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A New Hope

Jasper Hale moved through the forest quickly as he started his hunt. It had been a week since he last fed and this was one of his opportunities to do so without anybody else around. Usually the civil war Major was always glad to have company, especially with his wife, Alice Cullen. With emotions high now though, he seemed to be going off on his own a lot more. The Vampire moved towards his prey and quickly attacked, beginning his feed. He suddenly picked up another scent, a new person with new emotions. He heard the persons heartbeat increase and soon the footsteps came closer towards him, he quickly moved out of sight, into a tree. As he watched the ground he saw a young girl look around the woods, seemingly looking for someone. Then she looked up and her eyes met his before she collapsed to the ground.

He could smell the blood covering her. All his senses said to kill her, but there was something else. She smelt, different. There was something about her blood that was different from human blood, and her eyes. Those were what shocked Jasper the most upon seeing her. The color, It was like a vampires after drinking human blood, they were red. Yet there was something else, the red, instead of sitting on white, was contrasted with black. Her hair was different as well. It was an auburn color, but her bangs were pure white. Jasper moved down towards the young girl, she couldn't have been very old, and the fear and pain he felt from her was nothing someone young one should have felt. He knew one thing, he couldn't leave her in the forest alone, it was too dangerous.

Kneeling down next to the young girl, he scooped her into his arms. The scent overwhelmed him for a moment before he looked down at her, for some reason, he wasn't tempted at all to kill her, he blood was appealing yes, but he didn't want it. Quickly Jasper moved back through the forest until he reached the Cullen house. Nobody else was there, it was probably better that way. He lay her on the bed in his and Alice's room, before rushing to get a rag to clean her up. After the blood was off of her he sat in a chair across the room and watched her. The girls breathing was calm, it seemed like she was sleeping, there was no head wound, he had checked for that before moving her.

"Jasper!" He suddenly heard, he eyes suddenly jerking away from the sleeping girl. He rushed out of the room and quietly shut the door before rushing downstairs to see his wife. There she stood, her short black hair bouncing as she walked towards him. She stood on her tippy toes and gave him a quick kiss. "What's that smell all over you Jazz" Alice suddenly asked.

"I went hunting today" he said simply.

"That doesn't smell like animal blood…Jazz.." Alice's eyes suddenly widened.

"No, no Alice its not that" he suddenly said, trying to keep his voice down. "I want to show you something, I'm surprised you didn't see this coming…"

"What are you talking about Jazz?"

"Just…just follow me" he stated and took her hand, leading her upstairs. "You have to stay quiet" he opened the door and stepped in. He heard a small gasp escape from Alice when she saw the young girl laying in the bed. "She was hurt and lost in the forest. I hid, but she looked straight at me."


"No…just listen please Alice. I saw her hurt, she was covered in blood and I didn't attack her. I wasn't tempted. Something about her blood…" he paused. "Its strange and I do not know how to explain it. Her scent, its so pleasant, but it doesn't appeal to me as a normal human does. She's different. Her eyes were blazing red when she looked at me

"Red!?" Alice exclaimed before Jasper quickly put his hand over her mouth and a finger up to his lips. "Red? But, how…why didn't I see this Jasper? I should have seen this but I didn't" she suddenly paused and remained unmoving for a moment before looking at him. "We have to get downstairs, try and hide your thoughts from Edward, we can try and explain this before they see her, hopefully they will be ok" she smiled a bit. "Of all people to bring a human to the house Jasper, it had to be you" She kissed his cheek. "I'm proud of you though"

"I surprised myself as well" He laughed a bit before looking at her again. "For some reason, I was just drawn to her."

"Well let's head downstairs, the others will be here any moment" She said leading him out the door. "She will be fine Jasper, we'll only be downstairs" Alice assured him before leaving the room and once again going downstairs. It was only a matter of minutes before the rest of the family walked into the house. "Hi!" Alice said being as cheerful as usual, trying to keep her mind clear of all thoughts of the young girl. Jasper remained silent as they approached the family and Carlisle looked at the two closely.

