A/N: Hi guys. OK, this is my first ever 'Twilight' fanfic. I read the books and watched the movie, and ended up completely falling in love with it. Seriously, Stephanie Meyer should have written a warning at the beginning of the book 'May cause teenage girls to fall in love with fictional characters'. Lol. Anyway, like I said this is my first 'Twilight' fic. I've written a lot for 'Step Up' and 'CSI:NY', so this whole fantasy thing is a bit new for me, but I really hope you like it.

Summary: Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are best friends, and have been since they were two years old. They've went through everything together. Divorcing Parents, Psychotic teachers, Bitter Break-ups, and now something that neither ever thought would happen...Parent Hood! Yep, that's right. When Edward and Bella are paired up together to look after a 'baby' for sex-ed, will their friendship fall, or become so much more? (AU, All Human, OOC)

Pairings: Edward/Bella, Alice/Jasper, Emmet/Rosalie

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I own nothing *cries* It all belongs to amazing Stephanie Meyer.

Edward's POV:

I sat staring at the clock, tapping my pencil of my desk as my History teacher, Mrs Michael's, prattled on about something to do with some old guy with bad hair, who died a long time ago. In other words, a load of crap that I would never need to know about in real life. I rested my head in my hand, sighing deeply as another minute passed. Four more and then freedom. Looking down at the lined paper in front of me, which was covered in little drawings, I began to draw some more, but quickly lost interest and focused all of my attention back on the clock hanging on the badly painted wall. Five...Four...Three...Two... BRING!!!! Giving a smile and a sigh with relief, I quickly grabbed my books and headed out into the halls, which were quickly filling with students who were headed to the last class of the day. I wasn't more than five feet out the door however when I heard the nasally voice of Mrs Michael's behind me, calling me back into the room that I had just escaped from.

"Mr Cullen..." She called above the noise "Would you mind coming back here so I could have a word with you?"

Closing my eyes and giving out a deep sigh, I slowly turned round and made my way back into the class room, taking a seat on top of one of the front desks as Mrs Michael's stood in front of me with a raised eye brow, her arms crossed over her chest as she gave me the look to say 'Ass on seat, not desk'. Rolling my eyes, I stood up from the desk and sat in one of the uncomfortable seats behind it. It felt like 3 hours had passed before she had actually decided to say something, and part of me was wondering if I had done anything wrong or if she was just trying to think of something to blame me for.

"I would like to discuss the essay you wrote on World War II Mr Cullen." She began, walking over to her desk and pulling out my badly crumpled essay, waving it like a flag.

"What's wrong with it?" I asked a little confused.

I had handed it in on time. Wrote the necessary amount of words, and made sure that I hadn't gotten the dates for WW I and WW II, mixed up like I had last time. What could be wrong?

"Well..." The old hag began, opening up the essay and looking at it unimpressed "For starters you forgot to put your name on it."

"Wow..." I said sarcastically "What a crime...can I go now, I'm going to be late for my next class."

"Not just yet Mr Cullen. "She carried on, her nasally voice becoming more and more irritating by the second "Let me read your first line..." She cleared her throat, a disgusting sound of phlegm being cleared ringing in my ears "Back in the olden days when guys were short, smelled bad and had comb over's, there was this dude who hated all these people and caused a war to happen."

She closed the paper, her eyes glaring at me before she slowly turned to face the chalk board. OK, so I could see her point. Maybe it wasn't the most...intellectual paper I had ever written, but I was bored, and like I had said a thousand times before to my father, 'When am I ever going to need this stuff in real life?'. I watched as the small woman picked up a piece of chalk and began to write random stuff on the board that I was apparently supposed to know, and it just became worse when she began to narrate everything she was writing. Grumbling silently, I buried my face in my hands.

Bella's POV:

I was so late that it wasn't even funny. Math's had went fine, but on the way out I tripped over Mike Newton's big feet and went flying, knocking over one of the scariest girls in the school. I ended up hiding from her for about ten minutes, and now, thanks to my clumsiness, I was late for sex-ed. Probably one of the easiest classes that you could take, but still, it was fun. I was running down the halls when I rounded into the history department, the annoying voice of Mrs Michael's soon invading my delicate ears. Ugh, what poor soul had she kept behind this time to lecture to? Slowing my pace, I stopped outside her class room, peering in through the glass window on the door only to see Edward Cullen, my best friend and next door neighbour, sitting at one of the desks repeatedly hitting his head off of the top desk as Mrs Michael's wrote on the chalk board about World War II. Ah...She had seen his history essay. Now I didn't know who I felt sorry for. Edward for having to listen to her ramble on, or Mrs Michael's for being subjected to his writing skills.

Sighing, I rolled my eyes and knocked on the door, causing the short woman to turn and look at me. Motioning for me to come in, I couldn't help but see the glint of hope in Edward's eyes as I entered. Shooting him a quick smile, I turned to look at the boring teacher.

"May I help you Miss Swan?" She asked, pronouncing my surname as if it was in a foreign language.

"Yes..."I began "Mr Cullen has a phone call at the office. It's his Mom. She says it's rather urgent and must speak with him now."

Tutting, and lowering her chalk, Mrs Michael's gave Edward a rather pissed off look before giving him permission to leave. I don't think I have ever seen him grab his belongings and race out of a room so fast in all my life, because the next thing I knew, I was being dragged down the hall by the arm, Edward stealing glances behind us every now and then to make sure that the wretched woman wasn't watching us.

"Oh my gosh, Thank you!" He exclaimed, slowing his pace and releasing me when we turned round a corner "Seriously, I love you right now."

"I know." I said happily with a smile "But you owe me big time for this. I can't keep lying to get you out of trouble."

