Naruto Dragon Ascendant

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Chapter 12


( ): Thoughts

In the Uzumaki Clan Fortress…

Kin and Fenrix looked at the young man being brought in by the ANBU and escorted by Naruto, Temari, Sakura, Sasuke, Hinata, Tsunade, and Hana, as well as Shizune, and Kakashi. The group was guided by Kin to one of the rooms and there they placed the youth into the room, and on the bed. Once that was done, Tsunade explained the situation with Fenrix and the senior Ascendant nodded in agreement for the time being with the idea of having the young man stay within the Fortress.

"Of course Hokage-sama, we will shelter him here until he fully recovers, once he does, we will send word to you as quickly as possible."

Tsunade smiled at that and replied.

"My thanks, in the meantime, I have to return to my work in the Tower, so I hope that we can get some good news about our young guest."

With that, the Hokage, Shizune, and the ANBU took their leave while Kakashi spoke once more.

"Well, at any rate we have a mystery in our hands on this young man, so at the moment, I'll have to cut the training short for now, we'll get back to the training once we're done though I have a feeling that since the village is short handed, I will be called off for either patrol work or assignments."

Fenrix then spoke to Kakashi.

"Before you leave Kakashi-san, there is a matter that I believe we should be discussing."

Kakashi was curious about that and decided to follow Fenrix to another room to allow the Dragon Ascendant to tell him what was on his mind. As the pair moved to the main hall, Fenrix then spoke his mind concerning Sasuke, namely on Sasuke's request to train under him. Kakashi was curious about that and why Sasuke would ask that from Fenrix himself. It was not that he thought that Fenrix had plans for Sasuke, the being was a trust worthy sort, but he already had his hands full on teaching Naruto how to be an Ascendant like him so why this?

This left Naruto and the others with time on their hands and it was here that temari decided to speak to Naruto.

"By the way Naruto?"

"Yes Temari-san?"

"You and I need to train for a while and I want to see just how strong you really are, you all right with that?"

Naruto thought it over while Hana then spoke to them.

"If you guys have that in mind, I am going to go to my clinic and get some work done, I have n doubt that I have a lot of work to take care of with my patients."

Naruto nodded as Hana left with her canine familiars, and it was here that Hinata asked to train alongside Temari and Naruto. The blonde Shinobi thought that it was a good idea as he could also use the training he had gotten from Hinata in a more serious battle. This also meant that Sasuke and Sakura had time on their hands. Sasuke thought it over and decided to go and head back home while Sakura decided to head off to meet her parents and handle some of the chores back at home.

As for Kakashi and Fenrix, the two were currently talking about Sasuke's desire to learn from the Dragon Ascendant. Kakashi was surprised by that and was curious what were the techniques and skills that Fenrix could teach Sasuke.

"How do you plan to teach Sasuke Fenrix-san?"

"There are certain techniques that I can teach Sasuke, these techniques do not need the user to be an Ascendant like me and Naruto, and while it will take a while, it follows the same level of training that ninjas would use. Think of my training to be similar to that of you're Chidori training but does not use hand seals."

Kakashi raised his eyebrow at that and replied.

"That sounds rather interesting, is there anything else that you can be training him with?"

"Yes there is, as he has a Kekkai Genkai, then some of the techniques I will teach him may have an effect on it, I also have a feeling that you yourself can learn it even though you do not own the Sharingan that you have. However you have made your own way so I believe that it is up to you if you will allow me to train Sasuke."

"I see…let me train him for as long as I can, and when I am done, you can train him. But I have ask, what can you train him in?"

"Apart from techniques and skills, I plan to teach him what it means to fight for something more important than simply avenging his family."

"And what is that?"

"The future… if he succeeds in killing his brother Itachi, Sasuke is the last of the Uchiha, he has to find something that can fill him with a purpose once he no longer has a reason to hate and rage over. To teach him to look beyond the desire and need for revenge is what I want to do, you agree with me on this Kakashi?"