"What's going on you two?" He asked his adopted children.

"Its nothing bad, in fact I'm very proud of Jasper!" Alice said squeezing her husbands hand with a bright smile on her face.

"You brought a human child here!?" Edward suddenly exclaimed catching the thoughts of both of them rather quickly.

"Ssh!" Alice said trying to quiet her brother. "She's upstairs sleeping, she was hurt in the woods"

"A human child? Why would she be in the woods?" Esme gasped at the thought. "She could have been killed by wild animals. Is she ok?"

"There were no major injuries. She's sleeping right now" Jasper said. It was the first time he had actually spoken since they had come down. "I suspect she passed out from exhaustion. She had a few scrapes and bruises, but that was all"

"I should probably look at her" Carlisle stated.

"A human child?" Rosalie asked. "Why would you bring her here, it will put her in danger jasper! What were you thinking!" The words left her mouth harshly, though the under meaning of them was very apparent. For so long she had wanted a child of her own, having a child around would only make her yearn even more for one. A hand fell on Rosalie's shoulder to try and calm her down. Emmett stood behind Rosalie in silence before giving a soft chuckle.

"Of all of us, Jasper brought a human here!" he laughed. "I'm surprised she's alive!"

"Funny" Jasper growled. "I wouldn't go so low as to feed on a mere child!" he growled angrily.

"Jasper!" Alice called to him trying to calm him down. "He didn't mean it, you know how Emmett is."

"I'm going to go back to her. She might wake up" he said moving towards the stairs and falling completely silent as he did.

"Wait Jasper" Carlisle said. "I would like to see…" he fell completely silent seeing the young girl at the top of the stairs staring at them in silence, all of the looked up at her. The girls hair hung long, and was currently completely tangled up and she was covered in dirt., except in the places where Jasper had cleaned her wounds. Her eyes again were what stood out and everyone seemed to just gape at her in silence.

She looked at all of them with caution before her eyes fell on Jasper once again. Her little footsteps hurried down the stairs before she latched herself onto his leg. She looked up at him, tears forming in her eyes. Her eyes suddenly darted towards Edward and her grip tightened onto Jasper. "Stay 'way! Stay 'way!" She suddenly exclaimed before letting go and holding her head. "No! Get out!!" The entire family looked at Edward who was now in complete shock, nobody had ever known he was in their head before, and then something happened that had never happened before and he suddenly held his own head.

"Edward!" Esme cried out towards her son.

"I'm fine…She pushed me out I can't read her thoughts anymore"

"What?" Rosalie asked "But…she's just a child"

"Ah'm sorreh…" She said looking at Esme, "Ah didn't mean to make ya worry…ah'm sorreh" she said tears forming in her eyes again and that's when it clicked with Jasper. He sent a calmness through the room and the girl was no longer upset.

"What is upsetting you?" Jasper asked leaning down.

"Ah made her sad" She said pointing to Esme. "He get in meh head….ah push out and she get sad cuz he hurt."

"Do you always feel others emotions" Jasper questioned, and in return with a shrug. "What is your name?" he questioned. Silence followed and her face creased, seemingly looking for the answer to the question he had asked her. The she shrugged once again. "How old are you"

"Four!" she said quickly before she started thinking again, but then she nodded. "Yeah...four"

The family looked around at each other for a moment not knowing what to say. They were currently unsure of what to think of the young girl. She looked at each of them and then at Jasper and lifted her arms up for him to pick her up. It only took a moment of hesitation before he did, shocking the entire family. The girl wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. Jasper was shocked himself at how easy he fell into the role of her protector. "What should we call you little one" he questioned her curiously. He watched as she bit her bottom lip.

"Ah.." she paused and looked at him. "Desiree?" she asked and looked down somewhat confused. "Yeah, ah think that's meh name" she said obviously proud she had remembered something so quickly. "Somebody call meh that…." she said not moving from her current position. "What can ah call ya?"

"My names Jasper" he said which caused her to giggle.

