day we broke up. It's not just the sex that I crave for, but there's only one thing I regret in life…and that's letting you walk away."

"Troy," Gabriella whispered as her small hand reached up and cupped the side of his face. She felt as if she were her teenage self falling in love all over again. "If we wouldn't have broken up, do you think we would've been engaged by now?"

"No." He answered without even thinking about. "We both know that even though we love each other, we're not the marrying type. We both had dreams in high school, and if we were still together and happy with our relationship, then why would we need a ring and a piece of paper saying that you were mine and vice versa? I had already bought you various other kind of jewelry, and we already claimed each other as our own years ago."

"You said love. As in present tense." Gabriella pointed out completely missing the other end of Troy's mini speech. "Troy…Wildcat…it's loved. Past tense."

Troy shook his head as he pressed a kiss to Gabriella's forehead--something he had been doing a lot in the past day and a half. "No. You believe what you want, and I'll believe what I want. Because either way, we both have a fifty/fifty chance of being wrong."

Gabriella giggled as Troy always seemed to put a negative side onto everything he talked about. "God I missed you."

Troy was tired.

He was tired of always having to initiate things between them. He was the one to kiss her goodnight. He was the one to kiss her on the forehead, cheeks, and corner of the mouth. Sure, Gabriella had been the one to throw rocks at his window and offered him a chance to go down to Panama, but now it just seemed as if she wasn't trying.

They were walking on the beach right before sundown now. They were planning on going into town to one of the many clubs that they had heard about from other tourists who were around their age. Gabriella looked at Troy from her side vision and gave a sad smile as she knew that he was getting impatient and was probably regretting this trip.

Her thin white dress was loose on top as it cut down in a V shape. It bunched at the waist to flow outwards to reach her knees. She wore bangles on her arm and a shell necklace Troy bought her around her neck. She didn't know it at the time, but that was Troy's innocent way of marking her. Their hands were joined as they were both bare foot.

Troy caught Gabriella's small glance and smiled widely at her. He had no t-shirt on as his muscles that were from basketball stood out even more with his tan in the low setting sun. He was wearing gray boxers that were low on his body; his dark charcoal shorts sat even lower on his waist with a loose belt holding them up.

Troy wasn't only tired of being friends with an engaged person, but he was in love with her still. He couldn't help but notice all the stares he was getting from boys between the ages of 13 to 30. They were all jealous of the sexy brunette that was attached at his hip the last couple of days, but that just brought up a new set of problems. He only had a set limited amount of days with her when Kyle Bar would get Gabriella for his whole life now. It wasn't fair. She had been Troy's. He was still Gabriella's. They claimed each other when they were eighteen, and now Kyle was taking away his world that he never knew he still had until three days ago. He should get more time with her, after all, Troy does love her.

But that love he still feels for her doesn't replace the feeling that he gets whenever they have contact with each other. He needed to know that when they are together that she feels what he's feeling. That she wants to kiss him as much as he wants to kiss her because if she didn't, then that just proves that she was just letting him willingly kiss her so that she doesn't hurt his feelings.

"Now who's the quiet one?" Gabriella mused lightly as she gave his hand a slight squeeze to pull him out of his thoughts.

"I'm always quiet." Troy declared even though they both knew that he was lying. He stopped walking which created a domino effect and made Gabriella stop as well. He was looking at her as he was going to get some answers. His hand reached out and played with one of her many curls that looked so exotic right now as each curl looked specifically placed on her head. Her bangs that just came down to her eye brows shifted to the side as the wind picked up a little.

"What's wrong?" Gabriella asked as her fears of Troy regretting this trip kicked in again.

He looked down at their hands that were connected and stared blankly at the diamond engagement ring that sat snugly on her finger. He bit his lip in distaste while running his thumb slowly over it. "That's a large rock."

"Yeah," Gabriella sighed slowly as her other hand cupped Troy's chin and lightly lifted his face so that he was looking down at her face rather than her ring. "Kyle said he had it specially made."

Troy narrowed his eyes as they both felt his body tense up a little in quiet anger. "The ring doesn't fit with you."

"What?" She whispered as her insides churned a little at what she thought he was hinting at.

Troy sighed with heavy frustration. "I'll put it this way: If you were a puzzle with that ring, then the pieces wouldn't fit together."


