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Annabeth POV- "Annnaaabbetth" I turned around to see my half sister Emily ( she is the cutest thing since teddy bears )
"Yes?" I said half heartendly.

"The big kids want to know if you want to play a game."

"What kind of game?"

"I dont know?" she said with an innocent face. "Will you?"

"Ummmmmm......Sure why not?"

"Ok, they are in the Aphrodite cabin" with in a second she was gone. I mentally slapped myself, the Aphrodite cabin what was I thinking?

I scolded myself as I went towards the Aphrodite cabin asking my self questions like " What kind of game?" and " Who's going to be there?". Probably Percy...No not him..We have been so unconfortable the last week or so. I blushed in spite of myself as I entered the cabin. Every head turned as I walked in, I looked around and his green eyes caught my glare...Oh..No.

" So...now that Annabeths here we can start playing, right? Selina asked.

" Ummm..so what exactly are we playing?" I asked dumbfounded.

" You mean you dont know? "

" No?" I said unsure of what to say next.

" Truth or Dare!!" shouted Travis Stoll.

" Oh"

" Well then lets get started then!!" announced Selina.

We all sat down on the hardwood floors with a neatly placed sheet on top. I sat next to Juniper then it was Grover, Percy, Selina, Travis, Conner, Clarisse, Chris, Nico, Thalia ( Artemis let her stay for a while) and then it was Beckandorf. ( Spelling? )

This is going to be one heck of a game, I thought to myself as I stared a Percy.. He caught me glaring and gave me a wink. I blushed, Whoa...wait I am usually not like this around Seaweed Brain... Whats wrong with me?

" SO........who wants to go first? " I stated eager to get on with the game.

" Ummmmmmmm"

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