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Ch.1 Saying Goodbye and Hello

Bella's POV

I walked over to him slowly. I had nothing but my royal blue bra and matching panties on. He was laying on the bed with black boxers on. This was not our first time but we were still nervous.

I went and layed ontop of him and started to kiss him. His tongue lingered on my bottom lip. I finally opened my mouth and our tongues danced together.

2 weeks later

"Wait what?"

"I'm sorry Bella."

"Please don't."

"I have too."

"No you don't. We were suppose to be together forever."

"I'm sorry, it is better this way."

"No it isn't don't do this."

"I have too. I love you forever. Good bye."

"No don't go." And like that he was gone. Nothing but a blur. I was going to tell him, but no he left. How could he leave? He loved me, he loved me enough to give me a baby.

I am now pregnant and alone. There is nothing else to say. The love of my life was gone, forever.

I went back to my apartment and layed on the couch and did nothing but cried. I cried until I fell asleep and when I woke up I cried. I had nothing else to do. I had something inside of me that belonged to someone that wanted nothing to do with me. I wanted nothing more but to have my life end right now.

I couldn't think like that. I had to take care of another person now, not just myself. I got up and called the doctors office and made an appointment. I was going in the morning. I was very nervous but really excited.

The day drug on with nothing exciting happening. I fell asleep fast and did not dream. I woke up at 8:00 am and took a shower. When I got out I went and made some breakfast and was out the door.

I got there alittle early and signed in. I went to sit down to wait. It was a very short wait and I went in to the room and put the gown on and sat on the cold table. The doctor came in. He was the second most beautiful thing I had ever seen. He has dark hair, itailien skin, big brown eyes, and the most amazing muscular arms.

"Hello there Miss Swan. How are you today?"

"Good. How about youself?"

"Good actually. Thank you for asking." He smiled and I melted.

"So Miss Swan you are here today to make sure everything is going ok with your pregnancy?"


"Ok. Well lay back and I will do the exaim." I laid back and he came over and start to feel my stomach. His grip was firm but gently.

"Have you felt any discomfort?"

"N-No not really."

"Ok. How old are you again?"


"Ok. Is your boyfriend in the waiting room?"

"Ummm no." I felt the tears coming but I held them back.

"Ohh ok." He went and sat back on his rolling stool and rolled to the bottom of the table. I sat back up and looked at him. "Miss Swan can you lay back and put your legs up so I can finish the exaim?"

"Yeah." I layed back and opened my legs. He went to work and I barley felt it. When he was done he marked a couple things down and then stood up.

"Ok Isbella you can go get ddressed and come back out here."

"Bella and ok."

"Oh sorry, Bella."

I went and got dressed and as soon as I stepped into the bathroom I started to hyperventalate. He was so sexy and hot. I got dressed quickly and went back out. He was sitting on the stool waiting for me. I went and sat back on the table and looked at him waiting.

"Ok Bella, you are about 3 weeks pregnant. You are over all very healthy and your pregnancy is very healthy. If you will come into my office with me I have a few questions for you."

"Ok." I fellowed him into his office. It looked a lot like Carlise's but not as big. He sat on the desk and I sat in one of the leather chairs in front of it. He was an arm length away from me and started to talk.

"Well…" he stopped and came down to me and kissed me. He kissed me hard with tongue. I was hard but he was some how being very gently. He started to kiss down my neck and he pulled me onto his lap. I was to shocked and relieved to say anything I just kissed back.