"Jazper" she said. "Lahke Jazz!" she said mispronouncing his name. This caused Alice to let out a small giggle causing both of them to look towards her.

"I'm sorry" She said with a bright smile. "You just took her into your arms so natural, and she's just so adorable" Alice approached Desiree and Jasper slowly giving Desiree a bright smile. "I'm Alice" she said. "It seems you've charmed my husband, you are the first to ever have him like this" Desiree only giggled a bit at the small women.

" 'ello Alice! Ya the one that make Jazz so happy!" she said with a giggle before looking over towards the others cautiously. Two of them had been nice to her, but she wasn't sure about the others, especially the one that had tried to get into her head. The blonde one interested her for some reason. The feelings coming off her were that of curiously and yearning, only one of those Desiree quite understood. The tall man that stood by her was worried, she thought it was because of the blonde lady. Other then that he seemed to be ok. Then there was the other women, the one that Desiree realized she had upset.

Desiree suddenly wiggled out of Jaspers arms and moved across the room to Esme, everyone kept their eyes on the girl though, watching her very closely. "Ah am really sorry ah made ya sad" She told her looking up. Esme leaned down and brushed some of the girls hair out of her face.

"It is alright little one. My name is Esme."

"That's a pretty name!" Desiree said with a bright smile. "Is he the one that make ya happy?" She asked pointing to the man behind her.

"My name is Carlisle" he said kneeling down to get to her eye level. "Do you know where you came from?"

"No" She shook her head. "Ah wake up and there trees! Big trees and pretty angel" she said looking at Jasper. "He save me from bad aminal! The aminal was gonna eat meh..and he kill it!" she said with a smile. "Then he hide, but ah knew he was there…ah see him..then ah come here" she said scratching her head. "Don't know nothing' more"

Carlisle nodded and looked towards Edward who just nodded. Slowly he made his way over to Desiree and she watched him narrowing her eyes. "NO" she suddenly yelled and ran back to Jasper. "Meh head hurt! Ya make meh head hurt!" she cried clinging to Jaspers leg once again.

"I am very sorry" He said to the small girl which made her perk up again. "I did not mean to hurt you, I was only curious. Do you understand."

"Well ah ain't stupid" Desiree stated making Alice cover her mouth to stop from laughing. Jaspers eyes widened at her forwardness and Emmett just collapsed in a fit of laughter. Desiree's eyes went to him and then ran next to him. "Who are ya?" she asked tilting her head to the side.

"My name is Emmett kid"



And she make ya happeh?" Desiree questioned pointing up to Rosalie.

"Very much"

"My name is Rosalie"

"So pretty!! Ya'll got pretty names" Desiree said smiling at her. "Ya got pretty hair" she complimented Rosalie which made her perk up a bit. The girl only smiled bright at this. "Ya'll nahce…" she said and ran back to Jasper holding her arms out. Once again he scooped her into his arms. "Ah'm sleepy" she said, following her declaration a yawn escaped.

"You have had a long day, you should sleep a bit more"

"Ok Jazz" she told him and snuggled closer to his chest. He blinked and then looked at the others.

"You should take her back to our room Jasper" Alice said softly. Without another word Jasper moved up the stairs and all of them heard the door shut softly. Only a few moments later Jasper walked back downstairs. "Is she asleep?" He nodded. Alice took his hand and led him to the kitchen where the others were. "We need to discuss this." She said. How did a human child just come to land in the woods, we're in Alaska."

"She obviously from the south, that accent is unmistakable" Carlisle said. "She seems to have amnesia. Though she appears to be perfectly fine"

"Maybe you should take her to the hospital Carlisle, have her looked over" Esme suggested. " We will have to repost her, she's a missing child"

"She has no idea where she's from, why she's here, she's four years old" Jasper said speaking up. "She's scared"

"Did she tell you why she's scared?" Carlisle questioned Jasper.

"No" he shook his head. "I just know she's scared. Do you blame her? She doesn't know anyone and Edward decides to invade her mind!"

