Hwoarang The Womanizer

"Whose that girl? She's cute!" Steve Fox gazed over at Asuka Kazama.

"You must be kidding me!" Hwoarang raised an eyebrow at his best friend's comment.

"What? Just because you don't think that she is cute dosent mean you need to give me that kind of look!"

"It's not that! She is a tomboy! And a Kazama!"

"Oooohh,so I guess she probally inherited her looks from Jun,"

"Yup! Jun~~ Such a babe….."

"And now your telling me you like Jin's mother!"

"Why cant I? Anyway, she totally has no sense of fashion unlike our Lily here nor is she sexy like Christie,"

"Since you wont help me, I will just have to help myself!"

"Good! I like self-service people!"

Steve stomped away disgusted at Hwoarang's reaction. Hwoarang didn't even bothered to go after his friend. He gives his best smile to Christie and was just about to go over and ask her for her phone number…..

"Boys and girls, I am sure you had a wonderful holiday---"Heihachi spoked,only to be interrupted by the girls.

"He will be the perfect partner for my next project!" Julia Chang said dreamily.

"I MUST make him go back with me to Monaco!" Emily(Lily's real name.) sweared.

"Give me a break!" Asuka throws the guy he have been holding onto by the collar for a few minutes now straight into a wall.

"How dare you insult him like that!" A group of girls defended.

Asuka slapped her own forehead in disbelief. Practically cheerleaders!

Heihachi coughed trying to get back all the attention.

"As I was saying, you had a very long holiday so you must be very rested up,so today will start with gym…."

The day was long and the dismissal bell ranged at the time the pupils expected it to.

Hwoarang walks out of the school with Christie by his side and they are ready to take off on his bike.(To a date ofcause!)

"Womanizer!" Asuka commented.

"Your just jealous you cant ride on my bike!"

"Well I---"

To be honest, Asuka did wanted to ride on his bike. It was covered in nicely crafted black metal which shone brightly in the sun. It even had a line of blue across the bike which made Asuka liked it more. The seats are covered in comfortably soft leather.

And before Asuka could finish they already took off. All Asuka could do was gaze after Hwoarang.

"Tsk, tsk. Lovesick again?" Okuni(I made her up.) said as she watches her best friend's every movement.

"AHHH! When did you get here!"

"And you thought they call me "Hungry Ghost" for nothing?" Okuni was VERY pale and quiet as she moves which is usually the reason why she startes people all the time.

"I *almost* forgot!"

"Whichever the case, why cant you just tell him you like---opps, I mean LOVE him?" Okuni is the best "Annoyer" ever!

"Well, cause well, I don't!"

"If you really didn't, why didn't you gaze after him at last----"

"Don't even think about finishing that!" The thing is, at last year's school concert, after the performance Asuka gazed over at Hwoarang and almost tripped over the microphone wire.

"By the way, you got good taste, I must admit he is kinda cute, I mean he is not kinda cute but then again I mean he is very cute….No no, he is not very cute he is----"

"I get the idea!" Asuka scrowled annoyed at the way her best friend is speaking.

"I really got to go, even if I just got home one second late my mom will go:Why did you come late! Did you go to your friend's house blah blah!" And with that her friend left.