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Tracy Turnblad had always been a confident person, she stood up for what she believed in and never backed down. Lately however she had begun to feel insecure...not with herself but with her relationship with Link Larkin ,Baltimore's very own heartthrob, which had started two months ago after the Miss Baltimore teenage pageant. He didn't do anything wrong but to Tracy he had become distant towards her.

Tracy tried every thing but wouldn't work........when she threw herself at him he still ignored her and the same thing happened when Tracy ignored him. She was beginning to think that all the comments had got to him and he wanted to be with a thinner prettier girl.

One day Tracy decided she had had enough so she decided to go round to Link's house and talk to him. She knocked on the door several times before he answered. ''Tracy, what are you doing here?''

''can I come in?''

''sure'' he said confused.

''OK link im just goin ta come right out and say it, what has gotten into you lately, i feel like im just your accessory?''

'' trace im sorry but all the comments and looks are just getting to me I don't no what to do any more''

''link im goin through the exact same thing you could at least talk to me''


''no link its not fair because its me they're talkin bout not you,you can just dump me and everything will be OK for you again but for me the rumours will always be there and you no what it hurts like crazy so if you cant deal with the rumours then I guess were over.''

''trace please-''

''goodbye link''

Tracy turned her back and walked out that door forever but as soon as she got home and into her room she fell onto her bed in tears.... she had just lost the only person she ever loved.

Little did Tracy know that link was feeling the exact same way.