The Jonin was silent and nodded at that as he could not help but see that Fenrix had a point, Sasuke needed to find a purpose and goal if he did succeed on his desire to avenge his family. There was more to life than revenge and battle, he knew that to be true himself as he had worked hard to be where he was after all the things that had happened to him ever since becoming an adult.

"I guess, I have to admit that I worry about Sasuke after that encounter with Itachi and what would the results be. I can only hope that he does not allow himself to be turned to the side of darkness. If you can help him in any fashion, then I am all for it."

It was not long before the young man recovered at least a few hours, Ayame had been in the fortress to cook some food for Naruto's guest when it was she who noted that he was awake, she placed the food near the table and moved out of the room and called out to Naruto once she found them. The blonde head of the Uzumaki Clan was busy working with training alongside Temari and Hinata for a while now. Once she was able to get their attention, Naruto, Temari, and Hinata made their way to the room and when they were all in, the man was now fully awake as he was sitting up on the bed and looking around to figure out where he was at this very moment.

Naruto was the very first person to speak.

"Are you all right?"

The blonde youth looked at Naruto and nodded slowly, and then he spoke as well.

"Yes. Where am I?"

Naruto then replied to that.

"You are in my home, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. What's your name?"

The young man looked at Naruto and it was here that he spotted Temari and Hinata who were walking into the room, he raised an eyebrow a bit and looked at back at Naruto.

"Who are they?"

Naruto looked at where the guy was looking and blushed a bit and replied with some reluctance as he was still trying to wrap his brain around the fact that the women in question were going to be his wives at a later date.

"They are Hinata Hyuuga, and Temari, and they are…very important people to me."

Hinata blushed at that and could understand that Naruto was still trying to process the fact that he was soon going to be married to not just her, but Temari and Hana. Temari on the other hand was a bit more direct and even though she could understand her fiance's reluctance due to their age, she was not going to hide it.

"Actually we're his fiancées."

Naruto blushed deeply at this and was unable to say anything and that allowed the recovering man to widen his eyes and looked seriously at the three people in his room, just as Ayame walked in, she too was a bit shocked at this but decided to wait a bit more to see just what was going to be Naruto's answer on the man's possible question on that bit of information.

She and the others did not have to wait for long as the young man spoke.

"Aren't you…a bit young for that?"

Naruto tried to come up with an excuse and Hinata decided to clarify things first.

"It's….kind of c-c-complicated, but we are going to…marry N-Naruto-kun soon, he is the…head of this household, and this clan after all."

If anything that made the young man look at Naruto in surprise and he replied.

"Aren't you a little too young to be a clan head?"

That only served to make Naruto even more annoyed and a bit more embarrassed as he said nothing at first and after a minute or more of silence, he replied.

"It's complicated, suffice to say, Temari-san is right, and you are in my home, do you remember what happened back in the hospital?"

The young man nodded and Naruto then decided to try asking the young man's name, it was a bit odd for sure to be asking him since he was supposed to be an amnesiac but there was no sense in not trying. The young man looked at the blonde seriously and then began to slowly shake his head side by side.

"I don't know…I honestly don't remember name."

It was here that Naruto looked at a bowl of the ramen than Ayame had made earlier for their guest and got an idea from looking at one of the food items that made his favorite food.

"I have an idea…would it be all right if I give you a temporary name until you remember your real one?"

The young man said nothing for a moment and then smiled at Naruto and spoke.

"All right then, so what do you want my name to be?"

Naruto scratched his head a bit and replied.

"Okay…I know this might sound weird and all, but is the name Menma all right with you?"

The blonde haired youth was a bit surprised at the name and it was Temari who could not help but find the name a bit amusing as she spoke to Naruto as she knew what that name meant.

"You want him to be carrying the name of a food item Naruto?"

Naruto looked at Temari and replied a bit in slight annoyance.

"My name also means fishcake apart from Maelstrom Temari-san, so I don't really see why it's a bad idea. Besides, I don't know any other names right now."

Temari looked at her husband to be and she could see that he was somewhat offended by what she had said and had to admit that he was right about his own name. She decided to reply to that in a tone of apology since she had to admit that making fun of another person's name was uncalled for at times and hardly a good way to make an impression. And he was a guest in their house after all.