"Aw, c'mon." He said with a smirk, draping an arm over my shoulder "It's fun, and it's a tradition. I'm the one who gets into a shit load of trouble, and you're the one who comes to the rescue. That's the way it's always been."

"Yeah, well now we're both going to get into a shit load of trouble, because we are 15 minutes late for sex-ed."

"Then let's skip the rest of the class, and head to the diner." He suggested, which I must admit, sounded very tempting.

"We can't." I grumbled "Alice said that we had to go today because apparently Mr Barry has a special assignment for us today which counts for half our grade."

"That sucks." Edward said as we came to a stop outside the door.

Holding his fist out in a ball, Edward looked down at me.

"Rock, paper, scissors." He stated "Loser has to say why we're late."

Rolling my eyes, I copied his actions.

"One...two...three." I said, a small smile spreading across my face when I saw I won "Ha! Paper covers rock. You're telling."

Grumbling, Edward opened the door and we walked in, only for Mr Barry to turn and glare at us. I wonder what stupid excuse Edward would use this time. He never stuck to the truth.

"Mr Cullen! Miss Swan" Came the booming voice of our teacher "Would one of you care to explain why you are late for my class?"

"Someone was choking in the hall." Edward said smugly "We stopped to save them."

I rolled my eyes and tried to suppress a laugh as Mr Barry gave us a 'Yeah Right' look before ushering us to take our seats. His excuses were becoming more bizarre every day, and the sad thing was, there were a couple of girls who actually believed him! They gasped at the sound of someone choking, whispering amongst themselves that Edward was a hero. They soon began to discuss how brave he was for saving that poor person and eventually their conversation moved to how good looking he was.

OK, so I wasn't going to deny it. Yes Edward was my best friend, and no I didn't see him as anything else, but I had to admit. He was incredibly hot. What, with His bronze hair and piercing green eyes. Every girl wanted him...and some guys too. I was envied by loads at the fact that I was constantly with him.

I continued to get lost in my thoughts, picking up little snippets of some of the girls conversation about Edwards 'Hotness', when I was snapped back to reality by Mr Barry's loud voice.

"Right class!" He began. Ugh, did he have to shout everything? "Since we are all here now!" Looking at Edward and I "I would like to present you with your new project. You will be split up into pairs, and to some people's enjoyment, it will all be boy/girl pairings."

There were a few 'whoops' throughout the class as girls giggled, looking at Edward dreamily. How desperate could they get? I mean, I loved Edward, don't get me wrong, but he was a player, and they knew it too, but still, they didn't care. I focused all of my attention back to what the teacher was saying.

"I will be choosing your partners for you however." He said with a smile, causing groans.

"Mind telling us what the project is?" Came the voice of one of my good friends, Emmett.

"Of course." Smirked Mr Barry, pulling a white sheet off of a crate of eggs which sat on his desk "Congratulations...You've all just become parents!"

Edward's POV:

Parents! We were becoming parents! I can't even cook an egg let alone look after one! Ugh...I hope I'm partnered with one hell of a girl. I looked over at Bella who was sitting next to me, surprised to see her look excited. She quickly turned in her seat to face Alice, Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper, and pretty soon; all three girls were going on about babies! They were deciding on names! Star signs, genders! It was breakfast, not a child. Rolling my eyes, I turned in my seat to face our friends, Jasper and Emmett looking a little at what their girlfriends were planning. Even if they weren't partnered together, they would be roped into helping them. Boy was I glad that Bella and I were just friends.

"Is yours going to be a boy or a girl Bella?" Alice asked, obviously being very serious.

"A girl duh." Bella said with a smirk.

I don't think I had ever seen her get so excited about something this...girly before. She was a bit of a tomboy. Didn't wear a lot of make-up or care about what everyone thought about her, and the thing I liked most was the fact that she wasn't constantly throwing herself at me. Sure we had been friends for 16 years, but that didn't mean that she couldn't make a move. She was a beautiful girl, and I just hoped that when I actually did settle down or try to get a serious relationship, it would be with someone like her.

"You do know it's just an egg?" I asked, snapping out of my thoughts "I mean, boil it and you've got yourself a nice little snack there."

"Jeez Edward." Bella said with a smirk "I sure feel sorry for the poor mindless idiot who'll end up being the mother of your egg."

"Miss Swan!" Came the booming voice of Mr Barry again.

"Yes?" Bella said, turning round.

"You and Mr Cullen. Partners."

Bella's POV:

Ok, I had nothing against Edward being my partner. I mean it would be easier since I know him very well. He's constantly at my house or me at his. I do stay there a lot...but the guy knew NOTHING about children. Seriously. We were looking after one of our neighbours kids once, and he put the diaper on the wrong way, ripped one of the sticky tags off of it and in the end, when we picked the baby up, it just fell to the floor.

Class went by quite quickly. Alice and Rosalie were happy that they got paired with Jasper and Emmett, so at least we could all hang out together without any strange new visitors. I waited outside the classroom by the lockers as some of the girls tried to talk to Edward, holding our 'baby' in my hand. When he finally emerged with a group of blonds following him, I quickly grabbed him by the front of his shirt and dragged him away, much to their disappointment.

"Hey!" He said, trying to glare at me.

"Please." I laughed "You were not listening to one word that those girls were saying, were you?"

"They were talking?" He asked, draping an arm over my shoulder again, taking the egg from me.

"Hmm." He said, holding it up "I don't see the resemblance. You sure it's my baby?"

I laughed, snatching our child back.

"Shut up." I said, leaning into his side a little.

We received some looks from people, but that always happened when we were seen walking like that. Everyone thought we were dating, and all Edward and I could do was laugh at that. I mean there was no way that we would end up together. Was there?

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