"That was a mistake. I didn't know she would react that way and usually people can't tell when I am reading their thoughts. She had nothing though. I couldn't see anything of family or friends. There was nothing"

"You got that before she shoved you out of her head, man that was priceless! The look on your face!" Emmett laughed slapping his brother on the back.

"Emmett" Carlisle warned.

"What are we going to do if we can't find her parents?" Rosalie questioned. "Throw her out onto the street? She won't survive!"

"We won't be just throwing her out" Esme stated firmly. "There are places to take her. There are orphanages around the world that would easily take good care of her. She would be adopted into a good home with…"

"No!" Both Rosalie and Jasper suddenly exclaimed. Everyone looked at them with pure shock, they even looked at each other with the same shock.

"Why would we need to put her through that? You've heard the stories about those places, they can be horrible!" Rosalie argued.

"She's obviously different" Jasper piped up. "What if she's there until she's older, You know how humans are when there is someone different among them" He stated firmly. The last thing he ever wanted was for her to be put in some home.

"We could always adopt her into our family" Esme said. The entire room seemed to fall silent. She had spoken the words many of them had been thinking. For moment they all looked at each other, they knew the risk of having a human child living with them, it could cause more trouble then they needed.

We will have a vote then" Carlisle said. Usually when there was a situation they were all divided on this was the way they settled it, sometimes it ended out fine, other times even more bickering would start up. "Who is for adopting the young girl and making her apart of our family"

"I am" Rosalie said. Everyone knew that she had always wanted a child, and this was her chance to raise one. She looked around and saw Esme look at her with a smile.

"I am" Esme stated. "I think Jasper is right, the child is far from just being a normal human child. Maybe a place such as what I suggested is not best for her. She's a sweet child, and I am sure we could do a fine job raising her"

"I am" Jasper stated firmly. "I will not have a child thrown into a hell hole because she's different. " He said to them looking everyone in the eyes. When they fell on Alice, he hoped she would side with him, he felt the guilt coming off of her as she decided against it and Jasper turned away running a hand through his hair.

"All in favor of taking her to a safe place where she will be adopted by a good family" Carlisle asked refraining from the use of the word orphanage.

"I am" Edward stated. "We can't have a human child living here. It puts the entire family in danger. If the Volturi found out she would be killed"

"I'm sorry Rose" Emmett said. "I just can't see a human child living here safely" he told his wife being serious with the situation for the first time since he had found out.

"I agree with Edward and Emmett, this is no place for a human child."

"I just don't see it Jasper" Alice said. Her voice was soft and she refused to look at him. "What if there is a slip up by any of us, what of the Volturi come out here because they hear we have a human girl with us. They won't let her just leave it'll be a choice, either turn her into a Vampire or kill her. She's so young that we probably won't even have that choice"

The silence filled the room before Jasper left and as he walked out the door and slammed it shut, they could hear glass shatter. Carlisle looked at his family. "I will make sure she is healthy first, I will take her to the hospital tomorrow and have her looked at. We can take her to the Orphanage in the city. I have passed it many times going to the hospital and it's a nice one. We can do that the day after." He said before leaving the room. Esme quickly followed him, leaving the rest of the children in the kitchen.

"You knew Emmett" Rosalie said glaring at her husband. "You knew how I would feel about this and you still did that"


"No. Just don't. That child she'll be put in an orphanage now that could probably end up less safe than being here!" She yelled at him.

"You're being selfish Rosalie" Edward stated. "Don't be angry at him because he didn't want to put her in danger."

"She wouldn't have been in danger" Rosalie stated. "I would have protected her any way I could. I am sure Jasper would do the same!" She yelled and left the room, leaving the last three in the kitchen.

"I better go talk to her" Emmett stated with a slight sigh and he left the room to go find Rosalie.

"Are you going to find Jasper?" Edward asked.

"I..I should probably let him cool down first" Alice said not looking at her brother.

"Alice.." Edward started.

