After a long, day; Winry Rockbell had had enough. She slammed her wrench down on her work table and grumbled to Garfield that she was going out to lunch. She was sick of working on the old, snobby lady's order. The lady had nine cats and kept calling every hour wanting to know what was taking so long to build her new arm. (al would die from happiness)She left to go find her boyfriend so he could take her out.

Two years ago, the Elric's had returned home; Al out of the armor and Ed still with Automail but with such a smile on his face that people would have believed he was the happiest person alive. Two months later, they had all moved to the large apartment above Winry's automail shop in Rush Valley and Edward and Winry had "hooked up". One year and eight months later, despite all the fighting and random trips to the East or to Central, they were still happily together. (The betting pool at HQ was about to overflow with all the bets made on weather they would kill one another or get married.)

After finding Edward walking around the small market near the station, he had eagerly agreed to the idea of lunch out with her (especially after seeing the look in her that had said 'agree-or-I'll-kill-you'). They had headed off to find a place to relax and eat in peace. However, peace does last long. When they finally found a suitable place, shortly after getting their orders taken, the kitchen decided that today would be the day that it would catch fire after one of the dumb-asses had accidentally sprayed the frying pan with oil that had been replaced with gasoline instead of olive oil as a practicle joke.

After the fire had been put out and the kitchen more or less put back together (Thanks to Ed's alchemy) the couple had left for home, hungry and in an uncomfortable silence. Upon arriving to the cozy flat,Winry stomped up the steps to her bedroom and Ed walked into the kitchen to find Al's neat scrawl on a sheet of paper stating that he had gone out to the outskirts of the city with Paninya who had reportedly found a small litter of kittens.

While in the kitchen, Ed had time to contemplate the mood his girlfriend was in as he made sandwiches for the both of them. Something had obviously been stressing her out and he was determined to get her back in high spirits. Placing his concoctions on the plates, he ascended the stairs. When he reached the door to their bedroom he saw that it was slightly open and that Winry was laying on her bed looking out the window, her back to him. He breathed deeply once in order to ready himself; he then pushed the door open with his foot and stepped into the room.

Winry rolled over at the sound of his entrance and watched as he walked casually to the bedside table and placed two plates, food neatly placed, on the table. Then he turned and walked to the bed, stopping at the foot of the bed and placing his fists on his hip and staring so intensively at her, she felt as though he was trying to drill what was wrong out of her with his golden orbs.

Suddenly he sighed dramatically and flung himself unceremoniously and without warning on to the bed to lie alongside Winry, scaring her out of her thoughts by his sudden movement. He looked at her with a comically serious face before stating loudly,

"Please! I unwillingly give myself to you as a way to vent all your frustrations sexually! But first, I must ask you to please be gentle, for my virgin mind and body may not be able to recover after your treatment!" He ended with his eyes clenched tightly shut and his body scrunching up, as if expecting a harsh blow.

After a moment, he opened one eye at her to see that she was giving him an incredulous look, her slender eyebrows disappearing into her blond bangs. As he opened both eyes and relaxed his body, he was pleased to see her features slowly melted into amusement.

"You didn't really think that would help get you laid did you?"

"No, but it was worth a shot." He grinned, which melted into happiness as she curled her body to his and kissed him on the cheek as she began to tell him about her day.


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