Authors Note:

Okay, so this is a note from the actual author of this story. I wrote this a few years ago and it was published on two other sites where it was extremely popular. I was not familiar with this site so it wasn't published here. A reader of mine begged me to allow her to post it here. Since at the time I had neither the time nor knowledge to publish it here, I allowed it. This reader did copy it word for word and allowed me access to the account she posted under. I tried to keep tabs to see that it was posted in a timely fashion and correctly, but I became too busy to follow it. I recently realized I needed to check on it as the entire thing should have been posted by now. I came to find that the partially posted story was not even on the site anymore. So, I have now learned (I think and I hope) to use 's system for publishing, and I also have the time to start the process of posting it here. My reason for telling you all of this is that some of your may have read part of this series. I am sorry that I do not know how far. I am also sorry that I don't know what happened to what was originally posted here nor the reader who was posting it for me, and that it proved to be an unreliable source. For any who have read this before, know that the actual author is now posting so it should come consistently. If you read this far into this note.... wow, you have a great attention span, thanks! Enjoy the series, and I please, critques are fine, but no flames? =)

~PlatonistAmaya (also known on other sites as MaskedFire)

Character Profiles:

Name: Fallon Genevieve Grier (goes by Fallon)
Heritage: Scottish
Appearance: Tannish skin from being out on a quidditch pitch Auburn curly hair. Brown Hair. 5' 9" Slim, yet muscular build from Quidditch.
Family: A mother, father, and older brother. Rather good looking. Same age as Fallon. Good family. Friends with the Woods, Oliver's family.
School: Hogwarts
House: Gryffindor, both Fallon and Braeden (her brother)
Other: Has been a friend of Oliver's for a long time. Began liking him in 5th year (our story starts in the summer between the 6th and 7th) Oliver is of course too busy with Quidditch to notice. All of the Grier's and Wood's play Quidditch. Most though don't go to Hogwarts. Fallon plays Chaser, and Braeden plays Chaser as well. Can have a VERY fiery personality.

Name: Braeden Damascus Grier
Heritage: Scottish. Purely
Appearance: Tannish skin from being out on a quidditch pitch. Blue eyes and sandy light brown. Muscular build, also from Quidditch, on the tall side at 6'3".
Family: A mother, father, and older brother. Rather good looking. Same age as Fallon. Good family. Friends with the Woods, Oliver's family.
School: Hogwarts
House: Gryffindor, along with his sister Fallon. They are in the same year, because they are only nine months apart.
Other: Plays chaser like Fallon. Is a bit of a jokester. Is often an accomplice of the Weasley twins.