"All right, I apologize for that Naruto, I just never expected that for a name choice."

Naruto sensed that Temari was sincere about her apology and accepted it.

"It's all right Temari-san, anyway, is that name all right with you?"

The man looked at him and the others and soon gave a nod. Naruto was pleased and decided to make sure that when he had to free time, he would speak to Tsunade about the name he had given his guest and also ask for him to remain in the Uzumaki Clan fortress until he was fully recovered and had his memories back.

It had been a bit of a hard few days as the young man, now known to the others as Menma began to recover, periodically Tsunade would send over some Medic Nin to see to the recovery progress of Menma and make sure that he had no other condition from his ordeals both from the river and then from the hospital fire that he had been in. Those were usually watched by Fenrix and Kakashi as well as a squad of ANBU who were more than willing to handle those duties if needed.

As soon as he was back on his feet and fully healthy, Menma worked on doing small odd jobs all over Konoha to show that he was able to contribute. This helped him build something of a positive reputation to the elders of Konoha as well as the citizenry, Naruto himself was more than willing to help Menma in doing those very same tasks even though he was not supposed to.

Tsunade and Shizune were pleased by that and when Jiraiya came back every now and then, he would also look over the whole situation as well. They were a bit amused by the name but since the young man did not seem to mind begin given the name by Naruto, they agreed to it and so far, Menma was going well, that however did not mean that they were not going to be wary as they usually made sure to have Kakashi check on the young man.

Kakashi managed to take some time away from missions to train alongside his students, and devoted some time to Naruto, and the blonde appreciated the training. Kakashi might be late as usual for those sessions with Naruto but he made sure to keep the training interesting every now and then. Fenrix himself was around to teach Naruto as well, befitting the fact that the two of them were the same due to the powers they possessed.

As for the others it seemed that Kin had developed a bit of a shine to the young man as when he was not working, they were usually talking to one another and hanging out. Tsunade made sure to check on that as Kin was a former Sound Kunoichi, namely to see if she had any idea if Menma was a spy for Orochimaru, Kin in those meetings replied that she had not sensed anything wrong with Menma and she was not aware of anyone in the force she was with matching Menma. Plus the personality he had did not match anyone in Sound as far as she knew, though she admits that she would be watchful…even though she herself found the man to be rather nice and certainly someone she did not mind at all to be around with.

As for Naruto himself, the young clan head was getting used to being in the situation that he was in right now. His relationships with Hinata, Hana, and Temari were improving bit by bit though so far, much to Jiraiya's concealed but undeniably present chagrin, the blonde had NOT tried to get frisky with his fiancées. There was no rule against that sort of thing since they were soon going to be married to one another soon, but Naruto was not yet sure of the whole thing himself.

This was an amusing thing for the young again Tsunade as she was happy that despite the fact that Naruto had perverted traits, he was a gentleman about it unlike her shameless team mate. Still, even she was wondering just when Naruto was going to do it with his fiancées, if only to find out from them how he did when it came to doing his 'husbandly' duties as it were. She and Jiraiya would routinely take some time off and be in each other's company when work was not overwhelming them and she had to admit privately that at least Jiraiya's perversion was good in the bedroom and he had a lot of energy as well now that he was made into a young man again by that spell Naruto had overpowered in the past.

And at the very least she was not getting any complaints of him from the women in Konoha, showing that he was keeping his promise not to be a pervert now that they were together. It was a bit new still to her, but she was happy that at least she found someone she cared about and who cared about her just as much. It was hard to imagine her and Jiraiya in a romantic relationship given the number of times she had slugged him for being a pervert. She even reminded him of the time when he used to call her flat chested when they were in the bedroom, much to his embarrassment as well.

Shizune herself was busy with her own work and while she was not happy when Tsunade skipped work, she did not bother too much as Tsunade was hard working when she knew that it was needed. She would also routinely check on Naruto when Tsunade and Jiraiya were busy and she found it nice to be around Naruto and also the others who made up the people in his home.