"Well you already know why I really said no, so it doesn't really matter does it Edward. Jasper would probably want to adopt her as his own, I'm not ready to be a mother. She seems like a sweet girl, she's beautiful! But we don't know where she came from, where her real family is, we know nothing and neither does she. She's four years old Edward! She showed up out of nowhere, he just found her and suddenly he's ready to take her in. He's never said anything, not once. Its not like Rosalie, we knew she wanted a child."

"Go speak with him" Edward said and gave her a hug. "Go to him and tell him, try and get him to talk, he always talk to you. He's not the most open to the rest of us"

"I know" Alice whispered. "Just..I don't know…" she looked down before giving Edward a smile before nodding. "I'll go find him now" Walking outside Alice glanced around a moment trying to catch Jaspers scent, and the moment she did she disappeared into the woods. It didn't take long for her to find her husband, and when she did she approached him carefully, knowing full well how he was when he was upset. "Jasper?" She questioned putting her hand on his shoulder. He shrugged her off and she stepped away, shocked that he had done that. Even when he was upset he would still let her try and comfort him. "Jasper, she's only been here for a few hours" Alice said.

"You don't know what its like Alice" Jasper said and turned to her. "You don't know how it feels to have so much fear coming off of one person. A child! She's so small and held so much of it." He said. "I had to make sure she was ok"

"I know" Alice said. "But a human child Jasper? That can be so dangerous"

"I would protect her" He said. "I would not let anything happen to her! I would protect her!"

"Jasper!" Alice yelled suddenly, getting his full attention. "You can not father a human child!" He froze completely as the words left Alice's mouth. Both of them fell completely silent for a few minutes. "Why so sudden? You have never brought this up, I thought you were fine with not having children, you never brought this up." Alice stated looking up at him, and she would have been crying if she could. She suddenly felt Jaspers arms wrap around her and she immediately wrapped her own around his waist.

"I'm sorry" He whispered to her. "I guess I'm not good at explaining how the emotions feel to me" He pulled away from her slight and looked at her. "I didn't mean to hurt you Alice, that's the last thing I would ever do"

"I know" Alice whispered. "Just, Jasper you have to talk to me" With that Jasper nodded and led her over to a large rock where they could sit down.

"I told you I felt that fear coming off of her" He said, Alice simply nodded. "She saw me before she passed out. She knew exactly where I was hiding in the tree." he paused. "Do you remember when I first saw you, how I said I could see hope, you were my hope, you are still my hope" he told her with a smile and took her hand. "That child looked at me and I felt hope radiating off of her. She's looking at me as her hope. She was lost, I found her" he looked at Alice. "I have never thought about having a child, I know how hard it is for you and Rosalie, even Esme" he said tucking Alice's short hair behind her ear. "This one though, she's different from any child." Alice listened to her husband in silence, not really knowing what to say. She understood a bit more now as to why he was so angry with the decision that had been made. The child looked to him for help, saw him as her hope and they were taking that away from not only Desiree, but Jasper as well. "When will we take her?" he asked softly.

"The day after tomorrow" Alice replied. "Carlisle wants to make sure she is in good health before we take her anywhere. He's taking her to the hospital tomorrow." Jasper nodded. "Please don't be angry at him, he is only trying to do what's best"

"I'm going with her" he stated with a smile.

"Jazz…" Alice started. "that might not be such a good idea"

"Maybe not…but still, I should go with her to calm her down, kids are usually scared of hospitals" He told her with a slight smile.

"Well then I am going as well" Alice stated. "It might be a family trip" she laughed a bit as Jasper helped her up. He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. "Thank you for explaining it to me Jazz, it really helped me understand better." she told him as he pulled away. The two of them walked back towards their home, Alice's arm linked with Jaspers, as they always did. "Oh Jazz, You realize when you left you broke the window right?" She asked with a grin. "I'm sure you didn't mean to.."

"Didn't mean too…right.."

"Jasper!" Alice exclaimed laughing which made Jasper smile a bit. As they approached the house again and moved inside the two winced as they heard a crash from upstairs, immediately the two thought of Rosalie and Emmett, only to hear a small voice from upstairs.

