1. Their first names both have 4 letters.

2. Their last names both have 5 letters.

3. Both of them are a bit ebil.

4. Both of them are self-proclaimed "Kings" until teh main characters Kick their Butts.

5. Both of them have almost t teh same story background.

6. Both of them are bishies. Why? Look, the series have just started and I've seen some websites with fanclubs for them.

7. Both of them (from the first glimpse) are mean dueling machines.

8. They both like wearing overflowing trench clothing

9. They both have their respective signature accessories. A-shaped earrings for Jack and belts around the body for Seto

10. Both are very successful duelists. Indeed.

11. Both are Yaoi pairing victims (Joey for Seto and Fuudo for Jack)

12. Both have the same script in their own plots. To make the main character suffer and to make fangirls drool buckets of saliva

13. They have their own "memorable peices". (Card necklace for Seto and Jack's main card for him)

14. They both have the life positions. Troubled, deep, cold-hearted, and unpredictable. You'll never know when they're on your side or not. (emo much...?)

15. They're both related to my OC ~! [random.]

Kiri: Ok that was random! Ha ha ha.~! R&R!

:3 I do not own Seto Kaiba or Jack Atlas. (I wish I did)