The days went on and it seemed that there was going to be a lot of time for Konoha to recover and have some level of peace. But Tsunade, Shizune, and Jiraiya had no doubt that things would change soon enough. They had no idea when would that be, but as Ninja and with their years of experience, they knew that it was not going to be far behind them.

And they were very right…

In the Tower…

Tsunade was looking over the records alongside Jiraiya as the toad summoning ninja had decided to do some digging around concerning Orochimaru. The two were still busy with their work and despite the fact that she suspected that Jiraiya had brought some sake again, she appreciated that he was focused on the mission at hand on not only finding where Orochimaru had gone, but also where his base was so far. There was no doubt now that while he had attacked with a very fierce army of ninja during the attack, there was no doubt that the Village of Hidden Sound was not an actual village.

As she poured through the records she looked to see Jiraiya being intent on reading the reports, she recalled that there were few times Jiraiya was ever serious about something if it was not his desire to let his perverted ideas run amok. This was one of them and she spoke to him.

"You know…if you were only like this when we were younger back in the day, you would have been a lot more than what you were."

Jiraiya looked at Tsunade and smiled a bit.

"I know…but then again if I was serious all the time, you'd wonder where that idiot pervert of a team mate you had disappeared to."

"I suppose that's true…anyway, any luck on your part?"

"Afraid not…the data that I managed to find without being found out only said it was in Rice Country, but you know him…if we find one base, he usually had others to hide it…I asked that young female Genin from Sound a few questions and she said to me that Orochimaru never stayed in one base for too long."

Tsunade nodded at that and looked at the reports, but that stopped when Shizune arrived with a group of ANBU with her and they carried someone with them…definitely not a citizen of Konoha.

Tsunade looked at this and was quick to jump into her serious mode as she looked at Shizune.

The Jonin assistant of Tsunade quickly replied.

"Sorry to disturb you Hokage-sama…but this man managed to attack some of our people outside of Konoha's walls, he apparently went after Menma with intent to kill. He was stopped by Naruto-kun and Kakashi-san when the two were training a bit earlier."

Jiraiya then spoke next.

"How are those two?"

"They are fine, it was Kakashi who managed to call in the ANBU and had this man brought in."

Tsunade and Jiraiya looked at the man and could tell right away that he was a bandit with ninja training, no doubt a missing nin or from a bandit clan. The Hokage then spoke to one of the ANBU.

"Get the Bingo Book and find out if he is listed in the pages from all the countries."

"Hai Hokage-sama!"

Tsunade then directed her attention to Shizune and spoke.

"Get Kakashi over here to report to me what happened in detail."

Shizune nodded and left as Tsunade turned to the ANBU who was there alongside the others.

"And get Ibiki as well as Anko, he might be a bandit but we cannot take any chances. I want to know why he is here and why he was targeting Menma."

"Hai Hokage-sama."

It was not long before Kakashi arrived in the Hokage Tower and spoke to both Jiraiya and Tsunade on what was it that had happened earlier. The two listened intently as the Jonin revealed what he had seen and heard when he and Naruto fought the bandit, and once he was done, Jiraiya spoke first to Kakashi.

"So this man attacked the people of Konoha first and then went after Menma?"

"Yes Jiraiya-sama, apparently he had done the attack to get our attention and then went to look for Menma and attacked him, I was with Naruto at the time in training with Menma coming along with us when it happened. He recognized Menma and attacked him, demanding why was it that Menma was here in Konoha and not with the rest of the clan and why he left them behind."

"Did you notice anything else about this bandit Kakashi?"

"Yes, Menma revealed some skill in combat while in the fight before me and Naruto arrived, so there might be some truth that Menma was part of this bandit's group due to his combat skill no matter the fact that it was not refined. And there was something odd as well, it seemed that Menma has some sort of jutsu with his ocarina to boost Naruto's chakra when he was fighting the man when I arrived as well."