"It's expensive. It's fucking huge. It draws attention. He claimed you as his, and that's the only thing that I could ever agree with him on. He wants the whole world to know that you're marrying him; he would be stupid if he didn't, but…this ring isn't you." Troy looked carefully into Gabriella's eyes that were slowly turning a dark shaded color. He bit his lip as his hesitant fingers slowly removed the ring on her small finger. Gabriella's eyes widened in surprise, but she didn't object as she was too stunned to move.

Her legs felt like jell-o as her eyes didn't dare leave Troy's. It was wrong to have flown to Panama. It was wrong to be sharing a bed with Troy Bolton the LA Lakers star. It was wrong to be holding hands with him on that beach. It was most definitely wrong letting him take her engagement ring, but yet, she wasn't scared as she trusted him with her life.

"We're not in high school Troy. Things changed." Gabriella stuttered out quietly as they both heard the lie in her voice.

"Not you. This isn't what you wanted Brie." Troy told her callously as he wrapped his rough arms around her and pulled her into his bare chest. "You want something elegant, but simple. Almost normal, but you could never be normal so you need something in the ring that will stand out just a little bit to people. I know that you didn't want a diamond." Troy spoke so closely to her ear that if people would walk past them, then they would think that they were having a romantic moment. "You were never high class as if you had it your way, you'd probably elope to get the wedding over and done with."

"I think you're crazy for knowing this." Gabriella mumbled into his chest; cooling his skin and making his body tremble with desire.

"If I were you, I'd get rid of the ring." He smirked as Gabriella's head shot up with her mouth wide open in shock and surprise.

"I can't." Her eyes were nearly falling out of their sockets. Her breathing slowed as an unpleasant feeling settled in her stomach.

"And why not Sweetheart?" He cooed as his eyes narrowed even more; challenging her to admit the truth just for his benefits that were against him.


He pressed his lips to her burning forehead and shut his eyes painfully. He needed answers, and as he fingered his one true love's engagement ring in his hand, he knew that the truth was going to hurt him.

"Because why Brie?" He rasped out.

"Because I'm still going to marry Kyle!" Gabriella exclaimed in naked truth. She hated Troy in that moment for making her admit it out loud. She wanted to push that thought to the back of her mind until the last possible moment before the wedding actually took place.

She ripped her small arms out of Troy's grasp and took a couple of steps back. "God Troy!" She shouted. "Why does it matter to you?! We're having fun, aren't we?!" She waited for his answer as they both gave off a ferocious glare. "Fine," Gabriella snapped, "I guess it's my fault for thinking we were both on the same wave length. My fucking mistake."

Gabriella started walking away towards the hotel before Troy started after her exactly five seconds later. He took long strides to catch up before grabbing her upper arm to make her halt.

"Yeah, it is your fault! It's your fault that we're in Panama! It's your fault that you're living a lie with Kyle Bar. It's your fault that you can't see what's damn well in front of you! It's ALL your fault Brie!" Troy roared. When he was done yelling he was panting as if he just finished a practice for basketball. His eyes were pooling into Gabriella's as she was struck with even more shock. She couldn't even bother moving her arm out of his firm grasp.

"What happened to us Troy?" Gabriella whispered. "We've been here only three days, and our time is running up."

"No. You're time is running up. Mine is just beginning again." Troy saw the confusion pass through her blurry eyes filled with unshed tears. "God Brie," Troy wrapped his arms around her. He rested his chin on the top of her head. "You make me crazy sometimes. I'm just--"

"Don't apologize Troy. I don't think I've ever heard you apologize before, so don't start now."

Troy chuckled as his fingers played with little wisps of her hair. "I wasn't going to apologize Brie. I'm just confused."

"That makes two of us." She admitted sadly.

Five days had past. They had two nights in Panama together, one day, and then after the second night they had a plane to catch at 9 in the morning. They then would separate as there would be one day before the wedding. After the day on the beach, the third day together, they returned every free chance they got as it was mostly at night time. They would lay on a blanket and watch the stars that would shine so bright.

The light waves splashed up on the shoreline as it was just like old times. Troy would wrap his arms around her as he would also point up at the sky and make up names of stars on the tip of his tongue. Gabriella would laugh and make fun of Troy who would roll his eyes before turning them over so that he was straddling her and tickle her to death.

Troy's mind would block out his life back in the U.S, the countless girls he dated to replace Gabriella in his mind, and his career that was already taking off. He should have been regretting not telling Chad where he was headed off too, but he wasn't as basketball and Chad were the furthest thing from Troy's line of vision.