"Aah!" Oliver grunted as he missed the quaffle by mere fingertips.
"Yes!" I cried in victory. We'd been in a tie, and I just broken the tie and won the game. We were playing with some of our friends and family. Let me back up here…I'm staying with the Woods over the summer as well as my brother Braeden so we can keep in practice for Quidditch. We were Oliver's matches for who loved Quidditch as much as he did. Although, I was rather fond- ok, I'm in love with my best friend Oliver Wood, and had been since fifth year… only he was too absorbed in Quidditch to see. I was too, most of the time.
I landed and had my team, consisting of my brother and some friends, tackle me in a hug.
"Okay! We won…need air-" I coughed. They laughed and got up.
"All right, All right. Braeden, Fallon, we probably ought to head up for dinner now," Oliver grumbled. He hated losing.
"Coming, coming. Don't be such a sore loser Wood," Braeden laughed.
"Laugh it up all you want now. Just wait until tomorrow," Oliver retorted.
"Yeah Yeah, sure Oliver. Are you sure you're not losing your touch? I managed to score on you at least 3 times today," I mocked a bit.
"Yeah, but I stopped about 5," Oliver retorted.
We continued on like that all way up to the house. Our parents were there for dinner, as they were most nights as we lived right down the road from the Woods, but stayed with them to closer to the pitch. Besides, the Woods were Braeden and my godparents, and our parents were Oliver's godparents. More or less, we were family.
"So who took the game today kids?" My father asked in a loud booming voice.
"We did Dad! It was a tie and we had a shoot off. I managed to score the tie breaker against dear Oliver," I said the last bit sarcastically. I saw Oliver go a little red, but he managed to cover it.
"Oliver, you never miss any save, how'd she manage to do it?" Oliver's father asked curiously. And he was right. Next to nothing got past Oliver.
"I pulled a fake to the left with a flip to score in the center hoop," I said simultaneously as Oliver said:
"She pulled a fake to the left with a flip to score in the center hoop." This made everyone laugh a bit. Oliver, Braeden, and I were the best of friends; things like this were not rare occurrences.
Everyone sat down to dinner and began loud conversations. We, Oliver, Braeden and I, began talking about Quidditch. Our parents were talking about some kind of party at the end of the summer. See, we had money, we just didn't flaunt it like others…cough MALFOY cough cough. I guess they were planning some kind of summer's end ball… go figure.
"There's no way Egypt is going to beat Scotland," I said to Braeden, who disagreed.
"As much as I hate to admit it, Egypt has got it. With their seeker Phelps, not to mention their keeper, Scotland can't win," Braeden disagreed.
"I know Lynch isn't as good as Phelps, but the chasers can beat out the Egyptian keeper with ease," Oliver argued between bites, as we all did. All of us, even me, ate a ton.
"It won't matter if Phelps catches the snitch first," Braeden pushed.
"Listen to you three…" Oliver's father began, "Did I mention we happen to have tickets for the World Cup this year?"
"Yeah Dad, you already told us," Oliver commented.
"Yeah. Ludo Bagman owed me a favor, so we managed to get seats in the top box this year," Mr. Wood said casually.
"DAD THAT'S GREAT!" [Oliver]
"NO WAY!" [Braeden]
"Those are the best seats!" Oliver exclaimed. His father just beamed.
"Just Crevan and I are going to be taken you kids to the games, but your mothers are going to be staying in camp," Mr. Wood said. (Crevan was my father). I found this odd. Our mothers loved Quidditch… Apparently, my mother saw the puzzled expression on my face and answered for it.
"We're are going to be watching it on a screen using magic. We figured someone should have everything set up when you get back, seeing as Scotland is going to win!" My mother chorused, which aroused a cheer from around the table.
"The world cup isn't for another 4 days, but it does lead us to our next announcement. We're going to hold a summer's eve ball. Just to get all of our friends, and yours, back together for a while. I know you haven't seen many of your friends from Hogwarts. We've already sent out the invitations. The ball is tomorrow, so we'll need to go looking for a dress for you tomorrow morning. It won't start until seven, and we'll be holding it in the ballroom, as I'm sure you guessed," Mrs. Wood said. (Yes, they had a ballroom, but its not like it was super fancy or anything.)
"You boys already have the right clothes already don't you?" My mom asked Oliver and Braeden, to which they nodded. With that I excused myself and the boys followed in suit.
"Great, I get to go and get all nice and dressed up," I said sarcastically to the boys.
"It won't be that bad sis," Braeden commented.
"Besides, when was the last time you wore a dress?" Oliver joked.
"You know, I honestly can't remember," I began, "and I think I like to keep it that way….Wait, I do remember! It was last year at the Patil's winter ball that I was made to go to. That's when I wore a dress."
"It won't be that bad. Besides, maybe you can win over-"
"Shut up Braeden!" I cut him off. Somehow almost everyone around me but Oliver knew I liked him like that. Go freaking figure!"
"Touchy," Braeden commented.
"I'm gonna go take a shower. I'll come find you guys later," I told them, knowing that they wouldn't take a shower until morning…gross. They are covered in sweat and dirt from Quidditch, and they aren't going to shower, but I'm used to it. They are my best friends after all.
I took a long shower, but I forgot to bring my clothes with me into the bathroom, so I wrapped a towel around myself and went back to my room to find I wasn't alone.
"Hey Oliver," I said casually, making sure the towel was securely around me.
"Oh, hey," Oliver blushed for a moment. "Braeden sent me in here to find out what was taking so long. I didn't hear the water so I didn't know if you were in here or not," He blurted out.
"Well, lets see. I'm definitely here, but would you mind getting out for just a moment so I can get dressed?" I laughed a bit.
"Well Fallon, maybe I don't want to," Oliver teased. I knew how to get him to at least turn around. I went to my bed where I put my clothes while Oliver was watching me every second. I turned my back to him and dropped my towel. I heard Oliver laugh, but he didn't turn away like I'd expected (I knew because I could just feel his eyes boring into me.) This made me blush a bit, but he couldn't see anyway. I pulled my clothes on quickly (dorm pants and a tank top). I turned to Oliver and shot him a dirty look.
"What do you think you were doing?" I said half scolding, half joking.
"Not my fault you changed in front of me," Oliver laughed.
"Yes, because I thought you would turn your back or leave," I retorted
"You really think any teenage guy would do that?" Oliver replied
"No, any teenage guy wouldn't, but you're my best friend," I said
"Oh don't pull the 'best friend' thing on me," Oliver fake groaned.
"I just did," I smirked.
"Keep that up and that smirk will be as well known as Malfoy's," Oliver said with fake seriousness.
"Oh, don't pull the 'Malfoy' thing on me," I mocked Oliver's tone from earlier.
"Yeah Yeah…" Oliver replied. "You're brother is waiting on us in my room."
"C'mon then, we don't want to keep the 'King' waiting," I mocked my brother.
"Before we go, there's something I wanted to ask you," Oliver said suddenly serious. Hmmm…
"Would you do me the honor of allowing me to be your escort to the ball tomorrow?" Oliver said formally with a grin. We were taught all of the etiquette of rich families when we were young, even though we didn't hold balls very often. Hence the formality, even if he was joking.
"Of course Oliver," I replied with a smile. Maybe he was finally noticing me as more…
"Now they won't be throwing guys at you all night," Oliver said with a smile. And my heart fell a bit. He was doing it to be a best friend. This way, they, our parents, wouldn't throw guys at me and girls at him all night. Most people would think that this was fun, but they accidentally through jerks, gay guys, you name it, they've done it. Braeden was on his own though… ha.
"Thanks. I appreciate it," I recovered quickly. I wanted him to figure out how I felt on his own. Besides, I really didn't know how to tell him.
"WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG OLIVER?!?!? WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING, SNOGGING OR SOMETHING??!?" My brother yelled from next door…He was a little impatient… ok, so A lot impatient.

