A/N: Just something I felt needed to be written. Based on a Spanish short story, not everyone got off easy. Post DH.

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Fall of a Lady

Not a ray of light reached her in the secluded room. Despite the circumstances she smoothed her pale hair carefully with her manicured hands. She cleaned one fingernail with another with precision and straightened her eyebrows with a moistened fingertip. She ran her hands down her front to flatten the robes she wore and gazed approvingly at the shoes she wore but could not see. Folding her hands daintily on her lap and crossing one ankle over the other that was spellbound to the leg of her chair, she sat in silence.

She heard footsteps carry a heavy man distinctly down the corridor, and in time the door at the far end of the room creaked open. "Mrs. Malfoy," hissed the voice, familiar to her from the previous day. It drew closer until she felt hot breath hit the back of her neck. From somewhere above them a dim light flickered on. "Perhaps if you cooperate, we won't have to revert to such violent measures as yesterday."

At his word, each cut and sore on her body open and howl deeply with a sharp otherworldly pain.

The man sat on the opposite side of the desk, slowly pushing up the sleeves of his robe, threatening her with the seared scar that greeted the pair. "Tell me, Mrs. Malfoy, did you aid Mr. Potter in the defeat of the Dark Lord?"

"If you knew what a mother would do for her son," she whispered, sitting tall and proud.

A hand reached her face, slapping hard across her cheek. She heard a crack in her jaw from the blow, and pain pulsed through her body, but she barely felt it anymore.

"I will ask you only once more." He leaned across the desk until his face was level with hers, unbearably close. "Did you aid Mr. Potter, Mrs. Malfoy?"

"If you knew what a mother would do for her son," she replied.