Instead, he was busy watching with amusement Gabriella's backside as he was three steps behind her. They were just getting in from laying on the beach and swimming. Her hair was drying already as her long tendrils were still curly down her backside and front. Her white swimsuit covering her body to his liking clung to her skin as her olive skin glistened.

Gabriella turned her head as she felt his gaze running over her body. She knew what they both were doing. They were pushing the thoughts of leaving each other again to the back of their minds. Technically their flight left in 37 hours, but their minds were already home as they had to force the unsettling feelings out of their minds and bodies.

"I think you got sand in my swimsuit." Gabriella complained with a light tone as they walked into their hotel room.

Troy laughed as he slung the wet towel that they had brought with them to the ground near the door. He turned his shirtless body towards her with a charming smile he knew made other girls weak in the knees, but not Gabriella, or at least she didn't show it.

"You still look sexy though. I can't believe that one kid tried to buy you a drink. And a smoothie out of everything else on the drink menu to the bar!" Troy chuckled some more as Gabriella rolled her eyes.

"Troy, do you know that you happen to sound threatened by a 17 year old boy who was trying to impress his friends by showing off that he could chat up a woman?" Her voice was pointed as she leaned against the closed bathroom door; facing Troy who was leaning against the wall opposite of her. His head just coming shy of hitting the metal rack that had new towels situated on it.

"I don't care because as of right now, he's probably moping about you turning him down after accepting his drink."

"Hey!" Gabriella exclaimed. "I was trying to make him feel like he was making progress, and then you came over with margaritas…" Gabriella trailed off slightly as her eyes looked up and were stunned by Troy's intense gaze. "And…and…really, really good alcohol." She finished stupidly.

Troy shrugged his broad shoulders. "You were mine to begin with and I'd be stupid to let you go." He froze when he realized the words that came out of his mouth. Gabriella's wide eyes were enough to tell him that she was on the verge of blushing like a mad tomato. He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

"So I'm going to go take a shower." Gabriella's arms flailed behind herself to indicate the bathroom door. "You know, to get the sand off of me."

"Yeah…" Troy's voice trailed off as Gabriella shuffled into the bathroom and shut the door, but he noticed something as his eyes stayed on the door handle.

The lock didn't click.

Gabriella's string bikini was shed to the ground as she stepped into the steaming water of the shower. Her dark curls becoming even darker as the water got caught in her hair. She was grabbing for the shampoo when she thought she heard the door click open. She froze in her spot and craned her neck forward as if to see past the steamy glass door. She sighed as she thought it was a false alarm, but then she nearly dropped the bottle in surprise again as there was another 'thump' sound. Gabriella delicately put the shampoo bottle back on the little built in shelf so that she could open the sliding glass door, but nearly jumped out of her skin as two warm arms encircled her body from behind.

"Shh." Troy cooed softly as his arms were situated right underneath her heaving breasts. "It's just me."

"What are you doing in here?" Gabriella hissed.

"I needed to shower too." His simple reply came as he guided Gabriella's numb body forward slightly so that it was him who received the water from the shower head.

His hands just didn't stay still though as the warm atmosphere around them added to the sensuality of the situation. Troy knew that when Gabriella told him about the trip to Panama, she didn't mean to sleep with him and cheat on Kyle. A stolen kiss or two wasn't a big deal because everyone kisses. And if they're just friends, then it shouldn't be a big deal, so Gabriella continued to let Troy assault her body with his moist lips, but when his hands began to roam in the shower, that was a whole new ball game.

"Troy," Gabriella spoke softly as one of his hands were gripping her tightly on her hip and the other was stroking the side of her body; making his knuckles ghost across her breast.

"I know you're feeling guilty." Troy's perfect voice spoke softly next to her ear. He spun their bodies around so that his back was being splashed with the hot liquid and Gabriella had her back to the white wall. She almost stumbled on the slippery surface of the tub if Troy's hand didn't still have it's hold on her hip. "But yet, in your eyes, there's excitement. You're thriving with adrenaline."

Troy's lips neared Gabriella's as he pressed her back against the cold wall. Her mouth fell open in shock as she had no idea what was happening.

"You don't looked ashamed either. It's just you and me baby." He breathed on her before he lifted her chin with his two fingers to kiss her possessively.