That got their attention as well but they recalled that Kin herself stated that she was not aware of anyone who in the forces of Orochimaru had used an ocarina before when they spoke to her a few days ago. That was something that could mean that Menma was not a spy or terrorist in Orochimaru's employ. But that did not mean that they were just going to throw away their wariness towards Menma, Kin was a Genin after all and as such was not high up in the ranks of the forces under Orochimaru's command. And they knew their former team mate well enough to know that he had many allies who he would no doubt keep secret from the others he had, and considering that he viewed others as mere tools for his missions then it would make sense that he kept them from knowing ALL of his plans.

The two Sannin looked at one another and began to try and find a viable answer to this mystery that had somehow landed in their laps. This was something of a concern but until they could get more information from the bandit, they were going to have to wait before committing. That was when Jiraiya spoke once more.

"So how is Naruto taking the news?"

The Jonin replied to that easily.

"He's not the least bit happy, I think he's taken a shine to Menma despite some of his own doubts which he confided to me and Fenrix and considers him a good man. Most would say that Naruto is jumping to conclusions, but I know for a fact that Naruto can sometimes surprise people, so he might be right in saying that Menma is not in league with the bandits."

The two Sannin knew that to be true so they decided to take their time and Tsunade spoke to Kakashi as well.

"All right then, I want you to make sure that Naruto is all right Kakashi, and make sure that Naruto and you keep an eye on Menma, he might be innocent, but you and I, as well as Jiraiya know for a fact that we have to be absolutely sure before we can make a move. The bandit's already in Anko and Ibiki's hands so we should hope that they can get the answers we need."

Kakashi nodded and replied.

"Knowing those two, that would not take too long."

It was only after half a day when the answers they were looking for came and it was only Tsunade and Jiraiya who saw it so far. Apparently the man was part of a very large bandit force that was operating in the DMZ, the actions taken by Orochimaru on Konoha had sparked some serious conflicts near the Lands bordering the former Land of Rice Fields, and this man along with the bandits were taking advantage of the situation. They were currently attacking a village which at first was not of value at first glance, but after looking at the data, they discovered that there was a rather lucrative gold mine in the vicinity of the village.

The mine was currently unguarded due to it being in a de-militarized zone and was therefore open to all who could take advantage of the chaos and the villagers who lived in that village had nowhere else to go. They were the ones who mined the gold and where the only ones who knew of the location of the mine and why the bandits had been harassing the village itself.

Tsunade looked over this information carefully in order to come to a more focused decision on what should be done. And she decided on a course of action after some time, he looked at the current roster of available ninja and found that Kurenai was available along with Hinata, and the same could be said for Neji and Tenten as Lee and Gai were not. Gai was busy with Lee's recovery and training while Kakashi, true to what he had predicted was on assignment and could not lead the team he normally had command of.

Asuma was also on assignment and had his team with him, while Kiba, Shino, and Akamaru were busy on some matters of their own so they were not going to be around for the time being. Hana herself was busy with some of her duties in the Konoha Veterinary Center so she would not be there to help.

This meant that they were going to have a composite team to handle this mission and it seemed that she had a very interesting group to send. Anko was also available for work and thus having two Jonin and a few Genin should help. Thus the composite team she had in mind had Hinata, Temari, Kin, Tenten, Neji, and Naruto as the team with Kurenai, and Anko as leaders, Anko was the more senior Jonin while Kurenai would be the junior Jonin as well. It was a rather odd choice for a team, but it was going to have to do for the time being.

The team was going to be assembled tomorrow and soon would be dispatched, their mission was two fold, one to secure and defend the village and the mine if possible , and the second objective was to make sure that Menma was able to finally recover his full memories. This had to be done to make sure that they were ready for anything.

In the tower the next day…

Kurenai was walking alongside Hinata as the two were talking to one another, the older woman very curious on how her young student and something of a surrogate daughter was doing in her new life and her being ready for when she was going to be married to the young man that she had loved for a very long time.

"How are things with you and Naruto Hinata-chan?"

The Hyuuga heiress blushed deeply and twiddled her fingers once more but she was also smiling as she enjoyed the fact that she was able to be with the one that she loved for a very long time.

"It's been all right Kurenai-sensei, and I am happy that I…I can be with Naruto-kun."

