Hey! I know I haven't updated in what? A year? Anyways, I just read Rick Riordan's :The Lost Hero, and lets just say I got inspired(: So! Who is up for the longest chapter I have ever written? I guess that would be the people that are still reading fanfiction... or for the ones that have just started.

Percys POV-

We went on with the game, even though Annabeth look dead lying on the floor with the color drained from her face. I wasn't to happy about it but before Annabeth fainted it was her turn to go. I guess everyone figured we would leave her alone, considering there was nothing for her to take off anymore.

" Alright, so now that the game is done, what are we going to do? " Selena asked. Of course, Selena would be the first one to suggest we go even futher into trouble. Which by all means was fine with me, as long as we got Annabeth to come along.

" Uhh, we could play hide-and-seek? " Suggested Nico, throwing a couple glances in Thalia's direction.

" Doesn't sound like such a bad idea... " Selena seemed to be calculating all the millions of possibilities. "... I was kinda thinking of something along that anyway. " We took a vote. After all Camp Half-Blood is a Democracy! At least when Mr.D isn't present. As I suspected, 100 percent approval rate, not including Annabeth.

" So now that that's out of the way, who is going to be it? " Of course, as I thought, we all had the ten second game of " not it! ", and by process of elimination Annabeth automatically was it. Was it a tad bit unfair? Yeah, but no one really cared.

" Annabeth! Get up! " Yelled Thalia, the sound boomed through the love goddesses cabin. We all covered up our ears, last time I checked the children of Zeus didn't have " Sonic Boom " powers. Annabeth almost cried when she, as I might say, got up with the inability to hear. I have never seen her in so much pain, well actually that's not true. There was this one time when Grover decided to wear skinny jeans... now THAT was painful.

Annabeths POV-

Just to make this known to every human/demi-god on the planet, I HATE BEING DISRUPTED! Enough said. So lets just say I was alittle ticked off when Thalia decided to " wake " me up the way she did. No problem. I would get her back later, and no, I wouldn't forget.

" Alright, so im it, lay out the rules. " I couldn't believe we were now playing hide-and-seek, but it beats playing the other game anyday.

" Okay, so here is how its going to go..." Selena as always took charge and decided to come up with the rules. 1) There would be NO weapons ( this game was purely fun ). 2) To get to safety you MUST reach the pavilion UNTOUCHED. 3) The person counting could not camp at the safety. 4) Free-For-All ( there would be no team work. ) 5) The woods are prohibited, due to the size.

So I started to count to 100 as everyone quickly ran out of the cabin, looking for a place to hide. Time seemed to go by slower as I lost count of what number I was on, I kept on thinking about what my mom had said about Percy. It seemed to take up all of my time in the past couple hours. Anyway, so I finally counted to 100, well atleast I think I did.

I made my way out of the cabin, the sight was clear. Looking around you'd think everyone was asleep, but no, I knew they were out there and I was going to find them. It wasn't a game anymore. For some reason it seemed more like a hunt. So to start it off, I screamed at the the top of my lungs " Ready or Not Here I Come! "

Out of the left corner someone yelled " That's what she said! ". That was the last straw, it was on! I ran to the direction of the voice and began my " hunt ".

In the first five seconds Travis and Conner Stool ran out from rock climb and ran towards safety. I stop half way and just stared at them, partially because it was hilarious but also because there was really nothing I could do.

So what was that? Two out of 15 to go, wow, this was going to be a long night. I continued towards the voice, next to cabin nine. Unfortunately, who ever was there was already gone. I looked at the pavilion, Selena and Beckendorf had made their way to safety. I would get them later for that joke. Okay fine, four out of 15.

It was hopeless, I wasn't to good at this game, at least not as good as I thought I was. Thalia was hidding in strawberry bushes with Nico. Which by now really wasn't much of surprise. I didn't even ask what was going on, I really just didn't even want to know.

They were the only two I caught, everyone else seemed to run to the pavilion the second I would turn around. I made my way back to the group of people who were smirking at me, it was hard to deal with defeat.

" That really wasn't fair, and all of you guys know it. " I said. It wasn't, I mean really? When was the last time that hide-and-seek was a game of " run to the base before someone tags you " it was just retarded.

" Who cares? You were the one that passed out. Besides the game isn't over, there is still one person left. " Thalia was starting to really get on my nerves, I was going to get her back for the whole screaming thing. I like I said I would not forget.