Gabriella was shocked to say the least. In less than a week she was marrying another man. She loved Kyle, and she always will as they were in love before. He thought he knew her inside and out, but Gabriella never really let him see her other side; the other side that was always brought out of her whenever Troy was around. The side that loved to play on the borderline of safe and dangerous. Because with Kyle, he was nice, sweet, caring, and a business man. He knew how to act in public, he knew how to command other people to get things done, but with Troy he was unpredictable, and Gabriella missed that.

Her mouth moved against his in a timed dance. It seemed that every second between the two was timed, and the clock was ticking down quickly.

The moment that Gabriella walked into the bathroom was the moment that Troy decided to try to do something about their 'friendship'. It was impossible for him to let her go, and she was going to know that. He had stepped quietly as possible into the bathroom; only to be met with the outline of Gabriella's perfect body. He could make out all the curves on her body. Just thinking about her made his member harden.

"Troy," Gabriella moaned deep within her throat as his teeth sank into her soft skin on her neck.

He was past gentle. He was on a mission to claim her as his again. Troy's fingers raked down her body and gripped tightly to her lower waist to pull her closer. He heard her let out a little yelp of surprise and shock from his movements, but she didn't complain as she pressed her body against his willingly and connected their mouths again.

Gabriella wasn't oblivious to Troy's erection pressing up against her thigh. Just feeling his naked body pressed up against her own flush one was enough to make the dampness between her legs even wetter. She wanted him, and she was willing to greedily forget Kyle for that one night and spend it with Troy--ALL of Troy.

"Troy," Gabriella gasped as her back was thrust up and into the shower's wall again so that Troy could get a better grip on her. He tightly picked her up with his two hands so that she could wrap her legs around his sleek waist, "the bed."

"Right," Troy murmured to himself, "the bed. I can do that." He looked at Gabriella with dark blue eyes. His were clouded over with lust and passion as he glided the shower door open without breaking eye contact with Gabriella. His hand reached out as if in a memorized dance to turn off the water before closing the shower glass door behind them.

Gabriella would never really know how many bruises she got that night as Troy slammed her ontop of the bathroom counter; unable to wait the few seconds it would take to make it to the bed in the hotel room. She panted as their tongues dueled in a dance that was almost foreign to them.

When the need for oxygen became a problem they ripped their mouths away from each other. Gabriella ran her plump tongue over her bottom lip and Troy let out a low growl of approval.

"God Brie," he nipped at her earlobe, "you drive me crazy."

"You ARE crazy Troy." Gabriella whispered in his ear. She couldn't wait much longer as she bucked her hips to make Troy continue their way into their bedroom. Troy moaned at the feelings Gabriella evoked within him. He hadn't felt this good since their last time together.

He scooped her up into his arms once again as their damp bodies clung to one another. Her one hand knotting itself into his hair while the other gripped ferociously to the back of his neck. She kept her eyes closed throughout the kiss until she felt his sharp teeth tug on her lower lip.

He lowered her body so that she could stand by herself. They were still five feet away from the bed, but Troy needed to tell her something before they continued. It was only fair for her to know what was on his mind.

"Brie, I need you." He whispered erotically. His large hands latching onto her burning waist. "I can't stop thinking about you. About us. I WON'T stop." He hissed the last part as Gabriella's small hand trailed down from his right nipple to his chiseled abs, only to land at his hairline.

Just looking at her made him hard. But now that he got to taste her mouth again, that he got to touch her, and that he got to caress her, he was more than hard. He was in love, and he was going to tell her that.

"Then don't." Gabriella whispered as she looked up at him from underneath her long lashes. She softly stroked her hand over his erection--making Troy's eyes go wide from shock of her words, and pleasure from her hand movement--and then before Troy knew it, he was pushed backwards.

Gabriella's hands collided with his two shoulders. She watched Troy stumble back towards the bed before taking two quick strides to reach him. She straddled him on the bed. Their eyes never leaving one anothers.

Their mouths met again. Troy maneuvering them around so that Gabriella was laying on her back with her head slightly propped up by the pillows. His hands made their way to her breasts. "I've missed you so much." Troy rasped out.

"I know," Gabriella agreed as that was all she could say with the feelings Troy was creating in the pit of her stomach. She couldn't wait much longer as she felt Troy's tongue flick her nipple to tease her.