"I see…so I suppose that you are getting ready for marriage, you do realize that sooner or later, you are going to be in a wedding with Naruto-kun right?"

The young Kunoichi nodded and her blush was a lot stronger as well, the idea of being married with Naruto and the what was to come once wedding night came."


Kurenai could not help but chuckle a bit at the way Hinata was blushing deeply and could not help but wish she could give more advice to the young heiress on what she was going to do when she and Naruto were going to have their wedding night. But she knew that now was not the right time for such thinking as they had a mission to handle…still she was curious what was it that Tsunade had in mind since her team was short handed since Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino were not present due to other matters.

"Hey there Kurenai-chan!"

Kurenai could not help but look to see none other than her friend Anko Mitarashi herself, the two Jonin smiled at one another and Anko could not help but notice the deeply blushing Hyuuga heiress and smiled wickedly as an idea came to her mind. She placed that plan in action as she spoke to the young lady.

"So Hinata-chan, have you decided to try and get…frisky with your Naruto-kun?"


The Jonin grinned deeply and couldn't help herself as she spoke again to the young heiress.

"Hey, if you want we can go and buy more books, or I can teach you a few things on how to wrap your husband around your finger…among other things."

Kurenai could see that Hinata was blushing to the point that steam was no doubt going to come out from her ears and decided to intervene. She did so by speaking to Anko and made sure to show that she was serious in telling her mischievous colleague that now was not the right time for her to be teasing the young Kunoichi.

"Anko, that is quite enough, we have a mission to take care of."

Anko gave a cute pout to Kurenai and replied.

"Well I am going on a mission too…though I have no idea whether I am going alone or with a team, the Hokage was not very clear on the subject."

That was when Naruto, Kin, and Temari showed up as they too were summoned by the Hokage along with Neji and Tenten. This surprised everyone in the hallway as they all proceeded towards the office of the Hokage. It was here that Kurenai noted that Sakura and Sasuke were not around. Sakura was currently working in the Konoha hospital as part of her training as a Medic Nin, but since Sasuke was medically cleared to work with the team, it was a bit strange to note that he was not around at all.

The same could be said for Kurenai as she spoke to Naruto.

"Where are the other members of your team Naruto?"

"Sakura-chan's working in the hospital and Sasuke's with Fenrix back in the fortress… do you have any idea why Tsunade-san asked us to come here Kurenai-sensei?"

The dark haired and red eyed Jonin shook her head and replied.

"I am not sure, but I doubt it's for a social call, we'll find out when we get there into her office."

In the training hall...

Fenrix looked at Sasuke who was waiting for him to teach him some new moves, and he had one lesson in mind that would help Sasuke in battle, something that if properly mastered and controlled, could be the key in helping him survive the battle that was before him with his brother. As soon as he saw that Sasuke was ready, he took out a sword and spoke to Sasuke.

"Before I teach you battle techniques, there is one technique that you can learn that is oriented in recovery and defense, this will be the very first technique and will form the basis of what I will be training you in."

Sasuke was surprised and spoke.

"Defense? Why do I need to learn that?"

"Patience Sasuke, you wished to learn from me, then you must be patient, this is for a purpose, as of today, I was made aware that you possess the ability to use both Fire and Lightning Elements, am I correct?"

Sasuke nodded, he remembered his promise to learn under Fenrix and decided to watch the Ascendant.

"Good, now in your land, Lightning is normally used for offensive attacks and for some level of defense, but there is more to it than that, this sword is going to be an example, watch closely Sasuke."

The senior Ascendant cut his own arm, surprising the Genin as he had thought that no normal weapon could ever cut a Dragon Ascendant's flesh and skin. Sasuke watched as Fenrix cut his arm again, to form an x-shaped pattern on his arm as the blood flowed out from the wound, but it seemed that Fenrix didn't seem to notice, he placed the sword away and walked over to Sasuke and then stopped as he showed the Uchiha his arm.

"Now….this is the technique."