"Get out stupid head!" and then Edward moved backwards into their view. "Ah don't want ya! Ah want Jazper!" Then a CD case flew and hit Edward in the head. Rosalie and Emmett walked out to the entryway from the family room.

"What's going on?" Emmett asked looking at Alice who had her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing.

"It looks like Jaspers little friend is holding a grudge against Edward still" When Edward disappeared again they heard more crashing before all went silent.

"OW! You little brat!" Edward suddenly exclaimed. "You bit me"

"Prove it, ah didn't leave a mark!" There was a pause and then her little footsteps could be heard coming closer. "Come and get me Eddy!" She said from the top of the stairs sticking her tongue out at him as she ran down the stairs. As she looked up she saw the four standing there and grinned. "Jazper!!!" she exclaimed as she ran to him. "Eddy is being bad! He bite meh!" She said and held up her arm to show him. He looked at it and then looked at the other three standing there who were trying not to laugh, knowing full well that Edward did not bite her. The bite marks were her own but they couldn't help but smile at her actions. "You should beat him up!"

"Yeah Jazz you should beat him up" Emmett laughed, it was quickly silenced as a glare was set on him by Desiree.

"His name is Jazper!" Desiree snapped glaring at him. "Only Alice call him that, meh too!" she stated. "Bad Emmett!"

"I was half expecting her to call you Emmy" Jasper said before he realized he had spoken outloud he heard Desiree giggle.

"Emmy! "

"Thanks man"

"No problem"

Edward soon came downstairs and immediately Desiree darted behind Jasper sticking her tongue out at him. "She has all of you fooled. That innocent act isn't going to last forever!"

"Bad Eddy!" All four of his siblings suddenly exclaimed at him. He jumped back making every single one of them laugh. "Very funny"

"What is going on" Esme asked.

"Her!" Edward said.

"Edward calm down" Carlisle said as he followed Esme into the entryway. "What is going on?"

"Eddy bite me!" Desiree exclaimed running to him, showing him the bite mark. "See! He bad, Eddy bad!"

Carlisle looked at her arm examining the marks. "Are you sure he bit you sweetheart, they look awfully small to be his bit marks" Carlisle was suddenly taken back by the sudden tears that formed in her eyes. Jasper sent a glance towards Rosalie before he used his gift to calm the room down, Desiree immediately turned and ran to him.

"Sad, why they sad, ah don't lahke feelin' sad.."

"Its ok little one" He whispered picking her up in his arms. "Are you hungry?"

"Yes" Desiree answered with a nod and as if on cue her stomach growled. She let out a giggle. "see" she said patting her stomach. "Can we get McDonalds!?" She asked suddenly. "I would like nuggets!"

Jasper looked at Carlisle as if asking him permission to take her out. Alice looked at him as well with a smile. "We have to get her pajamas and clothes to wear! Oh she'll be so cute!" the pixie vampire said excitedly.

"She asked for food, not a wardrobe Alice" Emmett said shaking his head. "What do you say Rose?"

"As long as we can get a new part for my car I'm fine" She said with a smile as he put his arm around her.

"Go on then" Carlisle said. "Just stay out of trouble, that's the last thing we need right now" he glanced at Edward. "Will you be going as well?"

Edward only shrugged at first. "Yes, someone needs to keep the small one in check, everyone else is hopeless"

Emmett moved towards Desiree and leaned in whispering something in her ear as softly as possible. Before the young girl could say it, Edward knew. "Emmett says ya need to score so ya can stop bein' moody"

"Stop corrupting the poor child" Esme said. "Emmett you should know better"

"Sorry Mom"

"Bad Emmy!" Desiree said shaking her finger at him. "Emmy can I have a piggy back ride?"

"I thought I was bad?"

"No…only when ya make me say bad things" she said and reached out for him, suddenly she stopped and leaned back kissing Jaspers cheek. "Ok…piggy back ride now!" she said with a large grin and Emmett allowed her to crawl onto his back before heading outside to the garage. "Emmy say we take the Jeep!" Desiree's small voice called back to them.