She couldn't think clearly as she knew back in the shower that Troy had her trapped and he knew it. She knew that he knew that he would win because he always did. She had no chance whatsoever when he stepped into the shower and bared his all to her. And it was possible that in her mind, she wished for this to happen sooner.

"I want you Troy." She cried out in desperation. "Please…now…"

Troy brought his head up from her chest to look around the room to locate his wallet that held a foil packet. He spotted his crumpled jeans near the end of the bed, and when he went to lean over to grab them, Gabriella's warm hand folded over him to stop his movements.

"Don't." She told him as he looked at her curiously. "I want ALL of you. I want to feel ALL of you."

That was all it took for him to lose the ounce of sanity that he had left.

He was stupid when he let her go. He was the one to propose to break up because of the distance, and he was stupid. But she didn't fight him when he suggested it. They had years to make up for, and it was in that moment that he realized something again.

He was okay with his life. He had an awesome job that any man would dream of having. He had no problem finding dates if he needed them. He had the money and the high life. But being in Gabriella's embrace beat any day that he lived without her. He knew she was the one for him.

"Troy," Gabriella purred softly. "Please, just…I need you right now."

He would do anything for her.

His fingers danced along her petite stomach and crawled their way to her sleek folds. He could feel her wetness as she moaned to his touch.

"Brie," Troy panted. His hands spread her thighs as his head was in the perfect place to latch onto her heaving breasts. He was taking the dominant role, and Gabriella was letting him.

They were in position now. His body hovering over hers slightly while his arms were on either side of her; caging her in. It was in this moment that the two took the time to fully appreciate the other.

Gabriella's eyes slowly moved down Troy's body; taking in every detail. He still looked like the same Troy from high school, except his muscles were more defined and slightly bigger, his skin was tanner due to the LA sun, and his dark blue eyes were glazed over with ice. But she still recognized him, and that made her crave him more.

He was known as this powerful man. Kids worshipped him. He had various sport posters out with his face on them. The paparazzi followed him like he was the only one in the world. It amazed him that he was able to escape to Panama without anyone following him. The moment that Troy entered Gabriella was the moment his whole world came crashing down around him, and his thoughts contained nothing except Gabriella Montez.

He remembered everything about her as the filing cabinet he kept in his mind about her was reopened and scattered about in his mind. He never truly realized how much he missed her until their bodies became one. He had let the love of his life just walk out of his life, and it killed him just thinking about it. He had put up a charade in front of everyone. He had told Gabriella that he remembered everything, but that was a lie. He forgot that she had a freckle underneath her chin, that her eyes nearly turned black when making love, or that she had a mini scar on the underside of her upper arm.

He had missed out on a lot as he took Gabriella coming back into his life willingly as a sign. It was a sign that he still had a chance, unless Gabriella was only here because she wanted one last hoorah before she got married.

"Tell me that you love me." Troy rasped out as he was unfamiliar with the feelings swirling around inside of him. He had never been jealous of another guy before. Even when Gabriella first came to East High in her junior year, he was the first one to talk to her. After that, almost everyone knew that he had silently marked her as his until he managed to come up with enough courage to ask her out. Their relationship came naturally, and they only had minor bumps to overcome. But he was never the jealous guy as everyone at East High knew enough to just stay clear of trying to pursue a relationship with Gabriella.

He moved inside of her. Her legs instantly wrapping themselves around his torso to pull him closer. She looked up at his face and swore she saw little tears collecting in Troy's eyes. She had only seen Troy cry once, and that time was hardly crying as he had small tears running down his face. There was no sobbing, no sniffling, and no shaking as this one time was only during their break up in college. It made no sense to Gabriella why he would now of all times, but it scared her a little.

She wasn't scared of Troy. But she was scared of the fact that whatever was making him act like this had such an effect over him.

"Troy…I…" She could barely form words with him still pumping inside of her.

"Say it Brie…please," He added softly as his face was buried in the crook of her neck now. "Tell me and everything will be okay."

His tough guy act that he shows the nation was cracking, and it was all just because of one girl.

"I love you." She gasped out when his hips bucked even harder against her own. Troy could have asked her to do anything in that moment and she would have.

Troy kissed up her neck, across her jaw line, and finally landed on her lips. Little beads of sweat started forming on their skin. The room seemed five times hotter than what it really was.

In between kisses Troy managed to continuously pump into her harder and faster. Desperation was running through his veins. "I'm sorry Brie…so sorry."

