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I've got the Forbidden Kingdom soundtrack. XD I love the music and the movie. I especially love Jet Li, Jackie Chan and the kid who played the white kid….. oh god and then the white haired witch is my absolute favorite, if anything for the fact that she's just all around fucking awesome with a whip, that hair and her clothes.

Anyway, so this is because I don't feel like drawing mini erik, but Amanda gave me an idea with her little written fanfiction to my fanfiction and so I'll write some too. :D After all, I make alternate realities of other things, why not my own work? XD Because I love making things fit. And for those who don't know anything about Mini Erik, it is my comic about my phantom of the opera doll coming to life and then all the dolls I make after he wakes up begin to come to life. It's also based a lot on my life, which has many rather bizarre incidences happening in it that force one to conclude my mother is fucking nuts. So, since I've been drawing the comic one way, why not do some sort of written work that is completely unrelated except in concept to the comic. Why? It's because I have trouble writing AND drawing a comic and a novelization. I can do one or the other, but not typically both at the same time.

Alternate Realities:

Tales of the Dolls


My name is Erik. I was once a great genius that produced music the like of which you have never seen. I was once known as the Phantom of the Paris Opera House; a man shunned for being disfigured and scarred on half of my face, the bottom half having been some how sparred from much. I had been born with no nose, my eyes were sunken into my skull and the skin around my cheeks and forehead was so scarred that it stretched across my skin and made me appear to have no actual face but a skull instead. A mask saved me from a little of this horror, but none would love me because of it.

However, when I was being chased through the Paris underground cellars, I realized that I had suddenly found myself pulled into a doll body. This doll body was small, of course, with my typical white mask over the top half of my face. The one whose voice had called me had been a young woman, slightly older than my Christine, with shoulder length dark blonde hair and a very large bust. Having spent a grand portion of my time watching the Corps d'Ballet when I was in my normal body, during my latter years of living as the Phantom, I had actually forgotten a little that women did indeed come in all shapes and sizes.

As I've grown accustomed to living in this doll body I have become able to leave it in practically any fashion I wish. I can't get rid of my mask, though I wish I could, but I can appear wearing the finest clothing available to me should I wish. I could even rival that ridiculous viscount in my attire! I have also gained room mates as it were. My mistress makes dolls as a hobby and when she finishes one they tend to come to life not long afterward. I am the only one that has not been made by her hands.

Around this messy young woman's room there is a gold mine of books to read, albeit they aren't exactly the greatest works of all time. However, she does keep a few things around that amuse me greatly. I only wish I could make music again like I used to. I can't fault my mistress for trying her hardest to make us happy, because she does indeed try very hard to keep us entertained and give us the opportunities of being able to wander around outside without any problems. Her grandfather can see us, as can her friends, but her mother and grandmother can't. Her mother, however, professes to see spirits like us even when it's blatantly untrue.

To you, I hope, this will be somewhat enjoyable. It certainly has my approval, though I find this contraption my mistress types on rather bizarre and outlandish. Perhaps our tales will come to an end and perhaps they will simply continue. In any case, for now, we continue.