"You want to do a horrible joke to your brother?" Oliver asked. Even though we were all friends, we were forever playing jokes one another.
"What do you have in mind?" I asked.
"Well you heard what he just said," Oliver grinned evilly. I knew exactly what he meant now.
"Just play along," He ordered.
"Got it."
"So what if we are snogging Braeden you got a problem with that?" Oliver yelled back. That when we heard heavy footsteps hit the floor. Oliver and I shared a grin, and he pushed me lightly against the wall. Braeden would be there any second and we were going to have him walk in on us making out, even if it was only a joke… too bad it was…
Oliver began kissing me. Unintentionally we both got into it a bit. I felt his tongue flick on my lips asking permission, which I gave. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist. It became a bit mind blowing, at least to me, and as a guess based on how he was acting, Oliver too. That's when Braeden walked in.
That's when we broke apart laughing our asses off. Despite that I had just been making out with the guy I'd been in love with for two years, I couldn't help laughing. The look on my brother's face was worth it. The look of anger was soon replaced with one of puzzlement.
Once we regained our breath from laughing so hard, Oliver explained.
"It was just a joke. When we heard you yelling like that, we decided to yell back and have you walked in on us, even if it was fake." A sheepish grin fell over my brother's face.
"Oh, and by the way, tomorrow when our parents will be throwing girls at you, you're on your own. Oliver and I are going together to keep them away from us," I explained with an evil grin.
"Oh that is so not fair you two! C'Mon now!" Braeden complained.
"Sorry mate, its your fault for not asking Fallon first," Oliver laughed.
"She's my sister!"
"So what, last year Padma was escorted by her cousin," Oliver pointed out. "You're just mad that I got to Fallon first," Oliver taunted. We ended up staying in my room (see I have a king size bed in my room, so we all just sprawled out over it and talked and eventually fell asleep).