He apologized for the first time in many years.

"Fuck Troy," Gabriella moaned from pleasure. Her hand delicately reached up and shook lightly against his cheek before running down the smooth skin. "I've missed you…don't apologize…please," she begged desperately.

Their bodies melted together as Troy's body grinded it's imprint into her skin. Their sweat mixed while their foreheads rested against one another's. His thrusting seemed to be getting faster and faster, and Gabriella knew that he was close to his release.

"Come on Troy," she whispered in his ear as her hands were frantically gripping his shoulders to relieve the yell of pleasure wanting to come out of her mouth. "I'm almost there."

It seemed like it had been a lifetime ago since they had last connected sexually, and now it was like all their dreams coming true in one moment of time.


Their bodies were tangled as both chests rose and fell harshly. Their ragged breathing styles filling the room with their pants. His arm was around Gabriella's warm shoulders, pulling her into his body as her curls coated his sticky chest with her head laying right directly over his left nipple.

Her body was tense and Troy could feel it. But this tenseness in her petite frame wasn't something he could take care of, and he knew it. He hated God for causing this problem between them, and that he couldn't take care of it for her.

"Tell me what you're feeling Brie." He demanded softly as he couldn't keep his hands off of her. His one hand that wasn't wrapped around her to make sure that she wouldn't even think about leaving his side was running softly up and down her forearm.

The cool sheet was drawn up so that it was modestly covering her breasts and half of his waist. Both sets of hair looked as if they had just got fucking each other, and in ways that was correct, but it was something more. It was more than just sex to them, it was just a matter of time for one of them to admit it.

"I'm feeling like I just got done racing the biggest track event yet." She picked up his large hand and placed it over her heart as she could already hear his heart pounding through his tan skin. "Can you feel it? This is what you make me feel."

"Where does this leave us?" He rasped out as he left his hand over her heart that was beating for two people now: him and Kyle.

"Kyle can never know. No one can ever know," she whispered as he growled with disapproval.

His strong hand gripped her forearm and made her twist sideways to look up at him. She yelped a little in surprise and shock that he was this forceful. She looked up at his dark eyes and almost coward back from the intensity of them.

"Listen to me Brie, because I'm only going to say this once," he grounded out through clenched teeth. "You haven't changed since high school. You've merely been on a vacation as I see the real you."

His hand reached out and pushed a curl behind her ear. No matter how hard or fearful his voice was, he still managed to show his weak side to her. "You're making a mistake as you think that you have to settle down now? You're young. WE'RE young. We can do anything we want, we can be anything we want."

He started off strong, but just looking down at her and her wide eyes of fear was enough to crack him. Instead of letting her see him like this, he pulled her close so that her head was buried into the crook of his neck. He took his time to even out his harsh breathing by letting his senses pick up Gabriella's sweet scent. Her fragrance assaulting his smell.

"I can't understand how you can throw everything away with this guy. I just…tell my why. Explain to me and I'll stop bugging you. I'll stop loving you if you can tell me why you're with him." Troy's voice cracked at the end as his arms tightened around her small bones.

Gabriella didn't hesitate in her answer as her brown eyes met his blue. "Because he loves me."

She saw it pass through his eyes. The primal instinct of possession coarse through his body like a wild animal. His hands that were gripping her tightened just a little bit more, and his short nails dug into her skin.

She was flipped over on the bed so that her back laid flat on the mattress. The headboard belonging to the bed rattled against the wall, making the cheesy picture of a sailboat shake dangerously on it's hook.

His body was covering hers as his hands that were digging themselves into her upper arms held his body up with his strength that only increased over the years. She could smell his musky scent mixed with the smell of sex and the shower gel that the hotel provided. His hair was clumped together with the saltiness of his sweat.

"Like hell he does," Troy hissed with venom. "No one loves you like I do."

"Troy, I--"

"Does he hold you when you're tired? Does he know every inch of your body? Does he know that you always shiver when I touch you right here?" Troy's eyes never left hers as he dipped his body lower and his tongue skimmed around the edge of her belly button before dipping in; claiming her body as his own.

Gabriella's body shook as she tried to roll out from underneath Troy. Her cries of protest were beat down with her moan of pleasure. Troy's thighs that were straddling Gabriella's lower body clamped down around her to stop her legs from flailing out.