" Oh yeah? Care to tell me who it is? " I asked. I realized I didn't have to, because the second the question came out I realized who was missing...

Narrator/ Percy's POV-

Percy made sure he was the last one left. Before they had awoke Annabeth he had stolen, well taken her cap. Yes, it was the one that made her invisible. So, he was next to her practically the entire time.

All the campers knew it too, which is why they all gave her cheesy looks, like they knew something was going to go down. Annabeth on the other hand was completely enraged. He couldn't believe her, why was she upset he was the last one left?

He figured it had something to do with the conversation she had had with her mom. It was probably about him, it always was. Being the persistent person she was, she started looking for him. Around every corner and every cabin there was to look at. A couple of time she looked in his direction and he swore she could see him, but whatever she had seen didn't seem of much importance because she just carried on.

Finally, Annabeth stopped at his cabin. She just stared at it for a little while, thinking. He wished he could read her mind. Then he would know the right things to say and do all the time; but he couldn't read her mind and he seemed lost.

After a couple of minutes she took a deep breath and walked inside. He followed, wondering what she was doing inside of his cabin. She walked over to his bed, took a seat, and pulled a picture out of her right pocket. It was a picture of them, it was taken after the first quest they had gone on. Why was she keeping that in her pocket?

She looked at it for a little, sighed, and then stuck it back into her pocket. Then what she did next almost sent me into cardiac arrest... she looked up, close her eyes, and said " why would you make me love someone you know I cant be with? "

It was something Percy really didn't understand. Did that mean she loved him? Or was she talking about Luke? Those thoughts just floated around in his head, kinda like the marsh mellows after you eat all the cereal in Lucky-Charms. He didn't want to wait to hear the answer to those questions, but as he stared at her his mind became filled with memories of the past. Like someone was sending him a signal, a distress call, telling him to do something he knew he shouldn't do.

The time they spent together was just a tiny reminder of how much he loved her. Yeah, I guess that's what you could call it. He loved her. That's even if he knew the meaning of love itself, and right now he had no clue what it meant. " Right now would probably be a good time to reveal yourself. " He thought. He was going to, but then she started to talk to the ceiling again.

" I mean c'mon! Every time I fall in love with someone you always find a way to make things worse... " Yep, he did love Luke, or so Percy decided. This was all about him. " and Luke, I get it, it just wasn't meant to be but don't do this to me. Not with HIM. " Really? So now who was this new guy she was talking about? Wow, if he didn't know her better he would've thought she was a hoe. There was one problem. I DID know her better.

Once again she took out the picture from her pocket, but this time she started to cry. He wanted to comfort her but there was nothing he could do. It just wasn't his Forte.

Up on Olympus-

" Well, I like how you have decided to make things interesting for Percy and Annabeth, " Athena stated as she gave Aphrodite a hard core stare. " but that does not mean I approve of their relationship, and neither should you. "

" Ahhh, Athena. I don't need your approval to make love happen. It's my job, remember? Besides, I don't ask you to make certain people smart. For example, it would be nice if you made Herm- " Aphrodite tried to finish, but sadly Hermes came walking in and interrupted.

" Guys listen, I know I look good, but there is no reason to talk about me ALL the time. " If he only knew, what they were really saying.

" Oh. I'm so sorry. Next time I'll let you know before I decide to make your children ugly. " Of course it wasn't true, but what Hermes don't know wont hurt him. Then again maybe it will. Aphrodite needed to get him back for that " Afro " prank he pulled on her, and she knew just the trick.

" Don't you dare, or I will... " Hermes couldn't finish his sentence, because of course Aphrodite anticipated that.

" Will what? Oh wait! I get it, your going to ban my kids from ever being able to do track? Lame Sauce. Worse comeback ever! "

" Lame Sauce? " Apparently Athena didn't approve of the choice of words. In fact she burst out laughing and said " wow I am so glad I didn't give you wisdom, it keeps me entertained. " Aphrodite was hoping it would have an effect on Hermes mood, but sadly no such response was given.

" How dare you insult me! I AM important, and I am going to prove it to you! " Hermes stormed out of the room. This would probably take awhile to resolve, but that was of unimportance at the moment. Aphrodite had bigger problems to worry about, like Annabeth and Percy.

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