A/N I got to wondering the other day… what if Edward didn't stop jasper in time in new moon and he bit Bella? And then I thought, well why don't I write a fan fiction on it? So here it is! Hope you like it and I need ideas for Bella's power. (Or powers) she won't have bloodlust though I can tell you that much.

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Jaspers POV.

We were all standing around waiting for her to open her presents. Alice was bouncing excitedly and not even my waves of calm could help. "Oh shoot." I heard Bella mutter before that smell hit me. Blood. Bella's blood and I wanted it. Now! Edward heard this and roared leaping at me. But he couldn't stop me now. Leaping over to Bella I saw her eep in surprise before I bit her neck. God, her blood… it was even more delicious than the smell. I heard my family screaming and Bella was too but I was to far gone into predator mode to care. Her heartbeat was starting to fade when Edward managed to pull me off her and Emmett and Carlisle held me back while he rushed over to her. I was pulling out of my frenzy at the fact that I had almost killed Bella.

"Oh god what have I done?" I say falling to my knee's as she begins screaming about a fire in her neck. She was changing.


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Telekinesis (moving stuff with mind I think)

Able to blow things up


Make people sleep.

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