Gabriella knew that Troy would never hurt her, but the way that he was taking control, she couldn't help but know how this was her fault. She had wanted Troy to take control, and she should've known that he never held back.

"Does he love you like I do?"

"You don't love me Troy," Gabriella rasped out. "You love the idea of me. I've heard the stories and seen the papers that show you and your little eye candies. You have a new girl every month." Gabriella pointed out as she had to force it through her mind that what they were feeling was just lust.

"I find it funny then that you still let me inside of you." Troy nipped at her ear. "You know, he might love you, but don't think that I'm going to leave you alone. Now that you contacted me, I'm not going to let you go this time around."

"You're scaring me Troy," Gabriella whimpered as her body was deceiving her and craving for his touch. Her hands traced up his sturdy arm that had veins showing from his muscles. "You're really scaring me."

"Leave Kyle behind. Let me be your future. I can offer you anything you crave for. You want a big wedding? I can give you that. You want a fancy ring? I can drive to the jewelers. If you absolutely want kids? Then I can't wait to see little girls running around with your looks. I can do anything for you. I WILL do anything for you," Troy hissed out with promise.

Gabriella snorted ungracefully. "You know I don't want a big wedding, and you don't want kids. You're in the middle of your career and…it's crazy even thinking about this Troy! I'm with Kyle. He loves me."

"But yet we're in Panama with you naked underneath me. Just face it Sweetheart, you're going to be crawling back to me after your marriage fails. Kyle's going to fail, and when you feel rejected, you're going to be right back in my bed."

Gabriella didn't know where this sudden anger came from, but her hand cranked back and slapped Troy's cheek. His head turned as he opened his mouth to stretch out his sore jaw. His cheek was turning a deep shade of red and it wasn't from embarrassment.

"Jesus fuck Brie! Where did you learn to hit like that?" Troy cursed as he dared to turn his head back around. His right hand reached up to gingerly trace the sure to be bruise on his cheek.

"You're forgetting that we were separated during college. I didn't have your protection anymore. My roommate and I took defense classes."

"And they taught you how to slap?!"

Gabriella raised her chin before quipping, "Well…no. But I got stronger, and I've stayed in shape since then."

"You were never big Brie." Troy murmured as it seemed as if all their problems were swept under the rug. Troy was still above Gabriella, but neither had anger etched into their bones.

"I still needed to know how to protect myself. A girl can never be too careful."

He didn't know if it was how ridiculous they looked and sounded, or just how much time he's spent with her in the past couple of days, but his guards that he put up after they broke up were slowly coming down as he spoke with honesty.

"I've missed you Brie."

Gabriella smiled up at Troy. "I've missed you too."

A yawn made it's way out of Gabriella's mouth. Troy chuckled as Gabriella blushed a little. He rolled off of her and opened his arms so that Gabriella could snuggle into him.

"And now it's time for sleep," he declared as his fingers went straight for her hair to smooth it out.

"Mmm," Gabriella agreed groggily. It wasn't until she let her head rest against Troy's strong chest that she realized just how tired she actually was. Her eyes drooped closed right when Troy's mouth pressed itself to her cold forehead.

"You know," Troy mused in a whisper, "in high school we said that we wouldn't marry because of how cheesy everyone made it out to be."


He pressed another soft kiss to her head. No matter how much he hated Kyle, he had to admire him, because if he had managed to get Gabriella to settle down, then he must be good at persuading people. But Troy had to keep reminding himself that he hadn't seen Gabriella in person for five years. They lived on opposite sides of the country for three years before she finally moved to LA, just like they planned on her doing.

She just winded up with the wrong man.

But five years was a long time to young people. A lot of things could change, and if he thought about it hard enough, then he could let the truth of reality sink in, and it hurt. There must have been a God, however, as having Gabriella in his arms was a second chance. She was convinced that she was ready to move on with another man, and now at the very last moment possible, he was given a second chance.

"With the way you described the wedding plans yesterday, I think it sounds kind of fun. Of course, you can never tell Chad I said that, or any other human, but…it doesn't sound so scary. It's like planning a giant party, and God knows how many parties we hosted at my house in high school. You know, right now? I feel like we're the only two in the world. You feel it too, right?"

There was no answer as he looked down at the brunette beauty and saw that her breathing was even as she slept in his arms.

He smiled as he pressed one last kiss to her head.

"My Brie...God how I love you."