She didn't want to be there. He couldn't wait to get away. But what happened when Rosalie Hale came thundering into Emmett Cullen's life, no one could have predicted. AU, AH. RxEm.

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Chapter One

"Emmett, come on! We're gonna be late!"

"Five more minutes." He groaned, folding the pillow over his head, shutting out his sister's voice. He heard, from outside his door, Alice's groan.

"Edward, we're gonna be late! Again! Would it hurt the pair of you ever so much to just be ready?"

Music stopped short, and a door slammed. Edward, going into the bathroom. An exasperated sigh from his sister.

"Emmett! Do you want me to come in there?"

He would have laughed. Little Alice, who was literally about half his size, threatening to come in and force him out of bed.

"You go on without me…" he called, "I'll take the Volvo…"

"You will not take the Volvo!" Edward growled from the bathroom, and another door slammed as he left it.

Alice sighed, audibly. "Emmett, you can't take the Volvo. You're coming with us. Now. I don't trust Edward's driving!"

Emmett groaned again, but this time heaved himself out of bed, pulled on some tracksuit pants and a pale polo shirt, still rubbing sleep from his eyes. When he opened the bedroom door minutes later, Alice was sat on the banister of their stairs, smiling her perfect little smile at him, swinging her legs. Edward, after the little quip about his driving, was leaning against the doorway of his bedroom, scowling at the pair of them.

"Ready?" Alice said brightly. Emmett nodded. Edward said nothing, but closed his bedroom door behind him. "I can't wait!" she gushed briefly, before skipping down the stairs, two at a time, and not stopping until she reached Emmett's Jeep. Emmett slid into the driver's seat, still yawning, and Edward, still scowling, slid into the back.

"I don't get it, Alice, how can anything be good about going back to school after summer vacation?"

Alice smiled that all knowing smile and ruffled her short black hair as Emmett revved the engine. "It's nice to have a change of scene. Anyway, I think Mom and Dad were getting pretty sick of the three of us at home, especially you, Em…. All you did was sleep!"

"I miss a lot of sleep during the school year; I have a lot to catch up on during vacation!"

Edward snorted from the back, but said nothing. Alice continued. "Anyway, it's your last year, Em; you'd better make the most of it. This time next year you'll be waving Edward and me off and you'll be off to college in a couple of days." She frowned, "I'll miss you."

Emmett nudged her lightly, turning out of the Cullen's long driveway. "Alice, come on, that's next year. Now, there are more pressing matters to discuss: like why the hell are we in such a hurry to get to school?"

She smiled smugly. "I have a feeling." She said softly, sticking her nose in the air and looking aloofly across the road into the forest.

"She has a feeling." Emmett repeated, glancing quickly back at Edward. Edward rolled his eyes at his brother, but neither of them said anything to Alice. The truth was, their sister was a little bizarre. With her quirky black hair, dark eyes and tiny physique, she had a strange-but-beautiful appearance, and her "I couldn't give a flying monkey what people think of me" attitude was enchanting, but a little disconcerting. In all honesty, however, Alice was one of the most precious things in Emmett and Edward's lives, their little sister, and they would do anything for her. Their mother, Esme Cullen, often joked that Alice was the only woman in either of their lives, and while the boys scowled and flushed when she said it, it was true in a way. Both of them adored Alice, and when either of them caught guys looking at her the wrong way…

"And…" Alice said theatrically, "I met the new girl who's starting in your senior class at the store the other day." She raised her eyebrows and looked between her brothers. When neither of them showed any interest, she added: "She looks like something out of a Victoria's Secret catalogue."

Edward raised his eyebrows for a second, then flipped up his phone, checking, futilely, for messages. Emmett kept his eyes on the road.

"Oh, come on, guys, show some enthusiasm! It's time the pair of you both found girls! I… I am saying this now-" she took a deep breath, "-I refuse to be either of you dates to Prom this year."

Edward's jaw dropped, but he rectified it quickly. Alice, for as long as they'd gone to Forks High School Prom, which had been every year since Emmett had started out as a freshman, Alice had been their "joint" date. It wasn't that the Cullen brothers couldn't get themselves pretty much anyone in Forks High they wanted, not at all. Emmett was huge, muscled and tall, with dark curly hair and something about his smile that made every girl swoon; and Edward was tall, wiry, with copper hair and bright green eyes, and a chiselled face not unlike a statue. Just, neither of them were particularly interested in any of it. Forks High wasn't a big school, and with only about 30 girls in every year – they just didn't seem to click with anyone. It didn't help that with Carlisle, their father, Chief of Surgery at Forks General Hospital, and their mother Chief of Staff, they were the richest family in Forks, living off the estate in a large house, set partway into the woods. They hadn't grown up playing in the streets and outside the diner with the other children, and whispers in the town of arrogant, aloof and selfish had started their relationships with everyone at the high school off on bad terms. They sat together, the three of them, down one end of the canteen, and ignored the whispers, because all three of them had a hint of Alice's "I don't care" attitude. They had a few friends, Emmett more than the other two, due to his spot on the football team and the fact that he was out on his own in his year, but they preferred and enjoyed one another's company. For three siblings, they were very close. Maybe it came from the home schooling they had received from Esme and Carlisle until they started at the high school, or the secluded spot where they lived, but, although they sounded their frustration, anger and annoyance off each other on all occasions, they valued each other's friendship greatly.

"Oh, yeah?" Emmett finally responded, mainly to humour Alice, but a part of him slightly interested, "What's this girl's name then?"

"Er….Rose, I think she said. She was buying the same floral stationery as me in the Newtons' store. She said she'd come from New York, and she has a twin brother. I can't remember his name…" she smiled, "But she seemed very nice. A little cold, but maybe she was just shy…"

Emmett nodded, already bored of the conversation. Truth was: he was content as he was right now. Finishing out the last year he had in Forks, spending time with Edward and Alice, and then he'd be on the first train out of Washington, headed somewhere to study something. Anywhere, out of this tiny, suffocating town.

He pulled into Forks High car park, and by the time he had turned off the engine, Alice and Edward had jumped out of the car, over the sides. He checked his watch. Perfect timing. They had two minutes to get into their homerooms. He smiled at his brother and sister.

"I'll see you at break, guys?" he smiled, and then took off in the opposite direction, headed for his senior class, and his final year.

"Are you gonna be ready soon, Rose?" Jasper, tentative, unsure. No idea how to deal with her anymore.

"Five minutes! I'm just doing my makeup."

Powder, first. Everywhere. Covering everything, completely. Then eyeliner, a dark grey, outlining and defining. Mascara, just two quick brushes per eye, then the pale reddish pink lipgloss. Perfect. Now when she looked in the mirror it wasn't herself that she saw.

She didn't have to look at something she hated.

Running a hairbrush one final time through her light blonde hair, tossing a scarf around her neck, she tried to force a smile at the girl in the mirror. But the girl just stared back with dry, cold eyes.

She swallowed. No amount of makeup would hide the fear, the pain and the anguish in those eyes. Eyes she could hardly bring herself to look at, let alone properly look into. She sighed briefly, grabbing her bag from the end of her bed, trying to quell the nausea already rising in her stomach.

Back to normality… for everyone else it was that easy.

She steeled herself, her only intention to get through the day without going insane.

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