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Mirror, Mirror
Part 4

(Yes, I finally got around to writing it! And this part is
EXTREMELY short. Also, read the note at the end! C'est TRES

"So sorry to interuppt you." a voice says, pratically
oozing with sarcasm.
"Like hell you are!" Misty shouts as she and I spring up
from the bench, our perfect moment ruined.
"What do you want?" I ask coldly, a hand on one of my
"Prepare for your worst fears!" another voice said.
"And everlasting pain and tears!" the first voice chimed
"To be the bearers of devastation..."
"To steal from every nation..."
"To obliterate the evils of love and light!"
"To bring absolute chaos to the heavens bright!"
"Geri!" a black-haired girl movs out of the shadows.
She was wearing the black female Team Rocket uniform
"Gary!" Gary moved out of the shadowsm, tucking a gun into
his pocket.
"Gary?" Misty and I gasp in unison.
"We're Team Rocket and we're outta sight!" Geri continues.
"Creating destruction by the cover of the night!" Gary
"Surrender now, or lose the fight!" they both glare at
Misty and me.
"What do you want?" Misty demands.
"I think it should be obvious, cutes." Gary said.
"Nobody calls me that." Misty replied angrily.
"What are you doing, wasting your time with this loser?"
Gary looks at me, sneering.
"I wouldn't talk if I were you Gary." I retort, my blood
Geri, meanwhile, was eyeing me with great interest.
"I don't know Gary, can't we just kidnap them and not
their Pokémon?" she asked.
"We've had our orders." Gary snapped at her, then turned
back to me and Misty, "Hand 'em over, now!"
"Not without a fight!" I reply, taking out three of my
"If it's a fight you want..." Geri trailed off.
"Then it's a fight you'll get!" Gary finished, "Go
Arcanine, Nidoking and Kingler!"
"Go Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise!" I retaliate,
sending out three of the members of my unbeatable Pokémon team.
"Go Golem, Jolteon and Venomoth!" Geri yells, throwing
out her Pokéballs.
"Starmie, Golduck and Dragonair! Attack!" Misty calls out
her Pokémon.
"Dragonair?" I ask in surprise.
"Yeah, had her three years now." Misty replies.
"Charizard, Fire Blast Nidoking! Blastoise, go after
Arcanine with your Hydro Pump! Venusaur, Solar Beam Kingler!" I
barked out orders.
"Starmie, Hydro Pump! Golduck, Hyper Beam! Dragonair,
Dragon Rage!" Misty ordered.
Gary and Geri ordered their Pokémon to attack as well
and pandemodium reigned for a quarter of an hour until Dragonair
used Dragon Rage again and it KO'd all of Gary and Geri's Pokémon.
"You bitch!" Geri exclaimed, calling back her Pokémon.
"That's it." Gary said grimly, reaching a hand into his
'He's getting out his gun!' I realized.
"Say good-bye, cutes." he growled, pointing it at Misty.
There was a click as he took the safety off.
"Misty, get out of the way!" I yelled.
But she was frozen in fear as she started at Gary's gun
with wide eyes.
"Sayonara." Gary said as he pulled the trigger.
It all seemed to happen in slow motion. I was running
towards Misty as the bullet sped through the air. All I could
think about was getting to her in time.
I pushed her out of the way and a burning pain shot
through my left shoulder.
"Let's get out of here, Gary!" I heard Geri's voice
shout through a haze of pain.
"Oh, God....Ash!" Misty screamed as I fell to the ground.

To be contined....

Author's Note: Okay, don't kill me! If you do, you won't know
what happens to Ash! Also, just out of curiousity, how many of
you think you know where to shoot someone to ensure that the
bullet IS fatal and yet it will be a long and painful death?
Those watchers of the X-Files should know this.

Anyway, this is the last of the Mirror, Mirror series. The
characters decided to make only four parts. *glares at Ash,
Misty, Gary and Geri who just laugh* But don't worry.
There's another part, to this and it's gonna take awhile
to get out. It's gonna be called 'Tears'.

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