"Fallon…wake up," My mom shook my shoulder and whispered. I woke groggily so I didn't really register the grin on her face as being bad.
"Mornin' mum," I grumbled. "What's with that look?"
"I see you and Oliver got comfortable last night," She smirked. At first I didn't know what she meant, but I then felt something squeezing at my waist. I looked down to see Oliver's arm around my waist. 'He must have moved in his sleep…' I thought to myself. I had an inner smile, but couldn't let my mum see it.
"He must have moved in his sleep last night," I mumbled. I moved his arm from my waist and stumbled to my feet. I quickly brushed my teeth and hair, and pulled on a pair of jeans and a tank top.
I walked down stairs and grabbed an apple and ate while I looked for my mum.
"There you are we need to get going hunny," My mum came up behind me. Before I knew what had happened, she'd taken my arm and we apparated to Diagon Alley where Mrs. Wood was waiting….


"Mum! Nothing is good enough for you. Let me pick out the next one," I complained. I grabbed one off the rack before she had time to respond and hurried toward the dressing room. I slipped it on and walked out to look in the large mirror…
"Wow," I heard a voice behind me say. I turned around to see Oliver.
"What are you doing here?" I asked.
"Your Dad sent me to rescue you," He grinned.
"Well, this is the one I'm getting anyway. Let me go change and I'll pay and we can leave. We can get the afternoon Quidditch game started after I get something to eat. I've barely eaten anything today," I complained and walked to the dressing room.
"For you, barely eating anything means you've probably eaten two breakfasts," Oliver joked. Luckily I was fully changed so I came out and smacked him in the arm, which he wasn't expecting. (the dress was floor length, silk, and a halter top. It was a darkish shade of blue with a little purple thrown in. Think a bit like indigo)
Once outside the room, I was bombarded with questions which I silenced quickly in a way I knew would work…
"Mom, Oliver and I are going out to lunch. Here is the dress I'm going to get. I'll see you back at the Woods', okay?" The real closer was when I grabbed Oliver's hand. Let her think what she liked…
"All right, you two have fun," Mum said a bit giddily, oblivious to the fact that we were putting on a show. Had Mrs. Wood been there, she would've seen straight through it. Luckily, she was off somewhere else, and I wasn't about to ask questions.
Oliver and I got out of the dress shop as quickly as possible and made our way down Diagon Alley to a small café. Once there, a waiter took my order, and Oliver had already eaten.
"I can't believe she didn't suspect a thing. If my mom did that when she found out we were having lunch together, lord knows what she's going to do tonight when she see's us," I laughed.
"We ought to reserve a room at St. Mungo's for when she has a heart attack at the sight. I think she's worried you're not going to get a guy, or turn out lesbian," Oliver joked and I laughed easily.
After we ate, we went home and got together the people who always played in the afternoon Quidditch game. Today Oliver, Braeden, and I managed to get on the same team, so without a doubt the other team didn't stand a chance…
We came in early so I could get ready. I showered and straightened my hair and left it down, which was a dramatic effect on my normally extremely curly hair. I used a clear lip-gloss, black eye liner, and a bit of blue eye shadow. My heels were silver and strappy.
I opened my door when someone knocked, and there stood Oliver wearing a set of black dress robes. He looked good. Oliver stared for a good ten seconds before finally gaining some ability to speak, and managed to utter: