Chapter 2: Within a Week's Time

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This crossover is between Naruto and Harry Potter! The pairing I am doing is KAKASHIxANKO! I won't change it the pairing people, no matter how much you want me to!

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This is Harry Potter in their 3rd year!





Naruto-almost 8 months

The council members were well aware of the impact Naruto had, even though he was not even one, being viewed as a demon caused hatred towards the young one. They discussed the possibilities of the other ninja nations if they were to find out that Konoha had a demon container; like the Village Hidden in the Wind's sand demon. The numerous aspects of the demon being released into a foreign country that thought ninjas were merely fictional characters. Including having Anko along on the mission made them feel wary due to her background. They had decided for a majority vote between the members; if the two should go with Kakashi or stay in the village.

"The advantages of having the two go on the mission would lighten the spirits of the villagers for they still fear the Nine-tailed Fox will return. Even after a year of rebuilding, there is still much to reconstruct. The people are still grieving over their losses as we are now; if we can rid ourselves of the de-no, child then Konoha will be able to prosper even further." stated the leader of the Yamanaka Clan.

"That maybe true in the circumstance that we are in now but of his failed student?" Dazou questioned the rest of the council.

Orichimaru was viewed as a failed shinobi, kidnapping children, conducting illegal experiments, etc. Anko was considered his spawn of evil. In if their relationship so to speak was present in some form or another.

"Anko is allowed to out of the border with both Naruto and Kakashi," stated the Hokage. All eyes turned toward him after that statement. "This meeting lasted for well over four hours that day and it is our fifth day discussing the topic." Most of the council was quite fed up with it but the fear of the Kyuubi made them endure.

"This is just a simple matter of letting a genin and a mere civilian baby joins a jounin on a mission that is being a bodyguard. Kakashi is ninja as is Anko, with Naruto out of the village would it make you more satisfied to know that within 2 days they could depart and be out of the village for almost and entire year?" stated the Nara clan leader.

"Let's conclude this meeting with a majority voting. All twelve council members must decided." announced the Hokage.

"In favor of letting them go." Nine.

"In favor of making them stay." Four.

"Very well. Anko Mitarashi and Naruto Uzumaki are allowed the right to leave the village with Kakashi Hatake for this year old mission. Meeting adjourned." with that being said all the clan leaders and council members filled out of the room, eager to return home. Except for the elders.

Homura Mitokado demanded, "The boy will have the demon with him, Mitahashi is just trouble as is, what will happen if the villagers find out about this?" (He wasn't quite making sense.)

"The matter of the villagers, they will have their hopes restored. The attack that was almost a year ago-those feeling this linger. People are still sad and others are become more violent as they blame Naruto." retorted the Third.

"Very well Sarutobi. We have warned you but heed these words. This is a mistake." Koharu Utatane said. They soon left.

'I hope that Utatane is wrong. They deserve some happiness-I just hope those two won't break anymore. Better tell Kakashi to be ready and gather all their weapons, it seems it will be tough mission for them.' thought Sarutobi as he looked into the crystal ball.

Meanwhile with Anko, Kakashi and Naruto…

"Hey Naruto stop moving! I can't clean your if you keep splashing water on me! EKK!" Anko yelled.

Kakashi hurriedly raced upstairs when he heard his girlfriend scream, what he saw he made him laugh on the spot. A laughing Naruto in the hands of the fearsome Anko Mitarashi who was covered from head to toe in water, suds included!

"If you're laughing then you how about you clean him?" the girl shouted at him. 'And this my boyfriend.' she thought with a smile. The boy walked over with a towel and wiped off the water. Then gave him to Anko. 'I wouldn't mind having her for a wife someday-what am I thinking! I should be thinking something like this so soon!'

The boy looked at the scene before him Anko who was somewhat wet and somewhat dry, holding Naruto so lovingly that he could help but walk over and hug her. The female was quite surprised but didn't try to make not of it. That is until Kakashi placed his head on her shoulder.

"Kakashi what are you-" "You know Anko you could make a good wife…" He said. The male felt his girlfriend's face heat up.

Though he was quite surprised when she continued to make no sound. He looked up and saw her having the most peaceful expression he ever saw. Her eyes soft and no longer cold, her smile so kind and gentle-the face of a mother. That wonderful picture was broken when Anko started to cry. "Anko what's wrong?" he asked alarmed at the unexpected tears.

"Promise me. Promise me that during this mission you will live though this mission and come back, come back to the both of us."

"I promise Anko." He sealed his promised with a soft yet passionate kiss. Anko leaned and nested her head on Kakashi's chest. Dear little Naruto stared at his godmother who stopped crying, at his godfather for making her stop. 'It feels real warm.' and soon the baby was fast asleep, snuggling next to his surrogate mother's bosom.

The Third smiled sadly at the scene. 'They should continue to have this happiness.'


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