The Uchiha watched in amazement as lighting began to arc over the cuts, binding together and then….to his utter amazement, he saw flesh begin to seal itself, blood vessels that were cut begin to grow new tissue and merge into one once more, tissues beginning to fuse back together once more, and as soon as the flesh bonded together, he saw skin begin to cover the wound and in mere moments, the once bleeding x marked wounds were gone….not a single scar was there at all, it was as if the wound never existed.

(How… how did he do that?)

Fenrix noted Sasuke's shock and replied.

"What you saw is a technique that uses the energy of lightning to accelerate the body's natural healing process to a higher level. This is what I am going to teach you for today, if you can master this, then you will begin the first step in your desire to avenge your clan and learn the truth of that night, so what say you Sasuke, do you think you are ready to learn this technique?"

Sasuke nodded in dumb wonder, he had seem something that by all rights was impossible, Fenrix had healed that wound WITHOUT any use of Medical Jutsu, it was as if he had done the move without an action at all. He then spoke to Fenrix.

"How did you do that?"

"As I said, there's more uses of lighting energy than just straight out fighting Sasuke, I will explain to you once you have sat down on the chair."

Sasuke looked about and saw no chair until Fenrix made a simple motion and the earth behind him moved and formed into a chair without an effort and Sasuke sat down as Fenrix spoke to him once more while revealing a diagram of the human body in the same fashion as he had made the chair.

"What you saw was me using the energy of Lightning to augment my body's natural healing as I have stated. The concept of the technique is simple, the five elements in the terms of the human body can be described in this fashion, The flesh and bones are the Earth, Blood, bile and the like are related to Water, breath is naturally related to Air, spirit and thought is Fire, and lastly, the energy that flows through the body is Lightning. This technique is a way to allow the natural energy of the body that is tied to Lightning to speed up the healing process. There is no Jutsu involved and does not function in the same fashion as the healing techniques of ninja."

"This is a way to use the Lightning Element to increase the body's natural healing process and it does not use any hand seals, making this a difficult technique to counter since it is not tied to the use of hand seals."

Sasuke began to grasp the idea and replied.

"It's a concealed healing technique."

"Correct, however, like all techniques, it is not fool proof and easy to master. You must be able to balance the amount of Lightning to make the technique worse. The reason is that your body's cells can only handle a certain amount of Lightning energy flowing through them, which is why your body produces only a certain level of electrical energy in it's cells. In the use of Jutsu that focuses Lightning Element, you focus your chakra to a certain point through the use of your hand seals to gather the energy of the element, this technique does not use seals due to the fact that you have to mentally control the flow of electrical energy and use it to speed up the natural healing process."

"Control is the key to this technique….use too much Lighting energy and you damage your own cells and injure yourself badly and naturally making already present injuries even worse, use too little and you do not heal faster and leave yourself open to attack, further making your situation even harder than before. Control also applies to the level of injuries that you will suffer, learn to study the wound and learn how much Lightning energy to use in order to heal the wound effectively while not using too much or too little. That is why this technique requires precise control of your body's natural electrical energy flow and how to use the chakra from your Lightning Elemental affinity and also excellent understanding of the body's natural healing rates and ability."

Fenrix studied Sasuke and as soon as he was sure that he had the young man's full attention he spoke.

"This is a complex technique and I have not taught Naruto this, I plan to teach him a different variant, if and only if you can master it in your time under me, you will learn more advanced techniques. I will also teach you how to see the truth in the events that led to your current state and through it, you can make the choices that can give you a future after you do kill Itachi. Do you have any questions Sasuke Uchiha?"

Sasuke looked at the senior Ascendant and he realized that he had just found a good teacher after he had learned much from Kakashi, and he wanted to see if there was any truth in his statements that there was more to what had happened that night.

"Just one….when can we begin training?"

Fenrix nodded and replied.

"You will know when the time comes, I will tell you when the training begins, for now, you have an idea of what to expect from me, I will push you to your very limits and if you perform well, then I expect you to give me more. And I will teach you something else…something important."


"Knowledge, it might seem and sound simple at first, but Knowledge IS power, I will teach you how to use it for your purposes and how to use it to shape your future. The future you build will be based on the knowledge you have and how you use it after, the future you build with that you learn from me is uncertain, but it might have three possible paths, on fill with light, another with darkness, or if possible….both. Are you ready?"

