Author's Notes: This came out of a writing excercise I tried the other day. Ipod set to shuffle, flicking through songs and writing scenes inspired by whatever songs my muse know the drill. If you're interested in the song that prompted this piece, it's called A Minor Detail by Hidden In Plain View. It's a lovely song by a lovely band.

Also, this is almost entirely unedited. Sorry if I've done anything seriously stupid.


Nobody made her leave.

Aslan never made them do anything they weren't ready for. He offered her the choice to stay. If she had wanted, she could have stayed in Narnia and ruled by Caspian's side.

She knew long before she ever touched him that it wouldn't last. Heaven only knew he tried - they both did. Sometimes, when they lay side by side just staring into each other's eyes, she tried to convince herself that things could stay this way forever. The way he smiled when she caught his eye; the way he spent hours dreaming up gifts to present her, wide-eyed and nervous as she unwrapped them, even though the budget was stretched to its limits and he shouldn't be buying them in the first place - surely this was what love was supposed to be. It was the stuff of fairytales, the romance most girls spent all their lives wishing for.

And then she saw the panic in his eyes when he realised he had confided too much, when he let her in too close. Sometimes he locked himself away for hours in his own thoughts, and nothing she said or did could reach him. She knew he wasn't sleeping properly - as she lay curled by his side each night, he simply stared at the ceiling and thought about things she couldn't even begin to guess at. She couldn't miss the sharp glances he shot her siblings, as though to check they had no weapons pointed at him, and she couldn't help but wonder if he ever looked at her the same way. He adored her - adored all of them - but he didn't trust them. And deep down, she knew he never would.

In the end, it was her choice.