It may not seem like it to you, and most certainly not to everybody else, but my thoughts have always been occupied by you.

I know I've only been repeating myself all this time, but how else would your pretty, little head absorb this?

It's quite dense, after all.

Me thinking about you—it's the truth, though. I am being truthful here, after all.

And this has been heartbreakingly true ever since I've arrived here (though I guess you already know that).


Do you find it peculiar how I've started using my heart in dealing with you? If you do find it odd, well then I'd have a hard time explaining it to you clearly. But if you don't, then that just saves me a lot of trouble…and heartache.

With you, it seems as though there would never be a logical explanation as to my apparent attraction, my feelings towards you.

Just like there wasn't any good reason for me to dislike or loathe you.

It's amazing though, how a simpleton like you could unlock my heart oh-so-slowly when I've convinced myself that I've drowned it in the nearest ocean.

So I'll use it more, and then I'll see what I can find about you, what I'll be able to understand about you.

Know that when I stare at you, it isn't merely to fluster you or make you uncomfortable—though most of the time that's what I find myself doing.

Know that when I look at you, it's because I'm seeing you, and everything that would comprise you.

Know that when I look at you, I'm trying to feel you.

Feel you in a way that I will never forget.

Hello, everyone!

I'm truly sorry for not being able to update as regularly as I used to. And I thank you for reading my stories. It means a lot to me that you continue to read despite my lethargy as an author.

More to come soon! :D