"Yes I am!"

Fenrix smiled a bit at that moment and replied.

"We shall see Sasuke Uchiha. You are about to learn ancient secrets thousands of years old, and lost in time, we shall see if you are ready. I will see you soon."

Sasuke nodded and turned to leave, but then Fenrix then spoke.

"One more thing…I want you to remember this…find a reason to live in the future, it can be anything, an ideal, a mission, a goal, or a person."

"What do you mean?"

"You will learn on your own time. Or…you might find that reason looking at you. Now then, are you ready for my brand of training?"


"Good, let's get started."

Back in the office…

Tsunade looked at the assembled team and spoke to them about the soon to come mission while Jiraiya was in the room as well, he grinned at Naruto's direction and even winked a bit at his godson and something of a student, which did not escape Naruto's notice and he tried his best not to look at Jiraiya which only served the make the Sannin grin at Naruto even more. Amused thoughts began to fly into the mind of the Sannin as he thought of his student the Fourth and the Fourth's wife Kushina.

(Minato, I might not have turned you entirely into a pervert, but I am going to try my best to make your son into one…don't worry though, considering the situation he is in now, it's for a good cause.)

He placed that aside as he recalled telling the young Shinobi about the facts of life, but he never had yet gotten to the…methods of it just yet. He placed that aside as Tsunade began to explain the mission.

"You all have been called here to handle a mission pertaining to that bandit attack a day before, Anko, Ibiki, and our interrogators have determined that he was part of a group operating on the demilitarized zone between the Land of Sound and several other nations. As you have guessed, Orochimaru's attack here on Konoha and the Land of Fire in general has stirred up the proverbial hornet's nest. The bandits appear to be attacking a village which seems to be near a lucrative gold mine located in the mountains. This also pertains to the attack on Menma, we need to bring Menma along and hope that he might be able to shed some light on why that bandit attacked him and possibly allow him to recover his memories."

"Now this might not be the standard number of ninja in a team or the usual setup, but as you know, we happen to be rather short handed so we have to make due. And so far, this team has a very good chance of success. The leadership position shall be between Anko and Kurenai as both as Jonin so they will share joint leadership of the team. Menma should be coming along as well so as soon as he feels he can come with you, bring him along. Your mission is to secure and defend the village as well as the mine, and to see if we can find out why that bandit went after Menma and if there is any truth to what he said about Menma being part of their group."

"Any questions?"

Temari then raised her hand.

"What do we know of the village Hokage-sama?"

"Not much I am afraid, since it is located in the DMZ and as such there is now solid intelligence there to work with, so in turn data on it is rather sketchy. But since the bandits are there, it is safe to assume that the bandits are raiding the village, no doubt to try and locate the mine since the villagers may know the location. We don't know if the villagers have fought back against the bandits but we have to assume that they might be doing so. Remember that data is scarce so don't take any chances, take what you need and be ready for anything."

Jiraiya then spoke to them as well.

"I also want you all to keep in mind that we might be operating close to the Land of Sound so there is a possibility that Orochimaru's Sound Ninja might be operating in the area. There's no way for that to be sure but getting money for what he will be planning is going to be a possible event due to the chaos going on and Orochimaru will have agents on the ready for that, even he needs funds to do his dirty work and get his supplies. If you encounter them, try to capture one or more for interrogation, this might help us locate any place that Orochimaru might be operating from. I know that it's a long shot but keep your eyes open for any possible opening for it happening either way. And denying him access to the gold mine will hurt him as well so do your best in any case."

Tsunade looked at the team and gave them the order to go and get the mission done, they had a lot to do and she can only hope that the mission was going to work out in the end not just for them but for all involved.

To be continued...

Author's Notes:

Okay, first off, this story is NOT a crossover of Legend of Zelda, I made that very clear from the get go as there is nothing that ties Dragon Ascendant to Legend of Zelda. The guy in question is Menma, the filler character who is introduced with the ability to use music to enhance chakra reserves.

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