Fandom: Constantine
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Summary: Balthazar/Constantine slash. Ficlet. Some addictions are hard to kick. It's always good to find a healthy substitute.
Warning(s): slash (that's homosexual content for those of you who don't know)
Pairing(s): Balthazar/Constantine
Word Count: 562

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Story note: Movie-verse because I've never actually read any of the comics. T.T


By: Lucifer Rosemaunt


It had been a surprise when John first saw Balthazar back in his impeccable suit, staring at him from across Midnite's bar. After what he'd done, John had been surprised that Lu had even allowed him to come back. After a second thought, John realized that maybe it wasn't that surprising. The half-breed had always been a suck up; he'd probably managed to sweet talk his way straight back to his old life without any difficulty.

Upon his return, Balthazar had become a bit predictable though. He would always be around when John bothered to look for him. John had almost been convinced that the half-breed had been sent specifically for him this time around, but that seemed unlikely. After all, Balthazar had always been a nuisance; it was only now becoming ridiculous because he couldn't stop himself from looking for the half-breed. Everywhere John turned, he was there. His threats to send him to hell again went unheeded. He almost wished he could get as mad as he'd been before just to deport him where he stood without bothering to worry about the balance. If he could admit that he'd been more than a little pissed when he'd heard Balthazar's only goal had been Angela that time, then he probably wouldn't have deported his ass in the first place. It had felt too good for him to regret it though. This time around, there were no extenuating circumstances and John was still trying to stay in God's good graces.

But Balthazar was back and without an excuse except to do what he did best, tempt humans, and tempt him he did. John realized rather belatedly that he'd probably made it entirely too easy for the half-breed, but it was no secret where he was most vulnerable to stray.

John didn't ask for forgiveness for this weakness, knew he would just find himself repeating his actions in the end. He didn't even remember when this particular development started. He assumed sometime after he'd become tired of the half-breed's smirk and constant presence. He's almost certain it had started sometime after he'd gotten sick of chewing gum and Balthazar had suggested another substitute, one that had no harmful physical effects, but which John was now almost certain was meant to send him back to hell. He couldn't be absolutely certain though.

The half-breed was still a smug ass, but John found he no longer had as much time to complain about it when Balthazar pressed him against mirrored office walls, a searching tongue plundering his mouth. Their bodies flush together, John couldn't help but breathlessly kiss him back, desperately gasping in the air that Bally breathed out. His lungs filled with sulfur, smoke, brimstone, and his head actually spun from the sensation. He didn't think of hell in those moments; he admittedly, didn't think of heaven either. He only remembered why he'd gone through all those packs of cigarettes. This… this was more addictive than any smoke he'd ever had, and Bally was more than willing to offer his assistance with this particular vice whenever John showed up, needing another fix.

The relief that came with each of his visits lasted a good month before he began to even feel a bit like he's going through withdrawal, but he refused to tell the half-breed that. Coming every day had always proven well worth it.


End ficlet

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